New reviews for September 2010

  1. Royce Real Estate Real Estate Agents in Ashland
    by Stan Clemmons on Sep 29 2010
    Royce Real Estate really cares to help people find their dream Southern Oregon home and for that I recommend them highly

  2. New Horizon Insurance, Inc Insurance in Cartersville
    by Jean C on Sep 29 2010
    They are definitely different in how they do things. I saved $300 and they showed me how to save another $120 in the next 6 months. This is the first time I have every known anything about insurance and I like the fact I already know what to expect. I...

  3. Capital Cartage Moving and Storage Movers & Storage in Fitchburg
    by Stephanie on Sep 29 2010
    Professional and timely. Quote was reasonable and they did a good job. ...

  4. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Desiree on Sep 29 2010
    Kelly's Fitness is absolutely wonderful! Not only does she motivate you to do your best, she also makes sure you have proper form so that you get the highest results possible. I also love that she offers nutritional guidelines as well as the newest research on techniques! ...

  5. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Kate on Sep 29 2010
    I am new to Kelly's fitness classes, and for the first time ever, I look forward to working out! Kelly is very energizing and encouraging, and is in tune to every member of class. She tailors routines based on individual fitness level, offering modifications to keep the workouts...

  6. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by DEB on Sep 29 2010
    Kelly's classes are amazing - never the same thing twice. I take classes twice a week and we are never bored with the same exercises. Kelly is very informative and educational. She will always explain her reasons behind doing things she does. She has a lot of good information on...

  7. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Gail Harris on Sep 29 2010
    If you want results, Kelly will help you achieve them. She packs a great workout into 45 minutes. Every body part has been addressed. Her classes are current and interesting. The atmosphere is encouraging. Her wealth of knowledge is very helpful. I have been...

  8. Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning in Jupiter
    by Felicia on Sep 29 2010
    We recently purchased a house in Jupiter that needed a lot of cleaning. We saw the Squeegee Squad ad in the local paper offering cleaning and hurricane installation services and decided to try them. We scheduled separate appointments for each service. At the first appointment, Neil and...

  9. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Lisa W. on Sep 29 2010
    Kelly's classes have been a lifesaver. I have never been more fit. The best part of her classes is that each class is different. Not a chance at being bored. ...

  10. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Lynette on Sep 29 2010
    I love Kelly's classes, I can't say enough about it. I was going to the gym for years, and never saw the results I am seeing now in only 4 months!!! This has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time... thanks Kelly!!

  11. Brewed Awakening Coffee Houses & Tea Rooms in Mountain Home
    by jill & dave on Sep 29 2010
    Awesome, there is no starbucks in mountain home. while vacationing in the local area and jonesing for a good coffee we saw and stopped at brewed awakening. Better then starbucks! We ended up having to make daily stops there. The owner and staff are extreamly friendly and will...

  12. Angela'south Brew & Ballyhoo Coffee Houses & Tea Rooms in Austin
    by Trip-Dogg Shaw on Sep 29 2010
    Cool place and a great location! Nice art, gifts, brew and ballyhoo. See you guys again soon!

  13. Maxwell, Turner & Associates, Inc Business & Corporate Law in Fresno
    by Diane on Sep 29 2010
    They have my money and i have been told the case has now been moved to Nevada. Put the case with them in May 2009 and have had nothing but the run around from them. People hang up on you. never trust Patrick W Stewart and yes he...

  14. Km Body Boutique Swimming Pool Service & Repair in West Palm Beach
    by Lincoln on Sep 29 2010
    I have never really been a spa kind of guy. I actually never thought I would have a reason to visit one. That was until my sister told me about KM Body Boutique. She said it is nice and really relaxing. So after a really stressful day at the...

  15. Tnt Mma Training Center Martial Arts Instruction in Phoenix
    by Matthew Roderick on Sep 29 2010
    I also joined this gym but was only there a few months due to my job, and it seemed like a great place to train. They do really well in NO-GI around the area and thats against gyms like The MMA Lab and AZ Combat Sports. The MMA class is...

  16. Snookie'south Bar & Grill Restaurant in Fort Worth
    by Charlie Faust on Sep 29 2010
    Snookie's has been here about 15 years. Very reliable establishment. Solid food and very good bartenders. TCU kids late a night. Fun Karoke scene on Wednesday nights. Outstanding Chicken Fried Steak. Our chatty waitress was charming. Below market bar prices.

  17. Gary Warner Insurance Agency, Inc Insurance in Agoura Hills
    by Bill Watson on Sep 28 2010
    I got excellent service. The reps were very polite and knowledgeable. I saved money by packaging my policies.

  18. Pc Express Computer Service & Repair in Thousand Oaks
    by John on Sep 28 2010
    These guys were excellent. They picked up and dropped off my computer. They called me every step of the way and didn't do a thing with my computer without my say so. The repaired machine runs better than ever and I would not hesitate to call them again. ...

  19. Pc Express Computer Service & Repair in Thousand Oaks
    by Elizabeth on Sep 28 2010
    I was very impressed with the service from this company. My laptop was picked up in a timely manner, and not only cleared of viruses, but received needed updates, including an anti-virus system. All personnel were very personable, and eager to assist in any way. I would recommend this company...

  20. Aldana Income Tax Tax Return Preparation in Baldwin Park
    by Adan Calderon on Sep 28 2010
    I have been going there for the past 4 years and I just love this place. Everyone there without exceptions are super nice and very professional. Their rates are extremely low comparing to other places. I have done my taxes and also my car insurance. I always recommend them to...

  21. J&K Legacy Brands, Llc Advertising in Atlanta
    by Tim Mcdaniels on Sep 28 2010
    My website was created quick and these guys outdid my expectations. I could and would never ask another company to do my graphic or web design work again. J&K is very professional to be such a small business and hats off to Josh Legacy.

  22. Zande Residential Consulting, Llc Engineers in Mooresville
    by Rick J on Sep 28 2010
    I have been investing in residential real estate all over the south for the last 8 years and I have been very successful. I came upon the services offered by Zande and it has given me the ability to maximize my time like never before. I only have to...

  23. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Tina on Sep 28 2010
    I have been going to Kelly's classes for almost 2 years and this is the only exercise routine I have ever stuck with for any length of time. I find myself looking forward to each class because I know how great I will feel afterward! Kelly's classes are...

  24. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Barb on Sep 28 2010
    Thanks to your classes I ran my first 5K at age 51, and plan to run another this weekend. Your classes are always varied and challenging for all levels. Thanks for keeping us motivated with you positive attitude and cheerful smile!

  25. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Lori on Sep 28 2010
    I have been going to Kelly's classes for years. She teaches you not only about having a healthy body through her workouts but also, how to eat healthy to support your workouts. Both of these has made a difference for me. Kelly will help you make a difference!

  26. River View Apartments Apartment Finding & Referral Services in Tampa
    by Kimberly on Sep 28 2010
    I just moved in and my apartment is huge. I love the staff and it is so quiet for being in Tampa. Can't wait to get unpacked and enjoy the community.

  27. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by rose cardamone on Sep 28 2010
    Kelly's Fitness is an awesome way to get fit physically in body and mind. The classes are fun and always challenging. We all motivate one another. Time very well spent. Kelly also shares her knowledge of health and nutrition. Friendly and fun atmosphere! Looking forward to the next class!

  28. Rkpc Service: Computer Repair , Website Design &Amp; Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Computer Service & Repair in Cartersville
    by Richard Huff on Sep 28 2010
    Roger Koo of RKPC Service - Computer Repair, Website Design & Search Engine Optimization is a outstanding for website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is my second website: KRH Consulting - GA Property Tax Sales, Tax Liens, Tax Deeds, Excess Funds, Redemption, Judicial Foreclosures, Levy Process (

  29. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Amy on Sep 28 2010
    I've been taking the classes here for a few months & I notice muscles I thought were lost forever!! I wasted too much money on a gym membership for 2 years that didn't give me a fraction of the results I'm already seeing!Kelly motivates the class as a whole to...

  30. Chastain Painting Contractors, Inc Painters & Painting Contractors in Tampa
    by Dawn M. on Sep 28 2010
    Just finished my house. Removed wallpaper repaired walls, textured walls, primed and painted inside of my 3600 sqare foot home. looks brand new again.

  31. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Christy on Sep 28 2010
    I used to teach aerobics and run regularly, but the childbearing years did a number on my body and I recently had to have hip surgery. I went to Kelly's classes before the surgery to be as strong as I could be for the surgery, and am now back to...

  32. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Terry on Sep 28 2010
    Kelly is a motivational fitness instructor who develops effective workouts for those just beginning all the way to advanced athletes. She is knowledgeable regarding the latest research on effective training techniques and nutrition information. She truly cares that you train correctly and safely. I like that she...

  33. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Krystin Hale on Sep 28 2010
    Kelly is AMAZING! I look forward to going to very class i can and leave feeling great every single time. Every class is different which keeps it fun and all the girls in the classes make it even better! Definitely try it you'll love it!

  34. Visolution Tv Television & Radio Dealers in San Diego
    by Roger on Sep 28 2010
    Just moved here from LA and bought a condo. Threw a house warming party and had this company install my tv above the fireplace. Should have done this sooner and saved money on buying the outdated tv cabinet. Was quoted a lot more from other tv installation companies. The package...

  35. Art Escape Schools - Vocational & Training in Laconia
    by Laconia Mom of 3 on Sep 27 2010
    We took the kids to Art Escape to paint cermics and found out that we could also make fused glass. It was a lot of fun and we already have some Christmas presents made! They look great. Thank you.

  36. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Jen Emery on Sep 27 2010
    Kelly has had a huge impact on my health and fitness. I find myself looking forward to every single one of her classes. She pushes you to do your best, and educates you on important facts about nutrition and health at the same time. I have followed her...

  37. J F D Shoe Repair Corp Shoes & Shoe Repair in New York
    by Adam on Sep 27 2010
    wow!! on saturday i went to JFD Shoe Repair, and it was very welcoming. I left my shoes for repair, and they gave variation on how i can save money and my shoes. They also make it easy on us Customer because they make delivery and they pick up!!! wow...

  38. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Wendy Dietrich on Sep 27 2010
    Kelly has been a personal friend for 20 years. Knowing her personally to be a highly disciplined, scientifcally trained individual, I trust her implicity with my health care and body care. Having had extensive experience as a patient with multiple illnesses and being fortunate to have had the...

  39. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Lauren on Sep 27 2010
    I got Kelly's name through a friend of mine several years ago. I started working out with her than and have been for a few years. She offers classes that are never boring and high energy! She also offers bootcamps as well. Definantly the best workouts I have ever had...

  40. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Kerry on Sep 27 2010
    As am homeschooling mom of six, it is always a challenge to find time to exercise, but Kelly's short, but intense workouts have been an answer to my prayer about getting my body back into shape without sacrificng too much time away from my family. I've lost over 30 lbs...

  41. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Donna Kift Schuman on Sep 27 2010
    You will see results! Kelly structures her classes to work every inch of you. She incorporates the most current exercise and nutrition science into her classes. Kelly's classes are never the same. The only thing you can expect is to workout hard and see results.

  42. Kelly'south Fitness Health Clubs & Fitness in New Britain
    by Grace on Sep 27 2010
    Kelly's Fitness is the best around! She is able to combine cardio and weight training for the most effective workout. ...

  43. Zande Residential Consulting, Llc Engineers in Mooresville
    by Brian C on Sep 27 2010
    We spent about 6 months trying to find the right investment property as a rental. After we found what we thought was the right property we had Zande come out and review the property from and investment perspective. Right move on our part! The home was a disaster...

  44. Superior Insurance Insurance in Albemarle
    by Mary on Sep 27 2010
    I have had this company for over 3 years, the girls in the office are nice and they always take their time to answer all my questions.

  45. Peace of Mind Plumbing Plumbers & Plumbing Contractors in Bradenton
    by Felicity on Sep 27 2010
    I had just bought a new house inBradenton Beach and called Chad on account of his rave reviews and i was not disappointed he came not only on the same day but within the hour which was very helpful to me. He did the job he came which was to...

  46. Honey Do Remodel and Repair, Llc Remodeling & Major Home Repairs in Sammamish
    by Tsun T. on Sep 27 2010
    John, owner of Honey Do Remodel and Repair, provided excellent electronic door bell installation service as well as some carpentry and painting service, and ended up charging much less than what was originally estimated. I highly recommend using john Bolger for all your handyman and remodeling needs.

  47. Jorve Corporation Hardware & Home Improvements in Seattle
    by Jeremy B on Sep 26 2010
    We’ve been in the process of updating our South Seattle home and decided to knock out what we thought would be the biggest undertaking, replacing the roof. Our old roof was a disgusting mess that had all but been consumed by moss. We had Jorve roofing recommended to...

  48. Coho Oceanfront Lodge Hotels & Motels in Lincoln City
    by Denver Bronks on Sep 26 2010
    Great little place to put your feet up, and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach....

  49. The Peppermill Cafe Restaurant in High Point
    by Esther on Sep 26 2010
    Monday-Saturday 6am to 9pm Sunday 8am to 2:30pm

  50. Interstar Home Theater Rental Services in Irvine
    by Doug Gabriel on Sep 26 2010
    Installed my flat panel TV and mounted some speakers. They did a good job at a pretty good price. Recommended.

  51. Ocean Spa Massage in Warren
    by Andy on Sep 26 2010
    i love this place! very relaxing and clean.

  52. Maidpro of Northern Michigan-Traverse City and Gaylord House Cleaning in Williamsburg
    by Athena on Sep 25 2010
    I am SO glad that I called MaidPro! I have tried to keep up with the house cleaning myself for the past two years while working full time. I could never get the whole house clean at the same time and it took so much time away from my two...

  53. Malibu Leather, Inc Wholesale Goods & Equipment in Los Angeles
    by Amy Stevenson on Sep 25 2010
    Great selection and pricing.

  54. Royal Hills Pharmacy Health Services & Medical Centers in West Hills
    by Kiersten on Sep 24 2010
    Nelson is the most kind, patient pharmacist you will ever find. His assistant, Betty is very knowledgable and just as calm and soft spoken. They may not have a huge inventory of over the counter stuff, but they seem to supply everything for your basic needs. This...

  55. D Pepperoni Restaurant in Marietta
    by Johny on Sep 24 2010
    D.Pepperoni Pizzeria is THE BEST PIZZA OF MARIETTA!

  56. Steve'south Auto Repair Automobile Repair & Service in Rockford
    by Odin on Sep 24 2010
    These guys took the time to really go over my car and check it out before I went out of town. I thought they were going to find a ton of stuff wrong, but they said it was fine and that I should come in when I got back to...

  57. Reliable Fort Mill Locksmith Window Repair & Board-Up in Fort Mill
    by Kimberly , K on Sep 24 2010
    Every time i go to the gym i put my purse in my trunk. I made the mistake of putting my keys in my purse and locked them in my trunk. I called Reliable Fort Mill Locksmith's the technician came over right away , was very friendly and professional and...

  58. Fort Mill Locksmith Hardware & Home Improvements in Fort Mill
    by Mark D on Sep 24 2010
    Fort Mill Locksmiths unlocked my car the other day and over all it was a pretty good experience. The technician who came was very professional, he got me into my car within minutes of arriving and was also very reasonably priced. I hope i don't ever need a locksmith again...

  59. Beach Braces Dentists in Manhattan Beach
    by Perry on Sep 24 2010
    Dr. Panucci and her team at Beach Braces provide a professional and fun orthodontic service in Manhattan Beach. The whole family love the good doctor!

  60. Brick House Family Restaruant Restaurant in Carlisle
    by Tracy Gasull on Sep 24 2010
    We ate dinner at the Brick House last night. The meal was great, the service was good, and the price was nice too -- 5 people for $37! We will definitely return

  61. One Stop Moving and Storage Movers & Storage in San Diego
    by Rene on Sep 24 2010
    One Stop moved me twice, and so far I have no complaints. they moved my 4 bedroom house with out a scratch...

  62. Madrid Tapas & Vinos Restaurant in Miami
    by Sandra on Sep 23 2010
    Nice, Familiar, Clean and the best food in Miami. Fantastic place to have a good time with live music....

  63. Cmt Automotive Mobile Services Automobile Repair & Service in Homestead
    by Jon L on Sep 23 2010
    Pedro was great! He really knows his business... He is great to work with... He is more than willing to listen to feed back from his customers... He was late because he had to come from Miami to Key Largo and was held up on the highway, but he called...

  64. State Insurance Agency Insurance in Palm City
    by Maggie on Sep 23 2010
    Thanks State Insurance Agency! Great service and great rates. Saved $500, Can't thank you enough.

  65. Chiropractic USA Chiropractors in Plantation
    by Richard Goldstein on Sep 23 2010
    I just moved to the Ocala area and I was really nervous on finding a new chiropractor. I don't easily trust people and I don't like change. I must admit, once I met my Ocala Chiropractor - Dr. Renny Edelson, he actually made me forget my old chiropractor. He is...

  66. Regency Club Apartments Real Estate Agents in Mishawaka
    by Vikki on Sep 23 2010
    I just love my apartment! I would not want to live anyplace else. The staff and management treat you like family! I have been here 2 years, and just renewed for another 2 years!

  67. Rios Medical Center, Inc Clinics in Miami
    by Osmani Mendez on Sep 23 2010
    Change Address to: 330 SW 27 Avenue, Suite 304 Miami,Florida 33135 Ph; 305-642-7212 * 305-642-9918 Fax; 305-642-7228

  68. Lasalle Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc Heating Contractors, Equipment & Systems in Burnsville
    by Tom G. on Sep 23 2010
    We called LaSalle Heating this morning, They came out had our problem fixed and out the door in 20 minutes! We will defiantly call them whenever We have any issues!

  69. Global Health Clinic Physical Therapy in Niles
    by Kevin in Glenview IL on Sep 23 2010
    The best I've been to yet! Will return for more physical therapy (back pain)on Saturday.

  70. Precision Glass & Mirror Co Home Repairs & Maintenance in South Houston
    by Bobby on Sep 23 2010
    Talk to a real live person Need fast service Call Precision Glass 713-534-7627

  71. Royal Limousine, Inc Transportation Services in Charlotte
    by Sarah on Sep 23 2010
    Highly recomend this service. Great limos and wonderful customer service. 10/10 rated

  72. Ming'south Restaurant in Saraland
    by AMBER on Sep 22 2010
    I LOVE MINGS!!!!!!!!

  73. Exclusively Eyecare Optical Goods - Sales & Repair in Omaha
    by Juile on Sep 22 2010
    Dr. Wolfe provided me with the most thorough eye exam I have ever had. He took the time to explain my condition and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend!

  74. Sunlight Alliance in Glendale
    by Cyndie Stout on Sep 22 2010
    I am so very happy that this center is in my "backyard" so to speak. The services provided are wonderful. Deb McGowan is the most amazing massage therapist. At our first session she gained my trust and allowed me to fully receive the benfits of her work....

  75. No Ka'Oi Hawaiian Jewelry Jewelry - Sales & Repair in Tacoma
    by Johnny Pineapples Hawaiian Shave Ice on Sep 22 2010
    my family has been blown away with steve's creativity and high quality jewlery for over ten years. Every piece I have steve has made. da best hawaiian kine jewlery!!

  76. Atlanta Movers Cargo & Freight Services in Atlanta
    by Rosie Newman on Sep 22 2010
    I decided that i was going to write my review about this company when i realized the potential they had. They picked up everything i had in my old home and transferred it over to the new place with ease. Thanks guys.

  77. Space Coast Endoscopy Center Clinics in Rockledge
    by john q public on Sep 22 2010
    dont use this place. they do not enforce the drug free work place policies.

  78. Colorado Special Investigations Detectives & Forensics in Colorado Springs
    by Matthew on Sep 21 2010
    Thanks for all your help and services. You guys were able to respond within a limited amount of time...there was hardly any time to prep, but you guys were able to gather all the information within a short amount of time and was at the scene within the hour. Not...

  79. Chester County Water Heater Service Plumbers & Plumbing Contractors in Exton
    by MTG on Sep 21 2010
    This company is the best of the best in the area for water heaters and other plumbing needs.

  80. Accurate Automotive Automobile Repair & Service in Mesa
    by Jacquelyn Ross on Sep 21 2010
    I own a unique 1965 Shelby Cobra Patriotic Show car and several other show cars no one will ever work or touch my cars but Lee Weatherby and his staff at Accurate Automotive in Mesa. I love the great prices and the people there. They all have honesty and the...

  81. Fitness Together Health Clubs & Fitness in Santa Monica
    by Dorene on Sep 21 2010
    When Dorene first joined Fitness Together, she was unable to run due to an injury. FT worked with her to address weak muscles and build back the strength she needed to begin incorporating running back into her workouts. Not only is she running again but she has improved her cardiovascular...

  82. South Broadway Collision Center Automobile Body Repairing & Painting in Lexington
    by lindseymarie on Sep 21 2010
    South Broadway Collision Center is the only place i will take my MDX. I love the people , they are so friendly and helpful. Any time i had a problem they would take the time to explain anything i didnt understand. When i had problems with the insurance they helped...

  83. Vip Insurance Agency, Llc Insurance in Edmond
    by Shirley Gilbert on Sep 21 2010
    They are very good about getting back with you quickly and answering your questions no matter how big or small. You deal with the agent directly, no secreatarys who "take a message".They shop their different companies to find the best rate for you. Highly recommend them!

  84. The United Cleaning Company House Cleaning in Woburn
    by mark on Sep 21 2010
    excellent job

  85. Wesselman Plumbing, Inc Sewer-Contractors, Cleaning & Repairing in Matthews
    by Excellent customer service on Sep 21 2010
    It was such a pleasure doing business with you, very friendly and professional.

  86. The Village Apartments Real Estate Agents in Brandon
    by Arnetta on Sep 21 2010
    We think that we have awesome residents!

  87. Shop By the Room Inc Furniture Dealers in Port Charlotte
    by Shopper on Sep 21 2010
    I placed an order 14 days ago and it was billed to my credit card same day, but order has not shipped. I used their online chat to follow up and it's an entirely different company. Can't seem to get a response from SBTR, but I will have my credit...

  88. Nest Furnishings Discount Stores in Fort Mill
    by Lilly on Sep 21 2010
    They have what you need , perfect for your own life style.

  89. Bergtold Chiropractic Chiropractors in Naples
    by Lisa B on Sep 21 2010
    Great experience! I was really afraid of chiropractors but nothing else worked. This really helped me a lot. Thank you Dr B

  90. Cosmopolitan Skin Care Solutions Health Services & Medical Centers in Philadelphia
    by Melissa E. on Sep 21 2010
    Thanks to Cosmopolitan Skin Care, I just had the laziest summer of my life... beauty wise, at least. After having permanent laser hair removal, it was such a breeze getting ready to go out at night, hit the beach, or go to the gym, because I NEVER had to worry...

  91. Screenwriting Class By Jacob Krueger Schools - Vocational & Training in Brooklyn
    by Alain Boublil on Sep 21 2010
    Claude-Michel and me had a great time on writing the screenplay with Jake Krueger for our first cinematic project.

  92. Speed Locksmith & Security, Llc Locks & Locksmiths in Atlanta
    by Jo Thackston on Sep 21 2010
    The worst customer service....... I would never use them again.

  93. Law Offices of Lee Arter Legal Services / Assistants in Los Angeles
    by Jason D. on Sep 20 2010
    After I was injured in my car accident, I decided to call the best attorney in Los Angeles. After I called around, I knew that I should hire this firm. While the other law firms didn't want to spend time with me on the phone, they took the time to...

  94. Pure Magic Ice Cream Grocery in Kissimmee
    by hi on Sep 20 2010

  95. On the Go Errand Service Delivery Services in Arvada
    by Jonathan Roseland in Capitol Hill‎‎ on Sep 20 2010
    I am small business owner in Denver & Tonya ran some personal & business related errands for me this week. She was very professional & friendly. She saved me time so I could focus on some pressing work. Thanks!‎...

  96. Arte Forma and Arte2 Furniture Dealers in Norcross
    by Catalina 09/10 on Sep 20 2010
    I bot most of my dining room and living room furniture at Arte Forma in 2005 and came back a couple of years later to see if I could buy one more chair for my dining room. Susan, who I didn't know was the owner, treated me like if I...

  97. Foto Flix Photographers in Orlando
    by Brad Portman on Sep 20 2010
    I found Foto Flix by using an internet search. After reviewing the website I realized that Donna was much better at understanding what I was looking for than any other company. She helped me throught the process and produced a great DVD-video with music and wording that was better than...

  98. North Texas Hydromulching Agricultural Services in Argyle
    by Bill on Sep 20 2010
    Great job, my yard looks great!!

  99. Sahara Restaurant in Dallas
    by Christopher on Sep 20 2010
    We had a reservation for 4, called 5 more friends and all 9 of us ate and had a wonderful experience at Sahara! It was awesome! 3 of our friends were just visiting from Florida. Everyone had a wonderful meal. The portions were huge. The service was fabulous. All in...

  100. Nu Vista Food Groups, Inc Consultants in Tampa
    by MR.HARSHAN/HARSMAN MENON on Sep 19 2010

  101. Japanese Hair Salon - Molly Beauty Supplies & Equipment in Los Angeles
    by Jack Marley on Sep 19 2010
    The Japanese Hair Salon in LA is being handled by Molly Morikawa, a famous Hollywood hair dresser specialized in women hair dressing and make up. My wife and me had to attend a marriage of our nephew and i thought why not to try the saloon, and get my lady's...

  102. Alpine Carpet One Floor & Home Floor Refinishing in Culver City
    by Jack Marley on Sep 19 2010
    I wasn't able to find a good hardwood flooring firm around and with a little research i came to know about the flooring contractors- Alpine Carpet One. They don't offer good services but they offer very very good service. They do their work in time, they have the highest variety...

  103. Let'south Rise To the Top Advertising in Santa Monica
    by Jack Marley on Sep 19 2010
    Cell phones are something that need a lot of care but still due to normal wear and tear, some defects come into them and they need to be repaired and in such case it is difficult to find an intelligent repair shop. The same happened with me and somehow came...

  104. Artistic Center For Dentistry Dentists in Santa Monica
    by Jack Marley on Sep 19 2010
    The oral problems give a really hard time to the sufferer. The pain, the irritation during the time period is just horrible and difficult to handle, in such case we look for a dentist and even if we find one, then our pocket doesn't permit us to get treated from...

  105. Capture, Inc Screen Printing in Los Angeles
    by Jack Marley on Sep 19 2010
    I am a great fond of getting things customized according to me and especially my T-shirts, my cups, all having a pic of mine printed on them. I gathered all of my tee's and cups and ended up at the Capture, Inc for the screen printing. The service they offered,...

  106. Healthcare Supply Pros Medical Equipment & Supplies in Woodland
    by Asad Khan on Sep 18 2010
    Low Prices, Fast Shipping and Great Service

  107. Distinctive Petsitting Inc Pet Kennels & Boarding in Atlanta
    by Mackenzie on Sep 18 2010
    Only wonderful experiences with the services of Distinctive Petsitting. My husband and I have 2 geriatric dogs for whom we consider children. Unfortunately at this time in our lives we are extremely busy with schedules that keep us away upwards of 14 hours a day, several days a...

  108. Summit Orthodontics Dentists in Chino
    by Liliana on Sep 18 2010
    No wait time more than 5 minutes for my appointments. Most of the time when I got there, they would see me immediately. I could not be happier with the services. Thank you!

  109. Natural Floral Wholesale Wholesale Goods & Equipment in Newport Beach
    by Felix on Sep 18 2010
    Ive been to the corona del mar store a few times, much better selection but this guy gives great deals....

  110. Fruit of the Spirit Grocery in Plano
    by Tricia Q on Sep 18 2010
    I would certainly recommend Fruit of the Spirit. This product has increased my energy level and stamina.

  111. Dahl Home Medical Supply Medical Equipment & Supplies in Minneapolis
    by Mr. Mathews on Sep 17 2010
    I am so glad that the Medical Supply store will remain open,sorry about the pharmacy closing. Dahl has helped me out very much over the past decades.

  112. Wholesale Woodfloor Warehouse Lumber - Retail in Long Beach
    by Heather G on Sep 17 2010
    These guys have a huge selection of solid wood floors, engineered wood floors and laminate floors. I went with a hand scarped engineered wood floor myself, but its was certainly hard to chose. They treated me with respect while i was here and delivered a great product at a super...

  113. Select Roofing Consultants Hardware & Home Improvements in Decatur
    by John Carnes on Sep 17 2010
    Thank You for a job well done on my roof, hopefully it will rain soon and i will finally have no leaks.. Thanks Anthony!

  114. Plaza Florist & Gifts Florists & Plants in San Carlos
    by Nancy B on Sep 17 2010
    Very up to date they have freshest flowers and most unique design,I live in Burlingame but have been their customer for over 15 year. Excelent service.

  115. Low Cost Movers, Inc Transportation Services in Northbrook
    by Customer on Sep 17 2010
    They were over an hour late, but with a good explanation that we believe to be true. Movers were nice but not highly trained and didn't have all the proper equipment needed to move large heavy furniture and didn't take some standard precautions to prevent damage. Minor damage...

  116. Your Best Move Heavy Construction Contractors in Tampa
    by Samantha Johnson on Sep 17 2010
    hired this company to move us.i couldn't have asked for a better company.The guy's were great and courteous.Also did what I asked them to do.VERY RESPECTFUL! They came in packed up all my belongings and when we got to my new house they set up all my beds and attached...

  117. Erick'south Resale Shop Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Houston
    by Laura Christensen on Sep 16 2010
    Number on this add is disconnected??

  118. Neliz Express Cargo & Freight Services in Los Angeles
    by abuso on Sep 16 2010
    porfavor queremos ver que esta pasando con mi caja ya tenemos varios reportes teniamos mucha confianza en su compania pero ahora hasta denunciarlos tenemos ganas porfavor mi email comuniquese o vea las consecuencias

  119. Gamer Doc Business Services in Raleigh
    by John on Sep 16 2010
    Gamer Doc rocks. They fixed my xbox 360 the same day I brought it in and I have not had a bit of trouble with it since.

  120. Fabious' Corner Best Bbq Restaurant in Bakersfield
    by Elvira Worthy on Sep 16 2010
    Fabious' Corner BEST BBQ has Food Truck routes available. We will bring our BBQ to you!. Call us to add your business to the lunch, dinner or special event route. 15 person minimum.

  121. Plus One Defense Systems Resorts in West Hartford
    by Darin on Sep 16 2010
    Plus One is a great place to train. The instructors are very knowledgeable; the facility is fantastic, and everybody is friendly. Their schedule is also very accommodating.

  122. Maidpro of Northern Michigan-Traverse City and Gaylord House Cleaning in Williamsburg
    by Kathy on Sep 16 2010
    After inheriting and moving to the family home, the challenge of combining two households was overwhelming, and still not complete. Then emergency surgery last summer rendered me useless for a time (bless the ladies from church who came in and cleaned once during the most critical time) and hiring individuals...

  123. Community Management & Consulting Real Estate Agents in Phoenix
    by Jack Simpson on Sep 16 2010
    Check out Hay Group is a global management consulting firm that works with leaders to transform strategy into reality.

  124. Dominique'south Jewerly Consignment Shops & Services in Canyon Country
    by Lila on Sep 15 2010
    Dominique was very helpful in working with me every step of the way in creating a unique, custom engagement ring that was within my budget. Thank you Dominique.

  125. Artichoke Designs Gift Shops & Giftwares in Dunwoody
    by Suzanne on Sep 15 2010
    What an exceptional store! Everything from (great) furniture and lamps to fun-fun gifts for all my friends. Great job!

  126. Neliz Express Cargo & Freight Services in Los Angeles
    by HERBERTH, OLIVARES on Sep 15 2010
    Envie 2 casjas, desgraciadamente con esta agencia. una en diciembre. la cual entregaron hace un mes y medio, rota con liquidos derramados y cosas d comida en desconposicion, cosas perdidas. en fin un desasatre, despues d haberme tenido como tonto x 8 meses. la otra la envie en Enero, y...

  127. Tire King of Falcon Automobile Repair & Service in Peyton
    by Ed Stone on Sep 15 2010
    This is one of the best tire stories in Colorado they got me a tire for my lawn mower in 1 day and was very nice I will be doing bussness with them again. Thanks to all of you.

  128. K & L Land Services Llc Paving Contractors in Bethlehem
    by on Sep 15 2010

  129. Forrest G Pritchett Agency Insurance in Sandy
    by ShameOnYouForrest! on Sep 15 2010
    This agent his horrible. He quotes you less than what he takes out of your account and when you get a hold of him about it, he plays dumb and says he'll fix it but you never hear back from him. He promises a credit on the next bill but...

  130. Sign a Rama Signs in Camp Hill
    by steve holt on Sep 15 2010
    I got a great looking sign. the people where very nice & helped me pick out the sign I needed!

  131. Thompson-Durkee Insurance Insurance in Wausau
    by Joe Tatro on Sep 15 2010
    Chad has been my agent for 7 years. He has always looked out for my best interest and I have referred family and friends to him because of it. Great Agency

  132. Vincent T Chen, Dds Dentists in Hercules
    by Michael on Sep 15 2010
    Caring, understanding counselors. Same day testing, next day results!...

  133. A Country Rose Florist in Tallahassee
    by Sandra on Sep 15 2010
    I bought roses there last week and they still look great.

  134. Advanced Electrolysis Business Services in Seattle
    by Tamar B. on Sep 14 2010
    I've been going to Ellen for over 10 years now. Obviously I went regularly at first, to do the bulk of the job. But it's been pretty permanent and now I only go once or twice a year for the occasional touch-up. I think her rates are reasonable,...

  135. Local Search Texas Advertising in Carrollton
    by Joseph Alcazar on Sep 14 2010
    Local Search Texas provides excellent service. They are definitely experts in the social media marketing. I would suggest you use them to enhance your business or to take it to a whole new level....

  136. Orange County Research Center Dentists in Tustin
    by tony lafore on Sep 14 2010
    whom may i call to make an appt to talk with respect to my medical problem

  137. Maidpro of Northern Michigan-Traverse City and Gaylord House Cleaning in Williamsburg
    by Jan Cotant on Sep 14 2010
    On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 4:29 PM, Jan Cotant <> wrote: My cleaning has been wonderful. Heather is doing a great job; no complaints. I appreciate the extra time it gives me to do some of the things I like to do. Thank you. jan...

  138. The Kellogg Agency, Llc Insurance in New Hartford
    by DM on Sep 14 2010
    They go above and beyond to provide not only great coverage and service but to make sure you understand what you have and need....

  139. Dye and Whitcomb, Llc in Fort Collins
    by Travis H on Sep 14 2010
    Saved me a lot of time and stress. They handled all of my business and personal accounting needs both times I was outside the United States living and working. Dye and Whitcomb are the best Fort Collins accountants. I have been a client for over...

  140. Capable Computers, Llc Computer Service & Repair in Burke
    by DKM on Sep 14 2010
    My laptop became infected with the obnoxious BankerFox virus. I was crashing on a project that needed to get finished but the virus made accessing the web impossible. I expected that I would need to pay someone to come to my house to fix the problem, or leave...

  141. Magic Carpet Flooring Carpet & Rug Dealers in Warren
    by Patrick R on Sep 14 2010
    When I needed fresh carpet for my newly purchased home I went to Home Depot for a quote (because of their advertised $97 whole house carpet install). After getting their quote and being told it would probably take at least 3 weeks before install, I talked to Sam, the owner...

  142. Reinshagen Chiropractic & Family Wellness in Cincinnati
    by JS on Sep 14 2010
    Having been treated by several chiropractors in the area, I was very doubtful that Dr. Reinshagen would be able to help me with my migraines. He performed a thorough exam with x-rays and started me on a treatment plan of manipulations and therapies with stretches to do at home or...

  143. Reinshagen Chiropractic & Family Wellness in Cincinnati
    by CB on Sep 13 2010
    When I first went to Dr. Robb, I could barely make it walking a block to my car. My left leg was numb and my lower back was in so much pain. Nothing I did seemed to relieve it. My friend Jennifer told me about Dr. Robb, which I am...

  144. Builder'south Outlet Hardware & Home Improvements in Denver
    by Maxx on Sep 13 2010
    These guys are great. Have purchased cabinets and doors for years for many properties and always have been treated well and when a problem arose it was delt with no questions asked. Selection is amazing and prices great. Have comercial accounts at Home Depot however for cabinets and doors this...

  145. Jayco Landscape Supply Co Topsoil in Waltham
    by George C. on Sep 13 2010
    Just Purchased screened Loam , Sod and mulch from this company. Wow what a difference an elite company. I bought the same material from the other landscape supply center in Waltham in the past. This material was so easy to work with the loam had no rocks and my lawn...

  146. Game Dynamics Business Services in Raleigh
    by damion renolds on Sep 13 2010
    had my ps3 with the ylod fixed there after i tried to fix it myself and couldn't get it to work brought it in in peices and Nick had me out and running in 2 days that was 4 months ago still going

  147. Ampere Professional Internet Consulting, Llc Advertising in Tempe
    by Metrosun on Sep 12 2010
    This company is not a legally operating business and is being audited. Business practices are not ethical.

  148. Spotlight Youth Theatre Theatre in Glendale
    by W Wright on Sep 12 2010
    Spotlight just received 47 AriZoni Award Nominations for the 2009-2010 Season! "13: The Musical" opens up the new season with a full band and lots of new energy and talent. Wow, this one is a "Don't miss!"

  149. Planet Smoothie Restaurant in Altamonte Springs
    by Robert Musolin on Sep 11 2010
    Trying to find fast food alternatives is really tough - but this chain really has it nailed down. Real fruit, real fast, to-go and they even have Acai. Apparently they have switched from sugar to using Stevia. Now I have a place to go daily and get...

  150. Creative Surfaces Floor Refinishing in Kingston
    by aborist on Sep 11 2010
    Creative Surfaces ripped me off for nearly $4000. I ordered tile that never showed and after two months demanded my money back. Owner Shane Mulstay's check bounced and I am still trying to recover my money. Stay far away, I'm hardly the only one that lost their money with this...

  151. Advanced Health Consultants Schools in Saint Petersburg
    by Heather on Sep 11 2010
    They won't answer the phone or return calls! Hopefully you are doing your research before purchasing from this company...I didn't! not order the Phentremine thinking you are getting a diet's all B12 vitamins for $50.

  152. Mills Insurance Services Insurance in Los Alamitos
    by Gee on Sep 10 2010
    What a horrible company! Everything is peaches and cream when you contact them. You'll get a great rate and the agent will seem incredible. Be aware that once you've paid for your policy, the customer service stops cold and you will receive no help whatsoever if any errors occur...

  153. Successful Endeavor Advertising in Wonder Lake
    by Wallace Alan on Sep 10 2010
    I was starting a new business and I knew I needed social media, I had Successful Endeavor set up my facebook fan page and I couldn't be happier, they customized it to my business and really made it stand out compared to other sites. Then they gave me tons of...

  154. Mr Water Professional Water Treatment Retail in Hagerstown
    by Jack Mason on Sep 10 2010
    Very good service and reliable water softeners and filters.

  155. Hairsmyth Barber Shop Barbers in Worcester
    by Matt on Sep 10 2010
    I went to Hairsmyth cause I was in need of a cut, my barber was on Vacation . he made me feel uncomfortable about my choice of Barber (RB's on Burncoat st. ) , telling me how he watched RB from outside his shop while in his car...

  156. Country Inn & Suites By Carlson Hotels & Motels in Phoenix
    by Todd Smith on Sep 10 2010
    Was very pleased with this hotel on my last trip for my son's soccer tournament at REACH 11 nearby. Quick and easy access. Great staff. Will come again.

  157. Headrush Salon Beauty Salons in Denton
    by Jessica on Sep 10 2010
    Well, the assholes advertise $39 for all over color on their website. I go there and she does my hair, but there are like ashy streaks in it, so AFTER she dried it all and styles it, she decides to dye the ashy pieces the same color. Sooo after 3...

  158. Naples Astra Movers Movers & Storage in Naples
    by Ben on Sep 10 2010
    We hired this moving company for our move from Naples to Bonita Springs, the both customer service and the crew were awesome, they worked fast to make our move stree-free and comfortable experience, the rates are very attracive and the guys treated us with care and respect.

  159. Sheen Vein Institute Physicians - Cardiovascular in Saint Louis
    by Janene R. on Sep 10 2010
    I have had my veins treated by many vein offices in st louis but Dr. Sheen was the only one who was able to figure out my problem and fix it. He is very knowledgeable, professional and excellent at what he does. He was also able to get my insurance...

  160. East Coast Safe and Lock Locks & Locksmiths in Richmond
    by Tanica on Sep 09 2010
    I needed the key to my truck programmed. I called 22 different locksmiths in the Richmond area, and East Coast was the cheapest. He was also very personable. He was very knowledgeable and explained to me what was going on step by step. He also went beyond the...

  161. Deographics Office Supplies & Equipment in San Francisco
    by ART MORGAN on Sep 09 2010
    Deographics has been doing web and graphic design work for me for about two years now. The do beautiful work with Joomla and Flash, and they are quick and efficient. Check out what they did for us at I forgot to mention -- we chose Deo after getting bids...

  162. Raymour & Flanigan Furniture Clearance Center: Milford Furniture Dealers in Milford
    by Stu on Sep 09 2010
    Although the prices are relatively reasonable the customer service is terrible. We spend nearly $4000 on a bedroom set, only to receive half the order on the scheduled deliver date. A dresser was left off the initial delivery, due to damage caused at the warehouse and the matress and box...

  163. Geeks Mobile Computer Supplies & Parts in Saint Louis
    by Jay DeCoster on Sep 09 2010
    National call center. The address is a residential address and no one here works for this company. They dispatch to local techs.

  164. Local Seo Matters Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Boca Raton
    by Peter Solaris on Sep 09 2010
    I may know how to start and manage a business, but marketing it online or building my page ranks is beyond my knowledge. That's why I turned to Local SEO Matters. I was pretty confident after talking with them that they would help me reach my sales goals and get...

  165. Runkles' Sign Service Signs in Westminster
    by Jane on Sep 09 2010
    Thank you for taking the time to go over our advertising and signs for our new facility. It was a pleasure working with you and your staff. Everything turned out perfect!

  166. Rae'south Flower Shoppe Florists & Plants in Winston Salem
    by Rod on Sep 09 2010
    Amazing work, great prices. The best undiscovered florist in Winston Salem....

  167. America'south Credit Resolve, Llc Consultants in Wylie
    by SassyTexan on Sep 08 2010
    After my divorce last year, my credit went to crap. I've always been skeptical of businesses like this and with two kids and a mortgage, was worried about putting any money into fixing my credit. With my car lease coming up early next year, I was worried I wouldn't be...

  168. Michael G Harris, Attorney At Law Legal Services / Assistants in Encinitas
    by Christy on Sep 08 2010
    Michael Harris has been an example of what most people WISH attorneys would be. AS a personal injury attorney Mr. Harris is smart articulate cares about his clients and has a great record of success on behalf of his clients. I have used to Michael Harris' legal service on many...

  169. Dr Don Steensma Physicians in Port Hueneme
    by Doug Wilder on Sep 08 2010
    I have known Dr. Steensma for many years and trust his judgement. He really keeps up on new ideas and treatments. The staff is always very friendly and efficent.

  170. Bail Service In San Diego Ca Loans in San Diego
    by Mick on Sep 08 2010
    Thank you so much for the wonderful assistance. You are more then 'bondsmen', we consider you friends. We really appreciate all that you have done. God bless.

  171. Bargains & Dealz Appliance Repairs Appliances - Major - Repair in Mount Vernon
    by Rose on Sep 08 2010
    Thanks for coming out on such short notice. My Refrigerator is working again. I will always call Bargains & Dealz for my appliance needs.

  172. Neliz Express Cargo & Freight Services in Los Angeles
    by Samuel Lemus on Sep 08 2010
    Estimados señores: veo que al parecer no solamente yo soy el afectado, les agradeceré me indiquen sobre el destino de mis cajas que les entregué, una en mayo y otra en junio de este año. Si las tienen ahi, diganme para irlas a traer. Mi teléfono es (503)2440-5804 Caso...

  173. It'south Easy Travel & Tourism in Boston
    by Steven on Sep 08 2010
    I have used this company several times as have some people I work with. They have always been very helpful and delivered on time. I would recommend them. Pricing is in line with what most companies charge.

  174. The Attic Warehousing Services in Kissimmee
    by Paul from Orlando FL on Sep 08 2010
    I have stored my household items and personal possessions at The Attic for the last 3 months and I have been very pleased with the experience. The staff are very friendly and I have been able to meet the owners of the facility as well. It is really nice to...

  175. Michelle Cook - Sotheby'south International Realty Real Estate Brokers & Agents in Montecito
    by Jeff M on Sep 07 2010
    We met with lots of realtors in Santa Barbara Montecito CA area and none impressed us. Our neighbor turned us onto Michelle Cook and she is fantastic. Michelle works with Southeby's in Montecito and she focuses on Luxury type homes, like the one we just bought. Michelle...

  176. Arborland Montessori Children'south Academy Schools in Fullerton
    by Monica on Sep 07 2010
    Montessori classrooms offer a small class size which ensures each child receiving individual attention. Teacher-student ration of 1:12 (preschool and Elementary) and 1:6 (toddler). Nurturing environment with happy children!

  177. San Antonio Plastic Surgery Institute Physicians - Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio
    by Jennifer S on Sep 07 2010
    I had a GREAT experience with Doctor Decherd! I would recommend him to anyone! He is awesome! He listened to me, he was friendly, my surgery was easy, and I look great!

  178. Fortuna Construction Remodeling & Major Home Repairs in Ada
    by Donna Doran on Sep 07 2010
    From start to finish John was informative, thorough and professional. The deck was torn down in one day and the dumpster out of the driveway the very same day. The new deck and support posts for the bay window were completed within 2 days. I can't say enough about the...

  179. L O C K Smith Locks & Locksmiths in Wheeling
    by Samantha J on Sep 07 2010
    the guy that came out to my house was super nice, the price was great however his office had taken the wrong contact number for me initially which caused a bit of a delay in my lock change service but i was compensated which i really appreciate so ...

  180. Krazy Katz Costumes Women's Apparel in Deerfield Beach
    by Kevin on Sep 06 2010
    Krazy Katz is full of amazing comstumes and accessaries. I helped myself though becasue the red-head behind the counter ignored me. But I found execatly what I need, I am very pleased even though I didnt not recieve very much direction. No other complaints

  181. Dr Don Steensma Physicians in Port Hueneme
    by C. McGee on Sep 06 2010
    Dr. Steensma has been my eyedoctor for about 30 years. I think he is very concerned about my eye health. The office is very high tech and all of the staff are very friendly.

  182. Parcel Plus Cargo & Freight Services in Washington
    by Parcel Plus on Sep 06 2010
    I am the new owner of Parcel Plus at 3509 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC. I was very sorry to read that you had such a negative experience in the past. Since taking over the business in April 2010, I have dedicated myself to provide excellent customer service with outstanding...

  183. A Touch of Romance Florists & Plants in Sherman Oaks
    by Jack Rabbitslim on Sep 06 2010
    I got a really funky exotic arrangement from this place, and it lasted over a week! John the owner was really nice and helped me score major points. thanks!

  184. Steamboat Springs Real Estate Real Estate Agents in Steamboat Springs
    by Jim S. on Sep 05 2010
    When we decided to start looking more seriously in Steamboat I called a friend that has a place there. She recommended Jon Wade because he listened to both of their goals and was more like a guide to Steamboat than a salesman. Her husband is a commercial real...

  185. Macgregor & Collins, Llp Legal Services / Assistants in Newport Beach
    by Ori on Sep 05 2010
    thanks for the kind phone assistance we were able to solve our local issues

  186. Fairfield Inn New York Manhattan/Fifth Avenue Hotels & Motels in New York
    by Rosa from Virginia on Sep 04 2010
    Could not wait to get back home to write reviews. This hotel is wonderful. I felt extremely safe. The location is easy walking to the Time Square area. The lobby and other areas of the hotel was clean and attractive. The buffet breakfast was much more than the...

  187. Affordable Cleaners House Cleaning in Nashville
    by R. Belmondo on Sep 04 2010
    I tried chem-dry or dry-concept cleaning once. The carpets did not feel like they were thoroughly cleaned. Affordable cleaners uses hot water extraction and showed me how dirty the water was after-wards. It's common sense, you can't put a powder on your carpet and expect vacuuming it will...

  188. Pure Magic Ice Cream Grocery in Kissimmee
    by Mary labrada on Sep 04 2010
    Wow just love it this is best ice cream ever !! if you looooove ice ream then your gonna go nuts for Pure Magic i live in Orlando and drove to kissimme just for this ice ream and so glad i did ill do it again...

  189. Ballard Vision Associates Optical Goods - Sales & Repair in Nashville
    by Carol on Sep 03 2010
    Dr. Ballard is THE BEST! Our family has been seeing him for about 7 years now. I have a young son who has autism and Dr. Ballard is great with him. Last year I had a problem with my retina, and I was able to call Dr. Ballard and get...

  190. Hcg Slimxpress Health Services & Medical Centers in Fircrest
    by mustr on Sep 03 2010
    Paid initial $195 consult fee for phone consult with DR. He didn't even read the screening form ahead of time and asked a couple of questions from the form-that's all. Then he told me a nutritionist would call me back in a few minutes. Never received the call so...

  191. The Diaper Baker Gift Shops & Giftwares in Lake Worth
    by jenny on Sep 03 2010
    Love The Diaper Cakes

  192. Beverage Barn Retail in Miami
    by Rosa on Sep 03 2010
    Beverage Barn new address 8165 SW 40 St Miami FL 33155 Ph: 305 262 8001

  193. Protect Environmental Services House Cleaning in Irving
    by Ed Gant on Sep 03 2010
    I wish to update the "about" langauge by changing that the last sentence to say, No accidents or lost man hour to injury in over 15 years.

  194. Eco Box Cargo & Freight Services in San Antonio
    by Maria Robalino on Sep 03 2010
    If you need boxes or shipping supplies this is the place to go. Great customer service, the gentlemen are very friendly, polite and educated. It was such a pleasure dealing with them!

  195. Ultimate Hair Lace Wigs Women's Apparel in Tallahassee
    by Carleshia on Sep 03 2010
    I'm from Philadelphia after months of planning I finally decided to get my first unit. Not knowing what I was doing the first go around I would email and call and this business would only answer a few hours before they closed (around the time I start work and couldn't...

  196. Birds Beware Window Cleaning Llc Window Cleaning in Fenton
    by Rebecca on Sep 02 2010
    very impressed with the guys that came out. polite and the windows look great.

  197. Clear Like Crystal Automobile Repair & Service in Atlanta
    by Tom Masters on Sep 02 2010
    Called them to do the work on my daughter VW Passat headlight. They were on time, very professional and did the work. We tried the product from the part store and did not work. Clear like crystal did it, the best part is they warranty the work for 2 years....

  198. Dr Don Steensma Physicians in Port Hueneme
    by Dwane Chun on Sep 01 2010
    Great Doc and cool staff

  199. Healthchoice Chiropractic Chiropractors in Alpharetta
    by Carl S. on Sep 01 2010
    I was pleasantly surprised by the customer service. I have never felt so important to a doctor. The doctor really listened to me and helped me understand why I was having my problem. I have been to many chiropractors in my life and Dr. Pease is at...

  200. Quality Inn Hotels & Motels in Hammond
    by teri alicea on Sep 01 2010
    how much is a one night stay at your hotel on sat the 4th of thismonth.and do you give discount for horeshoe card holders?

  201. Mullan Insurance Services, Inc Insurance in Toledo
    by Tim on Sep 01 2010
    Yes, I saved money when I went to them but they really stood by me when I had the claim. Simply nice people that get it. Hire these people!!

  202. Infinite Wellness Chiropractors in Fort Mill
    by JoanZ on Sep 01 2010
    I can not believe that I have found a chiropractor that can adjust me. I have 12 inches of metal rods in my low back, No other chiropractor has been willing to adjust me in years. The ProAdjuster computerized scanning/adjusting tool is the best. Thank you to the staff and...

  203. Infinite Rejuvenation Med Spa Dentists in Fort Mill
    by JoanZ on Sep 01 2010
    Thank you for all your professional help. I am so excited with the results of my Laser Skin Tightening for my face...... I am extremely pleased! Joan

  204. Rapidsoft Technologies Software Developer Services in Lenexa
    by Alex on Sep 01 2010
    Rapidsoft Technologies team's contribution in the performance to our project was commendable. Their professional attitude and commitment helped us achieving key deliverables within the exact timeframe. The performance recommendations were also effective and helped us prepare a comprehensive action plan in tackling performance bottlenecks of the site. ...

  205. North Caribbean Transport, Inc Delivery Services in Las Vegas
    by GO4IT Promotions on Sep 01 2010
    Good custumer care and support Team!!! I will use them again.

  206. Brighter Hope Psychological Services Health Services & Medical Centers in Sacramento
    by Katherine on Sep 01 2010
    I really appreciate the help that I got here. I was able to get in right away and felt significantly less anxious after a few sessions. The location was convenient and I felt very understood by my therapist. I felt that the fee was reasonable, and I don't...

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