New reviews for December 2018

  1. B & South Landscaping Inc Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance in Bolingbrook
    by Mark on Dec 29 2018
    Great Work

  2. Spring Complete Care Dentistry in Spring
    by Bobby on Dec 28 2018
    Helped me out of tremendous pain several times this past year. I have bad teeth and he has always bailed me out. ...

  3. West Shore Home in Winston-Salem
    by CONNIE LAMM on Dec 28 2018

  4. Everydayplumber Plumbers & Plumbing Contractors in Tampa
    by Jared Bilsland on Dec 27 2018
    We have had two great experiences with Ryan from Everyday Plumber. He is timely, honest and very professional with his work. He explained to me his diagnosis in lay's man terms and I felt very comfortable with him performing the service. Thank you Ryan!

  5. Playland Bingo Sport & Recreation in Killeen
    by Delma Burns on Dec 26 2018
    Quite affordable bingo games.

  6. Blonde Salon & Spa Beauty Salons in Killeen
    by Mina Wells on Dec 26 2018
    Excellent salon in Killeen!

  7. The Rental Management Company Real Estate Agents in Corpus Christi
    by Edward Stewart on Dec 25 2018
    Highly experienced real estate agents.

  8. Real Star Property Management, Llc Real Estate Brokers & Agents in Killeen
    by Renae Garcia on Dec 25 2018
    Excellent rental management services.

  9. Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce in Killeen
    by Dennis William on Dec 25 2018
    Great place to find good leads for your business.

  10. Jf Maxwell Heating & Air in Ellijay
    by Robert W. on Dec 25 2018
    Repaired my hvac systems 5 code violations even though it was installed 4 years ago. amazing to find out after the factwho can be trusted.

  11. Affordable Cleaning Service Brooklyn in Brooklyn
    by Juaquin Zapata on Dec 21 2018
    Affordable Cleaning Service Brooklyn left our offices on Atlantic Ave perfect all employees thought we had remodeled we are delighted with your work, thank you very much.

  12. Affordable Cleaning Service Brooklyn in Brooklyn
    by Jose Mourihno on Dec 21 2018
    Affordable Cleaning Service Brooklyn is the best company in all NY made our apartment in New York Ave look like new, we are very grateful for their services.

  13. Affordable Cleaning Service Brooklyn in Brooklyn
    by Kevin Bruyne on Dec 21 2018
    Our offices in West Midwood were never so clean until we hired the excellent Affordable Cleaning Service Brooklyn at all times their work is perfect.

  14. Affordable Cleaning Service Oklahoma House Cleaning in Del City
    by Kevin Bruyne on Dec 20 2018
    Affordable Cleaning Services Oklahoma made their magic on Capitol Hill our house was just renewed with their work, many thanks to all employees were very kind during the service, we recommend them.

  15. Jack Rabbit USA, Llc Tire Dealers in Bowling Green
    by Kirby on Dec 20 2018
    Tim got there very quickly. And was very nice and helpful. I would recommend his company to anyone! Thank you Tim.

  16. Ally Auto Parts, Inc Automobile Parts & Accessories in San Antonio
    by Russell on Dec 20 2018
    Do not do Buisness with the people !! Shipped the wrong part & can not get anyone to respond for 5 days !!! Quick to respond when taking order. Crooks/ Scanmmers

  17. Appliance Repair Studio City Appliances - Major - Repair in Studio City
    by William Demers on Dec 20 2018
    I was so upset when I noticed the issue that my microwave won’t turn on. I called Appliance Repair Studio City for a microwave repair right away. I didn’t expect the technician to come so quickly. He delivered the appliance repair service that I needed without any hesitation. Thanks a...

  18. Appliance Repair Winnetka Appliances - Major - Repair in Winnetka
    by Joesph Westbrooks on Dec 20 2018
    I applaud Appliance Repair Winnetka for delivering such an amazing home appliance service. Last week, I asked them to perform a fridge repair. I was so relieved that the technician accommodated my request on the same day I called them. What an impressive company! My fridge works smoothly now.

  19. Appliance Repair Northridge Appliances - Major - Repair in Northridge
    by Boris Vega on Dec 20 2018
    Our garbage disposal wasn’t turning on, so I dialed the number of Appliance Repair Northridge for help. They scheduled me the same day, which made me very happy. After a series of tests, their appliance service technician concluded that the switch was defective. Five stars for a remarkable service.

  20. Appliance Repair Woodland Hills Appliances - Major - Repair in Calabasas
    by Adam Garcia on Dec 20 2018
    I was totally happy with the appliance repair service I got from Appliance Repair Woodland Hills. I noticed that my freezer wasn’t cold enough, that’s why I reached out to them. They sent Cole, their freezer repair expert, to assist me. It turned out there was a problem with the...

  21. Appliance Repair Panorama City Appliances - Major - Parts & Supplies in Arleta
    by Robert Graham on Dec 20 2018
    Appliance Repair Panorama City did a marvelous job repairing our washing machine that was overflowing. Their appliance repair technician explained to me that the culprit was a defective pressure switch. He worked efficiently and promptly. I give their washing machine repair service a two thumbs up!

  22. Appliance Repair Canoga Park Appliances - Major - Repair in Canoga Park
    by Louis Cagle on Dec 20 2018
    I immediately called Appliance Repair Canoga Park when I needed a fridge repair. They answered fast and sent a skilled technician to my house on the same day. He explained that the condenser fan was malfunctioning, and he got the necessary repair done to make the fridge work.

  23. Appliance Repair Sylmar Appliances - Major - Repair in Sylmar
    by Kenneth Baldwin on Dec 19 2018
    Appliance Repair Sylmar’s technician did a wonderful job in fixing my squeaking washer. I got a hold of them yesterday, and he was with me real quick carrying the necessary tools. He made the machine work quietly again by replacing the drive belt that had worn out.

  24. Appliance Repair Sun Valley Appliances - Major - Repair in Sun Valley
    by Joseph Boswell on Dec 19 2018
    Appliance Repair Sun Valley got my fridge repair done quickly at a reasonable price. The technician inspected every part of the unit to see why it wouldn’t cool, and discovered that the condenser fan was not working properly. He replaced the fan, and the fridge was back to great condition.

  25. Centro Garage Door Repair Hardware & Home Improvements in Missouri City
    by Daniel Smith on Dec 19 2018
    The garage door repair technician from Centro Garage Door Repair Missouri City was extremely helpful. I talked to a very nice staff. He provided a reasonable timeframe for my garage door spring repair request. He brought the tools and equipment needed to repair my extension springs, so the service only...

  26. Fox Valley Fire and Safety Co in Elgin
    by Mary F on Dec 19 2018
    Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with your Fire Extinguisher Technician, Michael. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable as he explained what we needed for our annual service on our Fire Extinguishers. He was very polite, efficient and friendly. You certainly have a great employee...

  27. Company Folders, Inc in Pontiac
    by Lina Guoya on Dec 19 2018
    Took a chance and ordered from They shared some tips to cut down on cost and improve the printed look of the presentation folder. I am impressed with their expertise and will order from here again.

  28. Affordable Cleaning Service Brooklyn in Brooklyn
    by Serma Garcia on Dec 19 2018
    My uncle's office in Sutter Ave is beautiful, very clean. I recommend 100% for any type of cleaning in offices and institutions to the company Affordable Cleaning Service Brooklyn .

  29. Affordable Cleaning Service Oklahoma House Cleaning in Del City
    by Serma Garcia on Dec 19 2018
    My uncle's office in Sutter Ave is beautiful, very clean. I recommend 100% for any type of cleaning in offices and institutions to the company Affordable cleaning services oklahoma.

  30. Appliance Repair Torrance Appliances - Major - Repair in Torrance
    by RobertoBell on Dec 19 2018
    I would highly recommend Appliance Repair Torrance to anyone who needs a timely and affordable appliance service. Their technician showed up to fix my dryer that would make a squeaking noise. He explained that the drum belt was worn and he got it replaced within a short time.

  31. Ultra Garage Doors Repair Hardware & Home Improvements in Houston
    by Michael Chesley on Dec 19 2018
    I got to call in Ultra Garage Doors Repair League City because my garage door slammed shut and wouldn’t budge no matter what I did. The specialist noted that the receiver in the motor and the remote control had shorted out. He reprogrammed us a new remote control, and he...

  32. Appliance Repair Hollywood Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Los Angeles
    by James Counts on Dec 19 2018
    My dryer would make noise when running, so I looked for a reputable appliance repair provider. I chose Appliance Repair Hollywood to do the job, and I was totally satisfied with the service. The drum belt had worn out, and the technician replaced it to fix the problem.

  33. Citi Garage Door Repair Crystal Lake Hardware & Home Improvements in Crystal Lake
    by Cathirine Foster on Dec 19 2018
    We had to call Citi Garage Door Repair Crystal Lake because our garage door wouldn’t respond to our remote control. We were pretty thankful because the specialist handled it within minutes! He arrived with several remotes to choose from. When we made our choice, he got it re-programmed for us...

  34. Romeoville Il Garage Door Repair Central Hardware & Home Improvements in Romeoville
    by Ernest Balsley on Dec 19 2018
    We had to call in the people from Romeoville IL Garage Door Repair Central because our garage door was looking shabby. We called about their maintenance services, and they gave us a reasonable quote, so we got their services. the specialist handled lubricating the cables and tracks. He also made...

  35. Ct Garage Door Repair Carol Stream Hardware & Home Improvements in Carol Stream
    by Larry Tucker on Dec 19 2018
    When I needed garage door spring replacement, I rang the only garage door repair company I trust. CT Garage Door Repair Carol Stream has been doing my garage door spring repair for years, so I booked with them and in no time, they got my garage door working smoothly again.

  36. Garage Door Repair Pro Streamwood Hardware & Home Improvements in Streamwood
    by Kelli Neal on Dec 19 2018
    I needed a garage door repair company who can explain to me how to adjust the limit switch of my garage door. I always trust Garage Door Repair Pro Streamwood for both minor and major issues that's why I called them up immediately. At the same time, I also booked...

  37. Expert Garage Door Repair Plainfield Hardware & Home Improvements in Plainfield
    by Elizabeth Burchett on Dec 19 2018
    I’ve procrastinated getting my garage door fixed and now that I’ll be away for a week, I need a garage door repair provider that can fix my unit not closing completely. The technician from Expert Garage Door Repair Plainfield was prompt and arrived on time, inspected my unit, and fixed...

  38. Garage Door Repair Experts Bartlett Hardware & Home Improvements in Bartlett
    by Wilson Callahan on Dec 19 2018
    Our new safety sensors were installed by Garage Door Repair Experts Bartlett. They were recommended by my cousin and we were not disappointed with their work. The garage door service that they delivered was outstanding. Installation was done perfectly, fast, and at a reasonable cost. Two thumbs up!

  39. Lombard Garage Door Repair Central Hardware & Home Improvements in Lombard
    by Gus Walker on Dec 19 2018
    We contacted Lombard Garage Door Repair Central because of the loud bang that we were hearing from our garage door. They immediately attended to our concern and determined what was causing the said noise. They found that the garage door spring has snapped. They replaced it and that eliminated the...

  40. Pro Garage Door Repair Elmhurst Hardware & Home Improvements in Elmhurst
    by Louise Swann on Dec 19 2018
    As soon as my garage door touched the floor, it opened immediately again. I decided to call Pro Garage Door Repair Elmhurst and I was grateful that they delivered fast garage door service. Their friendly technician adjusted the opener setting and within only a few minutes, the door started to...

  41. Trusted Er - Hillcrest in Dallas
    by Brittnay weber on Dec 18 2018
    I had a slight emergency, and was in a frenzy. I must have called 5 places prior to this one. Everyone in this office is amazing. From Samantha with her warm welcome, Ms. Pam who takes the vitals was awesome as well. Dr. Caste Mara was able to calm me...

  42. Affordable Cleaning Service Oklahoma House Cleaning in Del City
    by Jose Mourihno on Dec 18 2018
    Affordable Cleaning Services Oklahoma did the cleaning of our house in Edmond when returning from a trip and everything was perfect. Their work is very detailed and professional they did it very fast and we were totally satisfied, we recommend them.

  43. Everdry Waterproofing of Se Michigan Waterproofing & Drainage in Sterling Heights
    by Mahri Beckett on Dec 17 2018
    The staff is always exceptional and always willing to help with whatever possible...

  44. Affordable Cleaning Service Oklahoma House Cleaning in Del City
    by JUAQUIN ZAPATA on Dec 17 2018
    Affordable Cleaning Services Oklahoma cleaned our offices in Edmond we are very happy with their work everything was wonderful and with a pleasant scent.

  45. Affordable Cleaning Service Brooklyn in Brooklyn
    by Alice Jones on Dec 17 2018
    Affordable Cleaning Service Brooklyn. They are excellent in their service. The whole family in Lafayette Ave is happy, our house has a nice, fresh and clean scent all the time.

  46. Affordable Cleaning Service Oklahoma House Cleaning in Del City
    by alicejons12 on Dec 17 2018
    Affordable cleaning services oklahoma. They are excellent in their service. The whole family in Lafayette Ave is happy, our house has a nice, fresh and clean scent all the time.

  47. Dr Stan Guberman, Llc Chiropractors in Fort Lauderdale
    by Anders jabr on Dec 15 2018
    The just took around 1200$ from me!!!!! Scam site

  48. Texas Entertainment Group Sports Clubs & Organizations in Garland
    by Unknown on Dec 14 2018
    I wouldn't use this place ever, it is the worst ran company and work staff and event staff. The equipment is nasty and hold mold in it on several events. The crew starts fights with eachother and they are on drugs. The owner is a joke does care about anything...

  49. Mr Roof Nashville Hardware & Home Improvements in Hermitage
    by Ms Andrews on Dec 14 2018
    I am so happy Mr Roof was the company that replaced my roof. Workers were friendly, fast and made sure I was comfortable and secure in my home. Excellent job, roof looks great. Would definitely recommend this company. Mr Kyle Caldwell's personal thank you note was truly a special...

  50. Ervin Kibria Law Criminal Law in Washington
    by Charles Miller on Dec 14 2018
    Nabeel is by far one of the best DUI attorneys I've had ever met. The results he delivered was incredible and can't thank him enough for it. For DC being so strict on DUI's I got off easy because of him....

  51. Esthetic Institute in Vienna
    by Nichole Peters on Dec 14 2018
    I had enough experience in everything to be able to jump into my career with confidence! The staff were professional and helpful at making my launch into the beauty industry an easy one!”...

  52. Affordable Cleaning Service Oklahoma House Cleaning in Del City
    by Maryoris Narvaez on Dec 13 2018
    We looked for several budgets in Tulsa and Affordable Cleaning Services Oklahoma was our best option besides to surprise us with the quality of their work, we recommend them.

  53. Martin Funeral Home and Crematory Saint Lucie Chapel Funeral Homes in Stuart
    by Michael on Dec 12 2018
    The welcome we received was very warm. Our questions were answered quickly and correctly. They went that extra mile to ensure everything went smoothly.

  54. Geico Insurance Agent in Monroeville
    by Annoyed on Dec 12 2018
    What happened to leaving messages? If this number would have left a message and stopped calling repeatedly despite being “declined” when I was unable to take a call, I would have considered entertaining business. But after countless persistent calls, I am not even slightly interested. I regret even requesting an...

  55. Idea Buyer Llc Advertising in Columbus
    by kenneth hereford on Dec 12 2018
    They are very professional at what they do. I call their reps up every so often and they inform me on the progress. The service from Idea Buyer has been great and I've no complaints at all.

  56. Closet World, Inc Home Repairs & Maintenance in City of Industry
    by abe labrecque on Dec 12 2018
    We have done four closet projects with Closet World; each one has been unique, beautifully configured and easy to use. No challenge is too big for the Closet World team.

  57. Gradsiren in Sheridan
    by Alexa on Dec 11 2018
    I found this site recently, it was amazing. GradSiren has all the best features.

  58. Phoenix Bed Bug Expert in Phoenix
    by Dave on Dec 09 2018
    We had an infestation in our home and contacted Phoenix Bed Bug Expert. They offered two treatments. We went with the heat treatment which would get rid of our infestation without having to wait for the chemicals to do its work. We are very happy with the service and haven't...

  59. The Roof Guru Roofing Contractors in Worcester
    by Steven Goldstein on Dec 09 2018
    My Mother and Iwere very happy to have crossed Paths with Bob. The Roof Guru Stands by Their name.

  60. Royal Dental Care Dentists in Grayson
    by Sara Davis on Dec 08 2018
    Best dentist office

  61. Quick Delivery, Inc Delivery Services in Kansas City
    by Jimmy Mack on Dec 08 2018
    This is the WORST company I’ve ever dealt with. First, while trying to schedule delivery of our treadmill, they were extremely rude on the phone. The man even lied to me about when they could deliver the treadmill. At first he said they’d do Friday morning, I then tried to...

  62. Aaaa Aaron Repair Service Appliances - Major - Repair in Little Egg Harbor Township
    by john v on Dec 08 2018
    fast ,affordable, highly recommended!

  63. Property Inspection Pros in Baltimore
    by Brock Reich on Dec 05 2018
    Extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. They provide results faster than most companies. Will be working with them on any of my rental inspection needs moving forward....

  64. Adame Em Solutions Office Supplies & Equipment in Houston
    by Artem Gurshtein on Dec 05 2018
    Adame Em Solutions. These are people who are not fulfilling their obligations.

  65. Matrix Driving School Driving Instruction in Cherry Hill
    by Janet on Dec 04 2018
    Can`t say enough about the instructor, he was patient, professional, and was such a pleasure to learn from him!...

  66. Tech Dynamix Business Services in Painesville
    by Charles on Dec 03 2018
    We had IT issues with our previous company that these guys fixed right away. They manage everything and know about issues before they bring us down and fix them before we know about it sometimes. They are great at what they do and don’t use a bunch of tech lingo....

  67. All Service USA Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Chattanooga
    by Robert D. on Dec 03 2018
    My cable bill kept getting higher and higher so I gave All Service a call and see if they couldn't lower my rate. They were able to find me a better rate and switching out service was simple....

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