New reviews for December 2017

  1. Appliance Repair Encino Appliances - Major - Repair in Encino
    by Larry Lambert on Dec 30 2017
    The fridge wasn’t cooling sufficiently and I couldn’t locate its cause, so I decided to leave the appliance repair job to Appliance Repair Encino. The technician said it was due to the faulty circuit board. He replaced the board and got our fridge repaired really quick.

  2. Appliance Repair Burbank in Burbank
    by William Brown on Dec 30 2017
    I found it easy to schedule a service with Appliance Repair Burbank when I needed an appliance repair. . I was pleased with how quick he was and how fast he did the all things repair.

  3. Appliance Repair Van Nuys Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Van Nuys
    by Christopher Park on Dec 30 2017
    The technician came to diagnose the problem and told us the condenser fan was faulty. He was very knowledgeable and he got our refrigerator repaired by replacing the fan.

  4. Appliance Repair Santa Monica Appliances - Major - Repair in Santa Monica
    by Richard Dark on Dec 30 2017
    As I was unloading my dishwasher, I noticed that the dishes were still dirty. I contacted someone from Appliance Repair Santa Monica for their dishwasher repair. The culprit was a clogged water inlet valve. He was able to remove the clog and my dishwasher was working again. Awesome home appliance...

  5. Appliance Repair Santa Clarita Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Santa Clarita
    by William Mooney on Dec 29 2017
    My leaking washer got me frustrated that’s why I called Appliance Repair Santa Clarita. Their appliances repair technician came on time and immediately checked the unit. He found a torn tub seal. Aside from the tub seal, the bearings needed replacement as well. The repair was done in a jiffy....

  6. Appliance Repair Sherman Oaks Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Sherman Oaks
    by Jacquelynn Holtz on Dec 29 2017
    I didn’t know why my washing machine was leaking so I called Appliance Repair Sherman Oaks to take a look. Their appliance service technician checked my unit and found a damaged internal hose. Thanks to their dependable washing machine repair, my unit wasn’t leaking anymore. Thumbs up!

  7. Appliance Repair Culver City Appliances - Major - Repair in Los Angeles
    by Salome Anderson on Dec 29 2017
    I got upset when I couldn't start our washing machine, so I immediately searched online for a reputable appliance service company in the area and stumbled with Appliance Repair Culver City's contact number. Their technician was very helpful all throughout and he was able to determine that the issue was...

  8. Appliance Repair Calabasas Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Calabasas
    by James Bradley on Dec 29 2017
    I called Appliance Repair Calabasas on my friend's recommendation when our dishwasher overflowed. One of their technicians came to our assistance and made the appropriate steps to fix the problem. He was very good that he got our dishwasher working normally again in minutes. He informed me that he replaced...

  9. Sherman Oaks Appliance Repair Appliances - Major - Repair in Sherman Oaks
    by Kim Howard on Dec 29 2017
    Sherman Oaks Appliance Repair delivered a phenomenal appliance service to us when their technician came rushing to our assistance to check why our refrigerator stopped cooling. Their repair guy arrived on time and provided the best available solution. It turned out that the start relay had burnt and needed replacement.

  10. Appliance Repair North Hollywood Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Valley Village
    by Kenneth Reynolds on Dec 29 2017
    Our range surface element wouldn't turn off prompting me to call Appliance Repair North Hollywood for an appliance repair. I was glad to receive a magnificent service from their service guy who did everything to solve the issue within the agreed time. Based from his diagnosis, the surface element switch...

  11. Dervishi Law Group, Pc in Bronx
    by Matthew on Dec 29 2017
    I was referred to the Dervishi Law Group, P.C. by a friend who said that they were the best. He was absolutely right. From the first time I met my personal injury attorney, I was treated with respect and compassion. I was kept informed of the progress of the case...

  12. Garage Door Repair Richardson Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Richardson
    by Charles Ferguson on Dec 29 2017
    Our neighbor referred Garage Door Repair Richardson TX to me when I was looking for a garage door repair company to fix our problematic garage door that doesn’t open completely. I’m very impressed with their customer service! The specialist came on time, was friendly and listened to what I have...

  13. Garage Door Repair Denton Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Denton
    by William Tam on Dec 28 2017
    Garage Door Repair Denton TX was there to provide an extraordinary garage door service to us when we experienced issue opening it up. The technician they dispatched was simply amazing. It turned out that its torsion spring was broken and needed replacement.

  14. Garage Door Repair Carrollton Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Carrollton
    by Soni Greene on Dec 28 2017
    I got fed up hearing our garage door as it squeaks whenever it opens and close. That led me to call Garage Door Repair Carrollton TX for a garage door service. The assigned technician checked the door right away upon arrival and I was pretty impressed by his workmanship. After...

  15. Garage Door Repair Frisco Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Frisco
    by Amos Glover on Dec 28 2017
    I couldn't believe that our 3 year old garage door would show some problems that early. It all of a sudden stopped closing all the way down. That led me to call the leading garage door repair company in town, Garage Door Repair Frisco TX. They did not disappoint as...

  16. Citywide Garage Door Repair Austin Hardware & Home Improvements in Austin
    by Rudi Abraham on Dec 28 2017
    Our safety was put to risk when our door kept on closing rapidly. To fix the problem I contacted Citywide Garage Door Repair Austin. I was amazed by the professionalism and patience shown by their service guy. He carefully checked its part and found out that loosened cables led to...

  17. In Town Garage Door Repair Austin Hardware & Home Improvements in Austin
    by Barry Simpson on Dec 28 2017
    I got upset when my husband informed me that our garage door wouldn't go up. I decided to get a garage door service from In Town Garage Door Repair Austin so they can check it for us. I was amazed by the professionalism and attitude of their technician. He came...

  18. Garage Door Service and Repair Inc Hardware & Home Improvements in Houston
    by Troy Peake on Dec 28 2017
    Wonderful service! The garage door repair technician from Garage Door Service and Repair Inc was able to complete the entire process of repairing my malfunctioning door opener in a well-timed manner. His diagnosis was honest and straightforward. He said our opener wouldn’t stop running because the limit switch was shifted...

  19. Lifetime Transmission Repair Shop Consultants in Spring
    by Carl S. on Dec 28 2017
    SCAM Alert!!! Stay far away from this place as possible!!!! Get Your car serviced somewhere else. Sal is a con artist who will lie to you over the phone about everything. Do not do do business with this company!! Scam Alert!!!!!!! Sal stated he offered financing but then forwards...

  20. Pubworks Computer Supplies & Parts in Snowmass Village
    by Laurie VanDyke on Dec 28 2017
    Pros How easy it is to get a report and how many different reports are in the software. It's so simple to use, if you can read, you can generate a report for yourself. If I can't figure something out, the Help Desk is so easy to get in contact...

  21. Alpha Garage Doors and Service Hardware & Home Improvements in Houston
    by Harry Nash on Dec 28 2017
    The prompt and proficient technician from Alpha Garage Doors and Service came within a few hours of my call about my garage door opener that hums but won’t open the door. He was professional and knowledgeable. The cause of the issue was a jammed opener trolley and he fixed it...

  22. Same Day Garage Door Repair Houston Hardware & Home Improvements in Houston
    by James Miller on Dec 28 2017
    My garage door needed new safety sensors. I called Same Day Garage Door Repair Houston and their specialist came out within a quick timeframe. He greeted me with a smile and efficiently installed the sensors. He went above and beyond to make sure they are working. He was definitely a...

  23. Garage Door Repair Rosenberg Hardware & Home Improvements in Rosenberg
    by Vall McLean on Dec 28 2017
    The torsion springs of my garage door broke last weekend and I badly needed to have it repaired. I reached out to Garage Door Repair Rosenberg and I was given a reasonable garage door repair quote. Their specialist was efficient and replaced the damaged springs without any hassle. I was...

  24. Sunset Gold Exchange in Los Angeles
    by Brian C. on Dec 27 2017
    Noah took care of me at Sunset Gold Exchange. I highly recommend bringing your gold old gold for cash or to be designed into something else. I walked out of there feeling good because of the extra pocket change from rings that I never wear! I will...

  25. Price Buster Appliance Consignment Shops & Services in Orlando
    by Kayla on Dec 26 2017
    DO NOT USE PRICE BUSTER APPLIANCE!!!!! They're shady and don't have the slightest clue what customer service is. I'm literally shocked that these criminals even have a business license! 02/29/16 I purchased a refrigerator from Price Buster Appliance for $276.90 with a one year warranty. A few days after...

  26. Franklin Bingo Sport & Recreation in Waco
    by Oliver Cook on Dec 23 2017
    Fun-filled & well-maintained bingo halls.

  27. Adtech Shredco Business Services in San Antonio
    by Rosalee Hunt on Dec 22 2017
    Called around town for fast and inexpensive shredding services. I found Adtech Shredco was the company who met my needs.I will continue using the company for my shredding needs. Thank you Adtech Shredco for your services.

  28. The Reinken Law Firm Insurance in Stamford
    by Mason on Dec 22 2017
    Thank you for handling my car accident case and helping me receive such a great settlement. I have already referred you to a friend who was looking for a car accident attorney.

  29. Ganim Injury Lawyers in Milford
    by Mary Jennifer on Dec 22 2017
    Ganim Injury Lawyers is a great personal injury law firm. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer. I was impressed by the pride this firm takes in protecting their clients’ interests. I finally received the compensation I was entitled to and deserved.

  30. Every Body'south Fit in Oceanside
    by Dawn A on Dec 21 2017
    Every BODY’s Fit is by far the best place that I have ever had when it comes to workouts and class training!!!! Megan really knows how to push and keep you motived. And the results speak for themselves. Definitely recommend!!!

  31. Lucy'south Boutique and Gifts in Houston
    by Jeremy on Dec 21 2017
    This boutique just opened in the heights and I found some great dresses for my wife! thank you guys!

  32. Queen Bee Cleaning Service in Lynnwood
    by Marcos Buratto on Dec 21 2017
    I usually tidy up a bit before the Queen Bee crew come by, but I forgot they were coming that day. The house was a wreck! There were toys strewn about, piles of dirty dishes around the kitchen, and mounds of clothes everywhere. It was a wonderful surprise to come...

  33. Auto Glass Solution Automobile Repair & Service in San Diego
    by Dana C on Dec 20 2017
    I called last night because my car was broken into, Rami was very helpful and came to my work the next morning, replaced my rear window in 30min! Price was great, service A+. Will refer to family& friends

  34. Aaa K-9 Mobile Grooming in Oceanside
    by Emily M. on Dec 20 2017
    I get Max groomed every 3 months or so and was in search of a good grooming company in Oceanside. I’m so happy that my friend referred AAA K-9 Mobile Grooming to me! They consistently do a great job and are so sweet to me and my dog throughout the...

  35. Psychic By the Sea Sport & Recreation in Redondo Beach
    by Janet on Dec 20 2017
    Sophia gave me a reading & I really enjoyed it everything she said was really true she's really honest &. Straight foreword she helped me and gave me the direction that I need it in my love life and in my career I was going through a divorce...

  36. Centex Technologies in Dallas
    by Harold Scott on Dec 20 2017
    Amazing people to work with!

  37. A Grateful Dog Pets & Pet Supplies in Lockport
    by Johnna on Dec 20 2017
    Johnna, owner of A Grateful Dog relocated to Brookville Animal Hospital located at 764 S. Weber Road Bolingbrook, IL 630-679-0800

  38. C3 Carpet Cleaning House Cleaning in Plano
    by fernando chacon on Dec 19 2017
    Henri gave me a great price and a great deal. Very happy with the overall experience.

  39. Rapid Refill Manufacturers in Maryville
    by on Dec 19 2017
    I need to know if the TK 67 cartridge is refillable and what it cost to refill it.

  40. Elevate Personal Training + Mma in Stamford
    by davisbarbara on Dec 18 2017
    I have been doing personal training at Elevate to lose weight. So far, I’m really proud of how far I’ve come and the way I look and feel. My overall strength and fitness is also better. My trainer has always been very supportive....

  41. Garage Door Repair Channelview Hardware & Home Improvements in Channelview
    by Karin Honeycutt on Dec 16 2017
    The garage door on my newly purchased house won’t stay closed and this got me worried about my safety. I hurriedly called Garage Door Repair Channelview to see if they were able to send someone right away. One of their kind and trained garage door repair technicians was at my...

  42. Garage Door Repair Galveston Hardware & Home Improvements in Galveston
    by Mark Farrar on Dec 16 2017
    Thank you so much for the great residential garage door repair service! I asked them to inspect my door that would only close halfway and then opens again. The repairman who assisted me was very personable and finished the work in a very short time. He just reset the limit...

  43. Garage Door Repair Atascocita Hardware & Home Improvements in Atascocita
    by Regina Littles on Dec 16 2017
    Impeccable garage door repair service! I noticed my door won’t close sometimes so I appointed Garage Door Repair Atascocita to have it inspected. The technician they sent for the repair was pleasant, well-rounded and very competent. He told me the issue was because of bad sensors. He did all the...

  44. Garage Door Repair Cypress Hardware & Home Improvements in Cypress
    by Ever Wins on Dec 16 2017
    I didn’t want to deal with a faulty garage door so when mine started to open and close randomly, I immediately called Garage Door Repair Cypress to have it checked. Their garage door repair technician was very friendly and professional. He was on time and identified the solution for my...

  45. Best Garage Door Repair Mission Bend Hardware & Home Improvements in Houston
    by Kenneth Cote on Dec 16 2017
    Thank you Best Garage Door Repair Mission Bend for taking care of my garage door repair needs! I called them because our automatic garage door opener wasn’t working. The specialist was able to immediately diagnose the issue and replace the bad chain sprocket. It wasn’t the first time that I...

  46. Houston Overhead Garage Door Repair Hardware & Home Improvements in Houston
    by Steven Dusek on Dec 15 2017
    I was prompted to call Houston Overhead Garage Door Repair when my garage door remote won’t function well. They immediately deployed one of their technicians to attend to my request. Upon inspection, he found out that the remote control had to be reprogrammed so it would be back to its...

  47. Garage Door Repair West University Place Hardware & Home Improvements in Houston
    by William Setliff on Dec 15 2017
    I had a positive experience with Garage Door Repair West University Place when I hired them for garage door spring replacement. Their specialist was quick to arrive, got to work at once and he had complete tools with him so he was able to work without hassle. It’s great working...

  48. Berta Davis Ph D & Associates Marriage & Family Counselors in Beverly Hills
    by Kristin on Dec 15 2017
    I’ve been exposed to the world of therapy for many years. I believe in therapy and have seen it do wonders. This therapist broke ethical boundaries in self disclosure and fell short of seeing many flags. I wouldn’t feel safe recommending this therapist to any independent strong woman juggling career...

  49. Same Day Garage Door Repair Webster Hardware & Home Improvements in Webster
    by Ashley Wilson on Dec 15 2017
    I called Same Day Garage Door Repair Webster for garage door replacement one morning and the proficient representative got all the details over the phone and she even gave me a quote for the service charges. That same day, their friendly technician came armed with impressive tools. I’m very impressed...

  50. Heights Garage Door Repair Services Hardware & Home Improvements in Houston
    by Tammy Jarvis on Dec 15 2017
    We had our garage door for 15 years and it has been noisy for quite some time. When I finally decided to have it fixed, I contacted Heights Garage Door Repair Services. The technician showed up on the exact time he promised. He was able to quickly determine the problem...

  51. Mega Garage Door Repair Friendswood Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Friendswood
    by Jacob Logan on Dec 15 2017
    The motor of our garage door won’t stop running although the door opens and closes properly. I thought that it might lead to other problems in the future so I decided to call Mega Garage Door Repair Friendswood TX. The technician was prompt to arrive and he fixed the problem...

  52. Garage Door Repair Mesquite Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Mesquite
    by ThomasJones854 on Dec 15 2017
    Garage Door Repair Mesquite TX went over and above my expectations! I called them one morning because I needed to have new safety sensors installed. They immediately sent one of their amiable and highly skilled garage door repair technicians over to do the job. It didn’t take him long do...

  53. Garage Door Repair McKinney Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in McKinney
    by RobertCopley369 on Dec 15 2017
    I’m quite positive that the transmitters of our garage door are working properly so I’m wondered why it wouldn’t go up all of a sudden. Upon assessment of the technician from Garage Door Repair McKinney TX, it turned out that there was a broken garage door spring! I’m glad I...

  54. Garage Door Repair Grand Prairie Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Grand Prairie
    by DavidTaylor159 on Dec 15 2017
    It’s very unusual for me to hear squealing sounds coming from our overhead garage door so I hired Garage Door Repair Grand Prairie TX to check it for me. Good thing I called them because the squealing sound indicated that the rollers were badly damaged. He replaced the rollers and...

  55. Garage Door Repair Irving Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Irving
    by LuisPearman14 on Dec 15 2017
    I had this problem with my garage door track closing quicker than usual and it usually had a bang. Garage Door Repair Irving TX provided an effective fix. Their amazing garage door service technician found that the track was bent so he fixed it and that resolved the problem!

  56. Garage Door Repair Garland Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Garland
    by ThomasWillingham85 on Dec 14 2017
    I gave Garage Door Repair Garland TX a ring because I noticed that my garage door didn’t open completely. Their technician told me that the sensitivity required adjustment, so he did it and that fixed the issue. I was very pleased with their garage door service, so I’ll surely recommend...

  57. Garage Door Repair Plano Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Plano
    by DaveBolton36 on Dec 14 2017
    Our garage door was out of balance, which was why we called Garage Door Repair Plano TX. Help arrived on the same day that we called them, which was a plus. Garage door service was also done quickly but accurately. Our door is now balanced and working efficiently.

  58. Garage Door Repair Arlington Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Arlington
    by RickAdams75 on Dec 14 2017
    We bought new safety sensors and was looking for a garage door service provider to install them. My friend mentioned that Garage Door Repair Arlington TX did their installation and it was perfect. We got their service and they didn’t disappoint. The safety sensors now work without any problem.

  59. Fort Worth Garage Door Repair Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Fort Worth
    by DaniWoldo26 on Dec 14 2017
    We were very impressed with the quick and reliable assistance provided by Fort Worth Garage Door Repair TX. We needed to have our new garage door remote programmed and they did it on our requested date. The rate of the garage door service was also reasonable. We’re definitely going to...

  60. Garage Door Repair Fort Worth Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Fort Worth
    by AaronAdams5 on Dec 14 2017
    We have nothing but good words for the garage door service that we got from Garage Door Repair Fort Worth TX. We purchased a couple of remotes for our garage door and had them programmed it. It was done fast, which was super impressive. Service was outstanding and cost-effective too.

  61. Gds and Repair Dallas Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Dallas
    by WillyPope69 on Dec 14 2017
    GDS and Repair Dallas TX took care of our garage door opener installation. We will surely recommend their garage door service to others because we saw how professional and efficient they were. The installation was finished on schedule and the opener and door worked perfectly. When it comes to the...

  62. Garage Door Guys Austin Hardware & Home Improvements in Austin
    by mike on Dec 14 2017
    they were right on point with pricing and showed up same day. 5 stars

  63. Phoenix Appliance Repair Clinic Appliances - Major - Repair in Phoenix
    by Dave on Dec 14 2017
    I called Phoenix Appliance Repair Clinic this morning and by 11am my fridge was fixed. Thanks for fast service!

  64. Garvin Construction Hardware & Home Improvements in Scranton
    by Warren on Dec 14 2017
    Completely satisfied with the job. Great support from Sam. Will recommend Garvin to anyone looking for roof work.Thanks again!

  65. Ophthalmology Physicians & Surgeons, Pc in Hatboro
    by Nancy on Dec 14 2017
    I recently had a similar experience as others on this site. I saw a cataract surgeon "king" who upon seeing my cataracts, scheduled me for surgery before the end of the year. My daughter suggested I see Dr Clark who saw no need for surgery. Definitely a very engaging...

  66. Topline Movers in Peoria
    by Joann Overstreet on Dec 13 2017
    This was my first time using Topline Movers and I was a bit overwhelmed by all the companies wanting my business. I chose on Topline based on their consistently positive reviews. They were easy to schedule with and the movers at both pick-up and delivery were friendly and courteous,...

  67. Garvin Construction Hardware & Home Improvements in Scranton
    by Marc Johnson on Dec 13 2017
    Everything was great. Roof went up fast. Overall we are happy.

  68. Ophthalmology Physicians & Surgeons, Pc in Lansdale
    by Alan on Dec 13 2017
    This is the best overall experience I had with a physician and his office. The time, patience and pleasant attitude show to me by Dr Francis Clark was much needed as I was completely let down by others. Very sweet and clinically sharp,

  69. A Grateful Dog Pets & Pet Supplies in Lockport
    by Johnna on Dec 13 2017
    This location has closed, but Johnna has joined the pet professionals at Brookville Animal Hospital located at 764 S. Weber Road in Bolingbrook, IL 630-679-0800

  70. Star Dance Center in Newhall
    by Angela R. on Dec 12 2017
    Star Dance Center is amazing. I take my daughter to her classes and I am always so impressed by the whole operation. We have taken lots of dance classes before and it's so nice to have a good dance space for my child in our neighborhood. Everyone is so professional...

  71. Earthwise Pet Supply Pets & Pet Supplies in Naples
    by Wayne on Dec 12 2017
    I have been all over Naples, and Earthwise is the best place for all my pets needs. Great selection and awesome groomers. Couldn't be happier!

  72. Colleen'south Catering Wedding Services in Beatrice
    by Sam on Dec 11 2017
    Just a note of thanks to you and your staff at Collen’s Catering. The food was excellent. Definitely recommending you to my family and friends.

  73. Garvin Construction Hardware & Home Improvements in Scranton
    by Joseph on Dec 11 2017
    They did a very nice job. The workers were very nice also.

  74. Better Living Senior Assistance Services Home Health Services in Tampa
    by Nathalie M. on Dec 08 2017
    We have found Better Living Senior Assistance Services caregivers to be friendly, courteous, and helpful in the care of my mother. They do whatever is asked of them and keep us updated on her health.

  75. Roginsky Dental Dentists in Northampton
    by Patricia on Dec 08 2017
    I can highly recommend Roginsky Dental. It is hard to find a good dentist. One with a friendly staff, good dentist and flexible hours. We can highly recommend this family dentist...

  76. Ice Dam Guys Utility Services in Minneapolis
    by Curtis T on Dec 07 2017
    Most severe winter in Idaho in 33 years. After noticing two ice dams on my roof, on a Sunday morning, I called the Ice Dam Guys and left a voice mail message. I received a prompt return phone call. Jay answered all of my questions and an...

  77. A1 Dental: Kody C Mund, Dmd Dentists in Ogden
    by Angela Dunn on Dec 07 2017
    Dr. Mund has MS. While I feel sorry for his condition, he is numb in his hands and doesn’t have good control when giving shots. It really hurt.

  78. Esthetic Institute in Vienna
    by Janis Munoz on Dec 06 2017
    The instructors go above and beyond! I would recommend this school to any students that would like to advance in the beauty industry.”...

  79. Washington Valley Cabinet Shop Cabinet Makers in Martinsville
    by Curtis Nelson on Dec 05 2017
    Washington Valley Cabinet Shop did a brilliant job in modifying my kitchen cabinets.

  80. Gregmedia, Inc Advertising in Katy
    by Howard Adams on Dec 05 2017
    Cost effective website designing services.

  81. Idea Buyer Llc Advertising in Columbus
    by cindy chartier on Dec 05 2017
    Everyone at Idea Buyer has been very helpful, kind, and professional. I've had an excellent experience from them.

  82. Closet World, Inc Home Repairs & Maintenance in City of Industry
    by robbie nagao on Dec 04 2017
    We are very pleased and highly recommend Closet World.

  83. Ice Dam Guys Utility Services in Minneapolis
    by Doug Oldham on Dec 03 2017
    I called the morning after I found a leak from an ice dam. They had someone out that afternoon. Josh was a great technician. He explained the process and was able to take care of the issue quickly. The fast response time stopped further damage and I would definitely recommend...

  84. Everdry Waterproofing of Se Michigan Waterproofing & Drainage in Sterling Heights
    by kevin floen on Dec 02 2017
    Our basement has been waterproof for 26 years and whenever we have had an issue it has been resolved to our satisfaction and in a timely manner.

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