New reviews for November 2018

  1. Vista Computer Repair Computer Service & Repair in Orlando
    by John on Nov 27 2018
    Picked up and Returned LAptop within a day screen repair excellent service

  2. D&L Garage Doors Hardware & Home Improvements in Boise
    by Suzanne Strowd on Nov 27 2018
    D&L Garage Doors in Boise has once again saved us out with our garage door. Came in no time to our house. This time we had Jerin as our technician. We received a phone call from him saying he was twenty minutes away from us. Not only did he replaced...

  3. Bakersfield Smile Design - Dr Krauss Dds in Bakersfield
    by Emily Stone on Nov 27 2018
    I had the best experience ever! Everyone was very helpful, polite and the doctor was very caring. He explained everything in detail.It was very fast in and out visit but they didn’t rush at all, they are just very organized and direct with the information given so it allows them...

  4. Just Airsoft Guns Guns & Gunsmiths in Dallas
    by David Smith on Nov 26 2018
    Well, I visit many similar websites but the low-cost price of airsoft guns available on this website is really eye-catching

  5. Everdry Waterproofing of Se Michigan Waterproofing & Drainage in Sterling Heights
    by R.S. on Nov 25 2018
    Everdry has very friendly staff and great customer service. We have been a customer for 9 years and have been very pleased with this company. R.S. Lincoln Park, MI.

  6. Mc Entertainment & Services in Decatur
    by Jillian Hammontree on Nov 25 2018
    I have used these guys for many years after trying other companies. They have great reviews, wonderful services and outstanding reviews all over online. If you are looking for fun things to do in Atlanta for adult groups you should most definitely give them a try!

  7. Delta Force Pi in Gladstone
    by Jordan on Nov 24 2018
    After spending over one year on attorney fees and court motions I was finitially devastated. I hired Delta Force PI and they worked on my case for one week. I finally had enough evidence I needed. This was a life changing event for me thank you...

  8. Harley Sears Hypnosis Center Health Services & Medical Centers in Kansas City
    by BL on Nov 24 2018
    I had the opportunity to see Harley Sears for treatment using Hypnotherapy prior to his relocation to Kansas City. He is a consummate professional and my experience was life changing. My stress and anxiety are in control and my quality of life is so much better. I wish I could...

  9. World Seo Bazar in Richland Center
    by Susan G. Stewart on Nov 24 2018
    As the CEO of a web design firm that works with top clients across Canada, I wanted to spread the word about how SEO lends a hand with brand awareness, website traffic, PPC and lead generation. Before jumping into the interrelationship between SEO and content marketing, let's have a look...

  10. Delta Force Pi in Gladstone
    by Kim on Nov 23 2018
    This is a very friendly company that provides excellent service. Highly recommended.

  11. Jd Byrider - Jdbnowcom - Mansfield, Oh in Mansfield
    by Angry customer on Nov 23 2018
    Unprofessional salesperson laughing d in my face and said I couldn't afford a car From them so I guess there advertising is bs when it says no credit or bad credit Aand no down payment is false also disappointing experience and will never go back and will...

  12. Centex Technologies in Dallas
    by Eddie Evans on Nov 22 2018
    I'm extremely happy with their web development services.

  13. Redmen Bingo Sport & Recreation in Killeen
    by Henry Miller on Nov 22 2018
    Had an amazing time playing bingo at the bingo hall.

  14. Franklin Bingo Sport & Recreation in Waco
    by Mark Johnson on Nov 22 2018
    Wonderful place to have fun with your friends.

  15. Catoctin Auto Group Llc in Frederick
    by Marina Gonzales on Nov 20 2018
    What a great group of people, and a great selection of cars. Very friendly and fair

  16. Roof Commander in Orlando
    by Peter J. on Nov 20 2018
    We chose Roof Commander for our new roof because they were the most responsive and had a great price. Process was fast and painless. Highly recommend this company

  17. American Bookkeeping Services in Denver
    by Nelson Frazier on Nov 20 2018
    American Bookkeeping Services has been excellent in their bookkeeping and payroll services. The delivery has always been on time with courteous and prompt response. They always delivery their best, even when we have unusual demands. Their service always comes with positive and reassuring attitudes. I would highly recommend them to...

  18. D&L Garage Doors Hardware & Home Improvements in Boise
    by Angel Biddleman on Nov 20 2018
    I am so grateful to D&L Garage Door Repair in Boise for their fast and efficient garage door service. I could not imagine my shock when our garage door immediately closed behind me the moment I drove out of the garage. Good thing I have their number and contacted them...

  19. Blonde Salon & Spa Beauty Salons in Killeen
    by Evelyn Bell on Nov 19 2018
    Got the haircut I wanted. Thanks!

  20. Denefits Resorts in Fountain Valley
    by Ryan Mattson on Nov 19 2018
    Customer service representative Dave was excellent in handling my concerns. I would advise anyone looking for extra cash to use Denefits they don't have a prepayment penalty and Mr Dave provided me outstanding customer service. I really appreciated the way he went over and beyond in making my experience a...

  21. Seiu-Cc, Llc Telecommunications Equipment & Systems in New York
    by Annoymus Worker on Nov 19 2018
    They Use There faux Name to attract talent to phone lines workers are mistreted working conditions are poor no Hr or even anybody whos actualy a trained manager its a multiple hat organizations with no intrest in employee needs leads to gross oversight in the office...

  22. Sharpton Painting Business Services in Nashville
    by Jacob on Nov 18 2018
    Absolutely the best in the business, hands down. I've used many "painting companies" but never had a good experience until now with Sharpton Painting. Not only did they deliver what was promised they actually exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier.

  23. Online Medical Card - 420 Evaluations in Santa Ana
    by Harvey Rodriguez on Nov 16 2018
    Seeing a doctor online was an awesome experience. The doctor carefully listened to me and had an open discussion on medical cannabis and my condition. Along with providing 420 evaluations, he also suggested me specific strains and dispensaries that would best for me. Got my recommendation letter in just 10...

  24. Iphone Factory Telecommunications Equipment & Systems in Miami
    by ramsaran maurits on Nov 14 2018
    need wholesale prices of iphone 5,6,7,8,10 and xs

  25. The Blind Place Building Contractors in Lenexa
    by Kathleen Ann Nikodym on Nov 14 2018
    Dennis came out during adverse conditions! We were in the middle of putting on a wedding at the house and he was able to get the blinds installed. We also had Plantation shutters put in and they are beautiful!

  26. Esthetic Institute in Vienna
    by Jamie Simpson on Nov 14 2018
    The staff is great and very helpful. I enjoy coming to school and learning new things every day. The atmosphere is enjoyable to be around. Esthetic Institute makes everyone feel like family....

  27. Lakewood Family Dental in Anderson
    by shafi on Nov 13 2018
    I like this dentist a lot. First time visiting and right away felt comfortable. The office is welcoming and clean and not cold and scary. Nice staff. Dr Vorperian is very kind and caring. I recommend all people making him your new dentist. You'll feel at ease.

  28. Arlington Dental Associates in Arlington
    by Sarah D on Nov 13 2018
    Best Dentistry in Arlington TX!

  29. Scarsdale Ballet Studio Dancing Instruction in Scarsdale
    by Kathy on Nov 13 2018
    Diana is a true ballerina. She and her staff are so passionate about what they do and it shows. And I love that they nurture each student through a holistic approach to dance and beyond.

  30. Esthetic Institute in Vienna
    by Gwen Graham on Nov 13 2018
    The instructors here have helped improve my technique and build my confidence. Esthetic Institute has a friendly, positive and welcoming atmosphere that make students and clients both feel comfortable.

  31. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by Laurie HL on Nov 08 2018
    I guess Elizabeth Duffy Johnson is the poster-woman for your school? Seems to me that she is going to cause you some rather distinct economic damage. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Who besides white racist Republicans would even attend such a 'school'. Oh yeah, 'Make Amerikkka Great Again'? ...

  32. Ilovekickboxing - Old Bridge Health Clubs & Fitness in Old Bridge
    by Liza Larregui on Nov 07 2018
    I was a little hesitant to start kickboxing because it seemed out of my league and I have some back issues. However, I was shocked, in a GOOD way. ILK Old Bridge is clean, friendly, and they HELP you modify so you don't feel like you're dying, yet still push...

  33. Pressure Washer Service, Inc Repair Services in Clearwater
    by Scott on Nov 07 2018
    worst service

  34. Bluemoon Filmworks Video Production Services in Hialeah
    by Miri Castillo on Nov 06 2018
    This company created an ad for our insurance agency. They provided an amazing service. Thanks Bluemoon.

  35. Lofholm'south Building Center in Norway
    by Michael Rock on Nov 06 2018
    Lofholm's seem to pride themselves on being helpful and knowledgeable and I have found that to be true! Whether I have a home plumbing project, wiring, decor, or customized projects for building my tiny home I always feel confident that i will get sound advice when I visit there!

  36. Dr Stan Guberman, Llc Chiropractors in Fort Lauderdale
    by Roger Elliott on Nov 06 2018
    I ordered: GLUTAGENICS®-9.27 oz. (259.8 g) Powder Product Number:2900. What I received was a 9.16 oz. (259.8g) labeled "Glutagentics" with no product number. (An inferior product) I have used the product sent previously and it does not work. I ordered product number 2900 specifically because it does work...

  37. Catoctin Auto Group Llc in Frederick
    by Dennis Goodloski on Nov 05 2018
    This is the best experience in car buying. Great selection of cars, good prices, and excellent quality.

  38. The Steele Creek Dentist in Charlotte
    by Stephanie on Nov 05 2018
    I felt comfortable. I have had some really bad experiences before. I felt safe. Best part was it didn't smell like your typical dentist office.

  39. One Way Van Lines Heavy Construction Contractors in Dundalk
    by Carlos Hoover on Nov 05 2018
    Not a bad experience but there could have been more of a personal touch per se and accurate pricing. I had to move within Shadwell so that was just a short distance one but it took them ages to deliver what could have been way quicker. I don’t know what...

  40. Bring Me That Restaurant in New York
    by Melanie foster on Nov 04 2018
    There is a recurring payment to this business. I live in michigan and didn't order anything through you there! You need to stop this from continuing! I am beyond frustrated with this company!

  41. D&L Garage Doors Hardware & Home Improvements in Boise
    by Antoinette Esteb on Nov 04 2018
    D&l garage door showed me a high quality of service. I am satisfied customer. Thank you

  42. Spring Complete Care Dentistry in Spring
    by Dan Wilson on Nov 03 2018
    I always find my experience at Spring Complete Care Dentistry to be excellent. It is good for me, and I also take my grandchildren because it is a great place for them. It has proven to be the perfect choice for all of us.

  43. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by Abe Lincoln on Nov 03 2018
    Amerikkkan values taught by whites for whites

  44. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by Miss Manners on Nov 03 2018
    Come to this school only if you want to learn to be a Stepford robot who thinks wearing high heeled pumps and pearls is the secret to success. You will learn the effectiveness of screaming at people who are canvassing for the political opponent to the neo-Nazi Republican Party...

  45. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by Maam Mix A Lot on Nov 02 2018
    Oh, my, God Duffy, look at her butt. It is so big, she looks like One of those rap guys' girlfriends. I mean, her butt, is just so big.I can't believe it's just so round, it's like out there I mean gross, look. She's just so....BLACK. Is that what...

  46. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by Adolf "Duffy" Hitler on Nov 02 2018

  47. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by Malcom X on Nov 02 2018
    Thanks for teaching us good wypipo how to handle the pesky blacks that try to use their American priveledge to try to gin up voters. This country is for whites and this white man thanks duffy for protecting my white country.......wypower /sarc Duffy sucks and is racist get out...

  48. Mint Smile Studio in Elmhurst
    by Tom on Nov 02 2018
    I saw Dr. Advani for a chipped tooth. They were able to get me in right away and took care of my tooth. Everything feels great after

  49. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by Whitey McWhiterson on Nov 02 2018
    Thank you for teaching me how to get rid of those pesky brown skinned people! Duffy the Non-White Person Slayer is one of the best Klanswomen I've ever seen! Be Best!

  50. One Way Van Lines Heavy Construction Contractors in Dundalk
    by Marissa Parrish on Nov 02 2018
    Although it took me a while to choose a moving company, I can say that perfection is never achieved so basically I’m not expecting impeccable service. I had to move from CA to Brandywine, MD so that is like 2500mi and over and some of my boxes were damaged but...

  51. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by Craig Little on Nov 02 2018
    I hate black people

  52. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by George Zimmerman on Nov 02 2018
    i m only leaving one star because you didnt go all the way

  53. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by Ludowici on Nov 01 2018
    Finally! An etiquette school that reflects my values ... other schools tried to brainwash me into believing that people of all other races and creeds were deserving of my respect ... WRONG! There is no one deserving of my respect or courtesy other than white Christians. Thank you, ESofCP for...

  54. Dme-Direct, Inc Medical Equipment & Supplies in Valencia
    by Jeff T. on Nov 01 2018
    I needed a knee brace for my son who plays football and contacted them by phone because they were local. They had the brace I was looking for and when I brought my son in, they fitted it and instructed him on how to put it on and take...

  55. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by 3rd Reich on Nov 01 2018
    I never knew before just how racist I could be until I attended this school. Now I am the bestest racist, homophobe, alt-right nationalist fascist in my neighborhood. My parents have never been prouder of me. So proud. Shout out to Elizabeth "Duffy" Johnson. You won't find a better teacher...

  56. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by white person on Nov 01 2018
    anyone else seeing that too? fuck these entitled racists i feel so bad for your country...

  57. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by sharon on Nov 01 2018
    another white woman harassing a non-threatening black woman going about her business.oh, i know that white skin gives you the right to stop any dark hued person and question them about being in your white neighborhood???

  58. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by Felter Hymann on Nov 01 2018
    This place is the physical manifestation of that feeling you get when you wipe your bum and get a little bit of it on your hand.

  59. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by Adolf H. on Nov 01 2018
    Lots of hate... So much hate

  60. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by F Becky on Nov 01 2018
    Spew hate!!!!!!

  61. H&North Plumbing Heating & Electrical, Inc Air Conditioning System Repair in Fennimore
    by Jerry Fenton on Nov 01 2018
    I called the Fennimore office and inquired about purchasing a water heater. The woman who answered the phone put me through to a person in the shop. I asked this man about the availability of a certain brand of water heater that the business sells. He told me that he...

  62. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by C L on Nov 01 2018
    Who better to teach racism and election tampering than the racist, Elizabeth "Duffy" Johnson? By all means, spend your money here!

  63. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by F Douglass on Nov 01 2018
    In this day and age where people's wealth can't be ascertained by their last name or ethnicity, pretend like power still depends on skin color. Why not offend potential clients, future colleagues or future bosses with ill-advised discriminatory belches? Let your worst ID hang out. Waste your money here.

  64. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by Steve King on Nov 01 2018
    The school has it all, intro to Goose stepping, care and maintenance of white hoods, safety in lighting crosses and of course getting the snap in your Seig Heil salute. If you believe that the "coloreds" are coming for your women, this school is for you! ...

  65. The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania Consultants in Lititz
    by L Whiteman on Nov 01 2018
    If you want to learn how to be aggressively racist in public like the concepts of tact and class simply don't exist in this plane of reality.

  66. Ifixyouri Corp Electronic Equipment & Service in Lake Park
    by Chad on Nov 01 2018
    This location is closed. The west palm location is at: iFixYouri West Palm Beach 1900 Okeechobee Blvd Suite A9 West Palm Beach, FL 33409

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