New reviews for August 2011

  1. Lederer & Nojima Llp Legal Services / Assistants in Los Angeles
    by josh james on Aug 30 2011
    I know for fact that David J Lederer was sued for legal malpractice by Kletner Construction in 2010. As of May 2011, the case was still pending; they were waiting on a bankruptcy court decision at the time. Lederer also had a former client turn in a pain...

  2. Bright Beginnings Preschool Schools in Middletown
    by Charlene on Aug 30 2011
    Bright Beginnings works closely with the Appo. School District; The district comes into the school to screen the children for delays. All the parents know this because we have to sign a release for to haveour children screened. I think that Maggie P is surely mistaken or...

  3. Direct Motor Sport Miami in Doral
    by Cristel Moriau on Aug 30 2011
    The accessories I got from this store are excellent. So far they are the best in motorcycle accessories and parts in Miami. I find motorcycles stylish and sporty and that’s why I purchased a motorcycle from this place. They deserve to have excellent accessories and that’s what I found in...

  4. Airport Super Express Transportation Services in Miami
    by Ernest Powell on Aug 30 2011
    A shuttle service as the one I received by this company, its something I will never forget in my life. Last vacations we wanted to take a tour to Miami so we searched in internet to see what shuttle company would be good for us, we contacted Airport shuttle express....

  5. Relocation Realty, Inc Real Estate Brokers & Agents in Roswell
    by Paul on Aug 30 2011
    I agree. After not being late for 3 years, we were late one day and was charged an almost $300 late fee. Unbelievable!

  6. Rand Internet Marketing Graphic Services in Fort Lauderdale
    by Jason on Aug 30 2011
    I hired Rand Internet marketing to do an extensive project on Search engine optimization for my website. We had a contract that they agreed to get my site on this first page of Yahoo, Bing, and Google. along with making 60 landing pages (one for every state and 10 major...

  7. Acupuncture Advantage Acupuncture in Boca Raton
    by Daneweise Joseph on Aug 30 2011
    Linda is wonderful! I was a skeptic of this service. But Linda was informative and so pleasent. She is also a professional but her spirit is so inviting that you cannot help but to be in the state of relaxation as soon as you walk through the doors. I LOVE...

  8. Avrc Tampa Video Equipment & Supplies in Tampa
    by Tonya on Aug 30 2011
    David at AVRC Tampa was a pleasure to work with. I plan meetings for my company all over the state of Florida, and called them to rent audio equipment for a function in Ybor. I was very pleased with the level of service, and will use their services for future...

  9. Merlyn Meinerts Legal Services / Assistants in Burnsville
    by Mary Jo on Aug 30 2011
    Terriable, terriable lawyer. Falsifies information, harrasses the other party. Let's his own clients get away with murder. ...

  10. Bono'south Salads & Sandwiches Restaurant in Largo
    by Anthony on Aug 30 2011
    I lived in Chicago for 26 years and love Italian Beef... At Bonos they brought it to a whole new level.. The Best Beef I have ever eaten If you are in Largo FL and do not stop at Bonos you will miss out on the treat of a life...

  11. Dimmitt Automotive Group Saint Petersburg Automobile Dealers in Pinellas Park
    by Dawn on Aug 30 2011
    I had my vehicle serviced at Dimmitt recently and my service adviser was as wonderful. I just needed my oil changed and wanted to check the brakes on my CTS. Very simple service but I was overwhelmed by the care they took of me while I was there. Thank you...

  12. Id Enhancements, Inc in Hartsville
    by Elizabeth R on Aug 30 2011
    I accept your proposal...Thank you so much for your understanding and working with this government worker. I appreciate the prompt and efficient way you handled this matter. Just call me Betty, Thank you! ...

  13. Pittman’South Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Camps & Parks in Lubbock
    by anon on Aug 30 2011
    this strage guy, mr. poole came upto my family in walmart. woulnt shut up and go away. pushy and made wife feel weird-imho freaky!

  14. Id Enhancements, Inc in Hartsville
    by Rebecca S on Aug 30 2011
    I have been ordering them from “brand x” but I have really become irritated with them and I knew we had ordered the other Indala cards from you in the past and always had great service so here ya go…

  15. Healthy Impression Dental Group Dentists in Roseville
    by Disney on Aug 30 2011
    THIS IS THE WORST DENTIST EVER!!! I have not been in the dentist for a while and Dr. Freeman treated me like a common criminal. She was lecturing me, which is fine but no one deserves to be treated so poorly. After my supposed deep cleaning which...

  16. Jagor Express Title & Registration Business Services in Tolleson
    by Richard on Aug 29 2011
    Use them all the time . Very helpfull.

  17. Simply Heaven Photography Photographers in Raeford
    by Carolyn M on Aug 29 2011
    I was very pleased with my experience. I had my daughter's one year old pictures taken. They were very patient and also open to many of the ideas I had. I will be using this photographer again.

  18. The Stone Man Mason Contractors in Charlotte
    by A. Short on Aug 29 2011
    The Stone Man did an addition onto the back of our home in Challis Farm. First of all, I got estimates from 2 other reputable companies and George's cost came in almost 40% under the others. I knew of his fabulous work from seeing it on the golf...

  19. Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors Interior Designers & Decorators in Tampa
    by Anony Mouse on Aug 29 2011
    Does not pay employees on time.

  20. Best Man Movers Cargo & Freight Services in Lithonia
    by Anonymous on Aug 29 2011
    I can't say enough good things about Best Man Movers. To sum it up...They are professional & exceptional at what they do..they made us aware of any damages before moving furniture. They broke down the beds. We weren't finished packing but yet they helped us pack instead of watching us...

  21. Chefs On the Loose Restaurant in Tampa
    by alma on Aug 29 2011
    I bought a gift certificate from chefs on the loose and it looks like they've folded and won't respond. what's up?

  22. Prestige Maid Services House Cleaning in Sandy
    by Trudy Hansen on Aug 29 2011
    Prestige is the best!They were very thorough, careful with my treasures, and I absolutely loved the deep cleaning. I have used other services in the past, but never again. I will only use Prestige. I was very happy right from the start, because they are so thorough and good. ...

  23. Swiftway Services, Llc Cargo & Freight Services in Severn
    by David Piper on Aug 29 2011
    David Piper arrived on time took a look around as i told them what was to go. started moving things and they were fast asked to make sure what was to go and what was not, at the new home unpacked quickly and efficiently and in very good time. Altogether...

  24. Irs Tax Settlement Hq Governmental Law in Jacksonville
    by Joyce Prince on Aug 29 2011
    I didn't pay the correct amount of taxes on the inheritance I recieved from my grandmother, leading to a $12,000 tax debt. I called IRS Tax Settlmenet HQ because of their informative website. They helped me get into a payment plan and gave me all the details I needed. It's...

  25. Bright Beginnings Preschool Schools in Middletown
    by Jessica on Aug 29 2011
    Both of my children went to Bright Beginnings and loved every second of it. Since they have a 2 year old program it really helped socialize the girls at an early age. All of the teachers have done an outstanding job of preparing my kids for kindergarten. Would not have...

  26. Acupuncture Advantage Acupuncture in Boca Raton
    by Morgan McElwain on Aug 29 2011
    I highly recommend Acupuncture Advantage - Linda is fantastic. My back pain of 20 years is actually gone. I never expected this - I've done Chiro & acupuncture before with some relief, which is all I was looking for, but honestly this is amazing. In addition the acupuncture has...

  27. Cabin Coffee Co Coffee Houses & Tea Rooms in La Crosse
    by MAB on Aug 28 2011
    Cabin Coffee Co. has the best coffee in La Crosse - it's hard to beat their bell ringer (brewed coffee with two espresso shots) to get you going in the morning or an iced Americano as a pick-me-up in the afternoon. They also have the BEST breakfast sandwiches in...

  28. Studio 7 Women's Apparel in Hermosa Beach
    by MJ on Aug 28 2011
    Phoebe is currently at Studio 7. I have had her as my hairstylist for 3 years now. I have difficult hair and a lot of it, but Phoebe takes good care of it. I got Brazilian Blowout 2 weeks ago. It saves me a lot of time on daily basis....

  29. Elegance Home Painting Cleaning Service Pressure Chemical Industrial Etc in Jacksonville
    by Kameron on Aug 28 2011
    I hired Elegance to paint my pool deck. They came out when they said they would & completed the job in a timely manner. They clean and neat. Unfortunately it rained that evening & ruined most of the work. I called the owner, he came out the next day &...

  30. William Coble & Associates, Llc Remodeling & Major Home Repairs in Raleigh
    by Paul white on Aug 28 2011
    This was my first time hiring a licensed general contractor in raleigh to perform a major building/remodeling project. William Coble and Associates made it very comfortable to me. They did it with there friendly approach and focus on customer care. I found there work ethics very intense with great care...

  31. Kyle Laverty General Contractor, Llc Building Contractors in Pottstown
    by Steve on Aug 28 2011
    Kyle & I have worked together in the past. He is a great contractor for all sorts of home repair projects.

  32. International Light Inc Lighting Fixtures in Chula Vista
    by Kelly on Aug 27 2011
    We found this lighting place in the Internet and after browsing their website, we decided to visit it since we live in San Diego. They have a beautiful display and the customer service is outstanding. The nice lady working there, Sylvia, seems to be an expert in lighting and in...

  33. Pacific Point Apartments Apartment Finding & Referral Services in San Diego
    by H.G on Aug 27 2011
    DO NOT MOVE HERE! Worst managers ever, Stephanie is a huge B * tch, rude and dishonest, we had roaches and mice and they never attempted to fix the problems that THEY caused. They cut holes in our walls which the mice came through and they never repaired them. Bums...

  34. Stonetree Manor Developers in Irvine
    by Dianne Jennings on Aug 27 2011
    I visited StoneTree Manor in my quest for a new home a few weekends back, along with about 8 other new home communities in Orange County. The agents at this property were very nice and helpful, and stood out amongst the others. ...

  35. Bongo Bay Fusion Marketing Services in Beaverton
    by Kim on Aug 27 2011
    Kale showed me how to really understand how the search engines rank my business. They even shot a video created a youtube channel and verified multiple listings online for way less than everyone else. The service has been great and look forward to the results!

  36. Russo'south Pizza Restaurant in Wyoming
    by Becky on Aug 26 2011
    I have been eating Russo's Pizza for 25+ years and still love it. I don't know anyone who has sauce as good as this! They take a lot of pride in the ingredients and how the food is prepared. I will be coming back for many years...

  37. Dnd Carpet, Rug & Sofa Cleaning House Cleaning in New York
    by anita bakir on Aug 26 2011
    I had a small get together at my home, which resulted in red wine being spilled on my white carpet. We didn't notice until the next morning. I thought the stain would be permanent, I found DND Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning on the internet. They were over the same morning,...

  38. Speedy Locksmith Minneapolis Locks & Locksmiths in Minneapolis
    by anita baker on Aug 26 2011
    I've heard many horror stories about locksmiths, so I thought I was in for a long night and big bill when I locked myself out of my car. I found Speedy Locksmith in Minneapols on google and am so glad I did. The locksmith was there under 20 mintues and...

  39. Sfs Tax Problem Solutions in Stuart
    by Jeremy Dysch on Aug 26 2011
    Jeff Schneider has always been an excellent source of advice for our business and personally. Thanks for your hard work. Jeremy ...

  40. Integrated Medical Center Massage in Fairfield
    by jonah on Aug 26 2011
    the staff and doctors are really nice at this office so it makes going there a lot easier and I love the massages that are part of your recovery. I thing these guys are ahead of the game and other chiro offices need to catch up and wake up.

  41. Shah & Kishore Divorce & Family Law in Rockville
    by Blessed on Aug 26 2011
    My friend's warned me and prepared me for the divorce process. They told me all sorts of nightmares they had gone through. Up to this day, I am still wondering what they were talking about my divorce was a non event. All I did was show up at Court and...

  42. Id Enhancements, Inc in Hartsville
    by Derek M on Aug 26 2011
    You have never done me wrong and even had patience with us getting you paid in the past. You have always had what I needed and get it to me in a timely manner.

  43. Gregory'south Sunday Brunch Restaurant in Raymore
    by Sally S on Aug 26 2011
    Everyone in our party said the evening was perfect! The meal Gregory prepared was exceptional. Most liked the steaks best. My granddaughter liked the mashed potatoes. I liked everything, but the breads were such a delicious accompaniment. The chocolate pecan torte...

  44. Affordable Elegance Catering Wholesale Goods & Equipment in Raymore
    by K Dautenhahn on Aug 26 2011
    Your crew was wonderful and so pleasant to work with. The food was awesome. We couldn’t have been more pleased. ...

  45. Id Enhancements, Inc in Hartsville
    by James L on Aug 26 2011
    Thanks, I always appreciate excellent service. Keep up the good work.

  46. Rodolfo Valentin Hair Boutique Beauty Salons in New York
    by Mona ray on Aug 26 2011
    Hair care and skin care techniques developed by Rodolfo Valentin have got worldwide acclamation, which is evident after he received a few grand awards like “Winner of the Grand Design Award”, “Winner of the Hair Coloring Techniques Award”, “NYC Top Salon Award” and “Best hair Extension Salons 2011”. ...

  47. Atlanta Credit Repair Financial Planning & Investment Advice in Atlanta
    by Casie Shapiro on Aug 26 2011
    “Just want to say a big THANKS for your updates. I will continue to do my part and getting the info to you all as soon as it is available to me. Again thanks for your help and responses. It's people like you that give customer relations and customer service...

  48. Tom Tinney Dds Dentists in Elk Grove
    by Noah Lively on Aug 25 2011
    Dr. Tinney is someone I trust both inside and outside the dentist's office. He operates with utmost professionalism and makes me feel very comfortable whenever he or his staff are working on my teeth. He is also a good man who is very involved in local philanthropic causes. I have...

  49. The Air Duct Doctor House Cleaning in New Albany
    by repeat offender on Aug 25 2011
    The owner is Scott Loewenstine and he is a serial con artist. He picked up 35 (and counting) complaints at the better business bureau in the past year. He sent them a letter saying he was out of business on 8/5/2011. On 8/10/2011 BBB shows that they...

  50. Baytown Gentle Dental Center Dentists in Baytown
    by Baytownteeth on Aug 25 2011
    I was a new patient at Baytown Gentle Dental. I was not experiencing any problems with my teeth, I just wanted to get them cleaned since it had been over a year and a half since my last visit to a dentist. When I arrived for my appointment I waited...

  51. Pavilion Lakes Apartment Finding & Referral Services in Evansville
    by Hectar on Aug 25 2011
    You are asking for alot of headaches if you choose to live here! The maintenance crew is horrible. You will have tons of issues with maintenance and they will try to charge you for all the issues that the maintenance crew neglects. Management is dishonest and unprofessional!...

  52. Purrfect Pet Companion Pet Kennels & Boarding in Hatfield
    by George on Aug 25 2011
    I was very impressed with our consultation with Laura. Right from the beginning her professionalism was beyond outstanding. She was very organized and detail oriented. We could tell that she truly cared about animals as she sat on the floor with our dog offering tons of attention and love. We...

  53. Wheeler and Associates Insurance Insurance in Temple
    by Ryan on Aug 25 2011
    they save me money by puttind me with progressive way cool

  54. Barb'south Bouquet & Gift Basket Florists & Plants in Mifflinburg
    by Tony on Aug 25 2011
    Bought roses for my wife from Barb's and they lasted a long time, nearly 2 weeks! Will buy from her again.

  55. Norbert'south Home Decor Interior Designers & Decorators in Nashville
    by samantha on Aug 25 2011
    horribly over priced. Saw same pieces at other shops for 1/4 the price

  56. Offsite Kinetics Organizations & Associations in Garden City South
    by Brian Jonshon on Aug 25 2011
    Everything was great, personal, friendly and very competent. When we needed advice and/or direction you always steered us in the right path. We have no problems recommending Offsite Kinetics and look forward to working with you again. Thanks guys.

  57. Offsite Kinetics Organizations & Associations in Garden City South
    by craig mattews on Aug 25 2011
    We hired Offsite Kinetics to increase our customer base. From the start everything was better than ever expected. They interviewed our key staff to understand what we were looking for. They then were able to work with us to develop a script and even helped us to...

  58. Gregory'south Sunday Brunch Restaurant in Raymore
    by Dave on Aug 25 2011
    Thank you again for making the Gregory’s venue available for our rehearsal dinner prior to your Grand Opening. The accommodations were great. There was enough room that we could have invited twice as many people. My family is still talking about the food. Please let me know...

  59. Aminokit Labs Health Services & Medical Centers in Denver
    by 420 on Aug 25 2011

  60. Rodolfo Valentin Hair Boutique Beauty Salons in New York
    by sarah sam on Aug 25 2011
    Imagine that your baldness disappears in less than an hour! Quite shocked, isn’t it? But it is all happening now after the development of prosthesis by Rodolfo Valentin. In fact, prosthesis or popularly known as hair implantation is a procedure that implants European origin human hair on the affected parts...

  61. Just Dance It Dancing Instruction in Miami
    by Alex R on Aug 24 2011
    My daughter loves this school very much. They had taught her discipline, commitment and teamwork. She talks about this place, her teachers and the fun she used to do there. It's a trust worthy dance studio. I know that when I drop my daughter off at dance class she is...

  62. Panda Kitchen & Bath of Sunrise Building Materials in Sunrise
    by Neal Sadie on Aug 24 2011
    Outstanding team of pros. Their honesty, first rate service, and quality work are the reasons I love their service. I don’t know if I am the only who knows about it but I am enormously happy with my fantastic kitchen! The whole operation is particularly efficient. Telephone staff kept us...

  63. Lmc Roofing Miami Inc in Miami
    by Adriana Mcco on Aug 24 2011
    Honestly, I graded this roofing company with a ten because there was nothing I can complain about! These guys contacted me five minutes before arriving and then they start to work and everything was completely organized and clean as soon as the y told me they finished. My roof looks...

  64. Meer and Co Real Estate Brokers & Agents in Denver
    by Anonymous 567 on Aug 24 2011
    They don't even deserve one star. UNRELIABLE service and RUDE people. You get yelled at for asking questions. Home work orders sent in are never answered. If I could, I would move asap! And as soon as I do, I'll make sure to never rent from this company again!...

  65. West Holiday Insurance, Inc Insurance in Hialeah
    by Jerry on Aug 24 2011
    I have had state farm for 5 years and the have been increasing my insurance spoke to Jessica and she gave me a great deal with Mercury, Customer Service was beyond expected and treatment was awsome, they gave me water and cuban coffee and had donuts for clients to enjoy...

  66. Hammontree'south Rj Barrel and Co Restaurant in Canton
    by Joe on Aug 24 2011
    by far the best Ruben i've ever had EVER! pretty cool place to eat, just feels good

  67. Affordable Elegance Catering Wholesale Goods & Equipment in Raymore
    by V Sass on Aug 24 2011
    You have a great business, great food, and great service. THANK YOU so much for the excellent job. From the beginning to the end, everyone at your company was so accommodating to every request we had. VERY WELL DONE! ...

  68. Mocal Plumbing, Heating & Home Improvement Plumbers & Plumbing Contractors in Los Angeles
    by Mike on Aug 24 2011
    I called because my apartment was literally flooded from a leak under kitchen sink. It was like a waterfall was gushing out of there. 111 had a guy here in 20 min, and called me several times to check how things were going. It is now under control, thank heavens....

  69. Semper Fi Home Inspections Home Inspection Services in Dallas
    by mike on Aug 24 2011
    The overall experience was absolutely spectacular. The finished results far exceeded my expectations. I could not be happier with Dallas Semper Fi Home Inspections and will go back to them if i need that kind of service.‎

  70. Rodolfo Valentin Hair Boutique Beauty Salons in New York
    by Lara Sean on Aug 24 2011
    For more than three decades, Rodolfo Valentin, a master hairdresser has been offering hair coloring service at a highly competitive price. The colors he recommends are all contemporary to give customers the tastes they wanted. Rodolfo’s popularly used hair colors include blonde hair color, blonde on blonde, platinum blonde hair...

  71. A Plus Movers Movers & Storage in Chicago
    by Sam on Aug 24 2011
    Thank you very much for the good job on moving and for granting me credit when the move took less time than anticipated. I really appreciate your honesty and fairness.

  72. Gregory'south Sunday Brunch Restaurant in Raymore
    by Sherry Reimnitz on Aug 24 2011
    As the groom’s family, we hosted the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at Gregory’s new Event Hall. The price was right, the venue was comfortable for our group of about 70 people, the food (barbeque buffet) was wonderful, and the service was excellent (including our servers’ ability to quickly accommodate a...

  73. Richard Barton Md, Facog Obstetrics & Gynecology in Downers Grove
    by Tammy Florence on Aug 23 2011
    I first seen dr barton couple weeks ago and he was so kind and understanding to my condition that i been suffering for years and seen numerous doctors , he did a hysterectomy last week on me , not only is he the best caring and understanding doctor i have...

  74. Detor Computer Computer Service & Repair in Syracuse
    by Dave Sensle, Syracuse, NY on Aug 23 2011
    Nothing short of awesome! I was told my laptop was unrepairable, or that I would have to send it away to be repaired. After calling several local computer repair shops, I found Detor Computer (Al) who didn't even hesitate when I asked him if he could repair my laptops DC...

  75. Porcello Jewelers Jewelry - Sales & Repair in Bellevue
    by Kaylee on Aug 23 2011
    My brother and I chipped in to get our mom a bracelet for her birthday. We chose Porcello because he got his engagement ring there and new the folks there would treat us right. He wasn’t lying! Good folks and a great selection, just what a girl...

  76. Tv Tech Electronics Television & Radio Repair in Kansas City
    by R Hyden on Aug 23 2011
    These guys are as Honest as can be! Reminds me of my childhood experiences. I would highly recommend these guys for troubleshooting and repair of your flat screen tv's. They followed up as they said the would and will get my business every time. RH

  77. Qlc Plus Landscaping Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance in San Antonio
    by Ryan on Aug 23 2011
    From the commencement to the conclusion of the project, QLC - Plus Landscaping`s professional services never ceased to amaze me as they created my family`s own private paradise that left me in awe.

  78. Arthur Glosman, Dds Dentists in Beverly Hills
    by John on Aug 23 2011
    Arthur Glosman was great! He's gentle, makes sure your comfortable, and does great work. Enjoyed my visit!

  79. Dr K Dental Dentists in Brooklyn
    by Yura on Aug 23 2011
    Thank you for a job well done! You are truly a doctor with a capital "D"

  80. Swiftway Services, Llc Cargo & Freight Services in Severn
    by beth adibi on Aug 23 2011
    beth adibi great service. traveled to a few different locations, and the movers were very willing to do whatever it took to make the move smooth and effective! thanks for all your help ! ...

  81. McCall Golf & Country Club Wedding Services in Upper Darby
    by Gordon Mills on Aug 23 2011
    We had a graduation party in July and the food, service and staff were great!

  82. Atlanta Credit Repair Financial Planning & Investment Advice in Atlanta
    by Scarlet Iguina on Aug 23 2011
    I was trying to get my credit score up to buy a house. You guys did it!! My house funded today. Thank you all so much for your hard work, I really appreciate it....

  83. Gregory'south Sunday Brunch Restaurant in Raymore
    by Sharon on Aug 23 2011
    I am letting you know how much we enjoyed the dinner on July 29. The food was excellent and the service perfect. I had many comments made to me about the quality of the meal. The space was perfect, too. Thanks again!...

  84. Florida Human Resource Management and Payroll Services Social Service Organizations in Saint Petersburg
    by christmjoseph on Aug 23 2011
    A period ago, we were having few care issues with Paychecks and we were going through the growth of going bet to ADP for the 2nd second when our CEO taught me to visage into a disjunctive. He felt suchlike we were spirited from one Register Accompany to the other...

  85. Brooklyn Dentistry Experts Dentists in Brooklyn
    by Gabriel Clarkson on Aug 23 2011
    When I first tried out this clinic I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I immediately felt comfortable with their staff and their procedures because everything was explained to me. Their tooth whitening procedure is affordable compared to other clinics I visited before and the results are satisfactory!

  86. Charter Communications Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Mojave
    by Marcus Raustein on Aug 22 2011
    I just wanted to comment on the charter number I called, the rep was very quick to find out what I needed in a home cable service and the low pricing was even better, thanks ~ Marc

  87. Caspiy Restaurant Restaurant in Brooklyn
    by Anna (Brooklyn) on Aug 22 2011
    On Sunday, August 21 I celebrated my birthday in your restaurant. First of all I would like to thank you for the service we received during that evening. Your waiters were professional, quick and on their toes all the time. I have been to other russian restaurants in New York...

  88. Bear Welding & Fabrication Llc Metal in Saint Augustine
    by Andy on Aug 22 2011
    The gates that Bear made are awsome! They are the talk of our parties. People want to know who made them, every time they ask I tell them, thank you Bear. sincerly, Andy S.

  89. Bohemian Sound Inc in Coral Gables
    by Sabrina Munoz on Aug 22 2011
    I am starting new business and I want to make voice over in Spanish. For that I want the best and the well experience voice over company at Miami. While I am surfing I get the contact with Bohemain sound, they help me as my voice finders they assure me...

  90. Atlas Construction Building Contractors in San Diego
    by Martha Wilkinson on Aug 22 2011
    Atlas is a general construction team and they are the best in home remodeling in San Diego. Atlas team specializes in residential room additions and new construction. There is nothing better than having a big house done by this company. I hired it for a room addition about 6...

  91. Advance Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic Health Services & Medical Centers in Saline
    by Daniel Hunter on Aug 22 2011
    I was told that by my doctor at work that I have infection in my toe but the urgent care doctor found out that it was not infection and he was correct in making my diagnosis. This place is super clean and staff is very nice also. I will highly...

  92. Attorney Don Hecker Legal Services / Assistants in Richmond
    by Public advocate on Aug 22 2011
    If you hire this attorney be prepared to receive no communication and repeated requests for more money....

  93. Celebrity Construction Remodeling & Major Home Repairs in Albuquerque
    by Adam on Aug 22 2011
    I am happy to recommend Celebrity Construction to do the tile work on your home. They did a great job for us and we would use them again on future projects. They were very cooperative with all aspect of the job. The presented a very positive attitude at all times....

  94. Chicagoland Flooring, Inc Floor Refinishing in Chicago
    by LisaT on Aug 22 2011
    I have used Chicagoland Flooring for the second time. As expected, they were very professional and efficient. I can always count on them if my floors need attention.

  95. Advanced Electric Electricians & Electrical Contractors in Orlando
    by Butch on Aug 22 2011
    Advanced Electric and Air Conditioning really have proven themselves as professional electrician company. I have been using them for the last 2 years and I can`t be more satisfied from their job.

  96. Diamond Cut Lawn Care Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance in Greenville
    by Lenord Burk on Aug 22 2011
    Randy, jusr got done wth a rental house of mine grass was up to the windows, trash was left every where, after he got done lookes better than when i first bought the place, im even going to raise the rent because of the way it lookes. Thanks Randy well...

  97. Map Mechanical Air Conditioning System Repair in Kyle
    by Molly on Aug 22 2011
    My husband and I, being fairly new to Kyle needed our air conditioning unit serviced in our home. The builders of the house recommended someone out of St. Augustine, but we decided to support the community of Kyle, since we are tax paying citizens, we felt it was our moral...

  98. Tangible Investments, Llc Jewelry - Sales & Repair in Laguna Beach
    by Marcel Millot on Aug 21 2011
    Attributes that come to mind when I think of Tangible Investments include: Peace of Mind, Excellent Customer Service, Reliable, Extremely Helpful, Personable, and Professional. From the moment you call them on the phone and you speak with Dennis you quickly come to realize that this is a company you...

  99. Rossi Law Firm Legal Services / Assistants in Grand Island
    by ML on Aug 20 2011
    Firm is very results oriented and resolved my matter very favorably. I highly recommend this firm.

  100. All American Construction Services, Inc Personal Services in Rossville
    by Step aUSTIN on Aug 20 2011
    All American construction is doing outstanding work in our community after storm took no mercy on our homes in Aspen thanks guys

  101. Gentle Dental Group of Boynton Beach Dentists in Boynton Beach
    by NEIL on Aug 20 2011

  102. Fitness Together Resorts in Temecula
    by Silvia on Aug 20 2011
    I found many benefits of personal training at Fitness Together. Unlike the dreaded "gym" experience, the training at Fitness Together is truly personal and consistent and enjoyable. The personal trainers here are phenomenal coaches and wonderful people. They really know what they're doing with a variety of exercises and...

  103. Mdofpc Doctor of Computers Computer Supplies & Parts in Coraopolis
    by Mr Jones on Aug 20 2011
    My computer was in bad shape and needed to be reloaded, best buy quoted $250 to repair it but MD of PC was able to have it fixed the next day and only cost me $75

  104. Aaa Fine Jewelry & Antiques Pawnbrokers in Manteca
    by Michelle on Aug 20 2011
    I came to your shop to ask about selling my grandmothers silver tea set. I had a substantial amount of silver, and wanted to do business locally. However, your signs on the front door were a HUGE turn off!! Very snobby in my opinion. You basically...

  105. Law Office of Carlos M Cabrera, Apc Divorce & Family Law in Rancho Cucamonga
    by Ms m on Aug 19 2011
    stay away from this law office they just want your $

  106. McP Plumbing & Heating Air Conditioning System Repair in Worcester
    by southlan on Aug 19 2011
    This guy closed his prior business 2 years ago then reopened this one under the new name; he hasn't a clue what he's doing. Screwed up my kitchen pipes using the 3 stooges for workers and left me with 3 leaking pipes and a 2000 dollar credit card bill, telling...

  107. Award Roofing Services Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville
    by mike on Aug 19 2011
    These roofing contractors are always very professional, dependable and prompt. I also appreciate their honesty and willingness to perform the work.‎...

  108. Airport Super Express Transportation Services in Miami
    by Asta Matuleviciene on Aug 19 2011
    The transportation facility in Miami is very good. When the question comes to transportation in Miami I would prefer and suggest airportsuperexpress. The reason behind it is, they are the one who provide shuttle from anywhere we want in just a one call. They came to the place we call...

  109. Fiesta Auto Insurance Insurance in Lewisville
    by Mark on Aug 19 2011
    i like the Fiesta insurance they help me Reduce my Rate and help me with all my insurance need ... Thanks for lowering my payment Fiesta

  110. Templar Defense Smoke Detectors & Fire Alarm Systems in Denver
    by Mark on Aug 19 2011
    By far the best Security professionals I have ever met. They are highly trained and very professional in every why. I would and will recommend them to everyone I know. ...

  111. Purrfect Pet Companion Pet Kennels & Boarding in Hatfield
    by Kim on Aug 19 2011
    Being in the animal health industry, I knew what I was looking for in a pet sitter. Our dog was very excited when he first met Laura, he gave endless amounts of kisses and she recipercated the attention back. You can tell that she is a true animal lover. My...

  112. Upbeat Entertainment Entertainers - General in Bethpage
    by Connie on Aug 19 2011
    We hired Upbeat Entertainment for our company fund raiser picnic, They Emceed the whole event and had activities for the kids and adults alike. Highly recommended and reasonably priced.

  113. Affordable Elegance Catering Wholesale Goods & Equipment in Raymore
    by Andy S on Aug 19 2011
    Dear Greg & Dee-Dee, We wanted to thank you for the bottle of wine and all the hard work you put into our reception. Everyone had a wonderful time and loved all the food. Thanks again for everything!

  114. The M Studio At Designs By Ming Florists & Plants in Chicago
    by PH on Aug 19 2011
    I appreciate your service more than you know. Please let your florists and anyone else know that your service and attention have been professional, efficient and nothing less than outstanding. ...

  115. Affordable Elegance Catering Wholesale Goods & Equipment in Raymore
    by C Tompkins on Aug 19 2011
    Thank you so much for everything you did to make our dinner was fabulous. Everything was delicious and the presentation was stunning. I so appreciate all your hard work. You’re amazing! ...

  116. American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness Schools - Vocational & Training in New York
    by Katrina on Aug 19 2011
    My main business was massage in an office where I took turns with another masseur. My hands started to hurt a couple of years ago and I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel. I needed a way to change my work life to something not so hurtful to my own body,...

  117. Goin' Postal Temple Delivery Services in Temple
    by Debra Kennedy on Aug 18 2011
    I received very courteous service and super packing job. The young man who waited on me was excellent.

  118. The Martial Arts Training Institute Martial Arts Instruction in Huntersville
    by Sara Bradley on Aug 18 2011
    I have been very please with the lessons that my son has learned at MATI. I have seen a difference in his attitude since he begain 4 months ago, his kicks are getting pretty good too.

  119. William Coble & Associates, Llc Remodeling & Major Home Repairs in Raleigh
    by Barry Brasswell on Aug 18 2011
    I am very pleased with William Coble and there men. I found that they are a really good group to work with and they are very kind and sincere towards there customers. I was very impressed with the job cleanliness and care they took from day to day while working....

  120. Go Out and Play Sporting Goods in Raleigh
    by Andrew Cooper on Aug 18 2011
    I am living in a joint family, our kids use to play indoor games only just because not having playground. I thought to convert the back side of my house into a playground for them so that they can play their freely. I got connected with this company through net....

  121. Reds Diver Underwater Yacht Maintenance Boat Repair in Coral Gables
    by James Castillo on Aug 18 2011
    Great service always arrives on time and does a great job. highly recommend...

  122. Viewmont Auto Sales, Inc Automobile Dealers in Hickory
    by Chaney on Aug 18 2011
    Best please in NC to buy you next car.

  123. National Property Inspections, Inc Real Estate Agents in Seabrook
    by Ed Robinson on Aug 18 2011
    Enjoyed working with John. Very professional and detailed inspection. John was honest and objective with his inspection. Very glad that I chose to get an inspection before purchasing.

  124. Cosmetic Acupuncture By Dr Romy Simone Acupuncture in Santa Monica
    by lo on Aug 18 2011
    I've always struggled with my skin-- and have tried almost everything that's available to improve it! I've never had Acupuncture- and wasn't sure if a few little needles would make any improvement- but Dr. Romy Simone came with some good recommendations. So i checked out her website -- liked what...

  125. Hughes & Coleman Governmental Law in Nashville
    by anonymous on Aug 18 2011
    Very very dissatisfied. I was their client. I felt they were negligent as far as my case and interest were concerned. I felt the attorney from the firm did nothing and cost me valuable time and lots of money. Choosing them was the worse mistake. When I see their commercials...

  126. Richard Boyd Dmd, Ms Dentists in Columbia
    by Anderson Reed on Aug 18 2011
    It was a great pleasure to get treated in this place.... Doctor Richard Boyd was an excellent orthodontist with his suggestions and professional treatment he provided me... I would love to suggest this place to my friends and relatives too.. thanks lot......

  127. Enviromental Heating and Air of Nc, Inc Hardware & Home Improvements in Cary
    by Cecil on Aug 17 2011
    One would have thought that after reading all these rosy reviews that this is a great company. Well, I called them in to check my AC that was working but not cooling. My house is almost new 1 and 1 and 1/2 year and this is my second season. But...

  128. Just Dance It Dancing Instruction in Miami
    by Pia Farrow on Aug 17 2011
    Summer arrived and I wanted my daughter to go to a camp but not just any camp, I wanted something different for her to enjoy and meet new people. My best friend recommended me a dance camp in Miami; she used to take her girl there so I gave it...

  129. Edwards Family Auto Automobile Repair & Service in Salt Lake City
    by Melyssa on Aug 17 2011
    I have been taking my car here for two years and they are the nicest family and they also do the best job on my car. I have never had a problem with my car since I began going to edwards family auto.

  130. Medibank Health Services & Medical Centers in Carlsbad
    by William Lawson on Aug 17 2011
    It is absolutely amazing! I get the same coverage that I did with the big insurance companies. I have no deductibles, I see who I want when I want! There is no approval process! I simply see my physician, show my MediBank Card, and MediBank pays my bill. Great concept!...

  131. Alberty Professional Inspection Services Home Inspection Services in Houston
    by Bob on Aug 17 2011
    The work is very professional and prompt. The report on the web was very prompt, to the point, and very helpful for my next steps in working with the seller. Thanks.

  132. Ashley Appliance Service Appliances - Major - Repair in Brooklyn
    by Harry on Aug 17 2011
    Thank you for going above the call of duty to work on `Job,` our mother`s stove. Your time and generosity is much appreciated. It`s people like you that give service repairmen a good name. We will gladly recommend your services....

  133. Homewood Suites By Hilton Houston-Stafford Hotels & Motels in Stafford
    by Mariusz Kupczak on Aug 17 2011
    Welcome I'm from Poland and Im going to Competition Location: Stafford Center 10505 Cash Road Stafford, TX 77477 for a competition 15th of october Im at The Wheelchair and I would like to stay since 13th to 17th of october I will be with my wife and two years...

  134. New York Center For Psychotherapy Social Service Organizations in New York
    by Gragary on Aug 17 2011
    I would recommend New York Center for Psychotherapy to anyone who is looking for a therapist who is easy to talk to, calming and empowering at the same time.

  135. Omni Financial Services Office Supplies & Equipment in Broomfield
    by Jennifer on Aug 16 2011
    they took our retainer and accomplished nothing. Then asked for more money. I had to negotiate my self with the taxing agencies. Terrible company.

  136. Good Feet Shoes & Shoe Repair in Avon
    by Elise on Aug 16 2011
    Indianapolis foot pain back pain relief from Good Feet arch supports of Indianapolis are the best. "When I painfully limped into Indianapolis Good Feet Store, I never thought I would be walking pain-free when I left. It took a little while to find the right fit--I think taking my time...

  137. Danmer Custom Shutters Windows in Van Nuys
    by Sandy Beech on Aug 16 2011
    There are other shutter companies out there, and I have had my share of bad experiences, but Danmer Shutters Los Angeles really keeps their word. The prices are fair, and their service is exceptional. If you come with any questions or concerns they will answer them, and they make their...

  138. Carolina Flooring Carpet & Rug Dealers in Raleigh
    by MIKE on Aug 16 2011
    We looked at three other companies to do our new floors. Carolina Flooring was not the cheapest but also not the most expensive. We chose them because they knew more about the carpet and hardwoods best for our home, they really know their stuff and care about helping us. I...

  139. Release the Pain Physical Therapy in Sacramento
    by Reggie on Aug 16 2011
    Had a great massage. Very clean and professional.

  140. Remarkable Photography Photographers in Sarasota
    by Melinda on Aug 16 2011
    It was an excellent experience, enjoyable and fun. We enjoyed watching our children having fun and being natural. This proved to be a good experience with Fantastic results. Best images of our boys. Great children photographer!

  141. Piercey Toyota Automobile Dealers in Milpitas
    by Hector J on Aug 16 2011
    Great price and great selection. Why do most dealers only carry cars over $30,000? This place is different. A nice selection of clean cheap used cars.

  142. Bangkok Thai Cuisine Restaurant in Dover
    by Sue on Aug 16 2011
    WORST THAI food I have ever eaten. The chef needs to use spices. This IS NOT and I repeat NOT the best Thai restaurant in Dover. Open up a can of Loy Choy from the grocery store, same taste - bland.

  143. Foto Flix Photographers in Orlando
    by Michelle on Aug 16 2011
    We had a great photo shoot. Donna had everything set up. We arrived and had our hair and makeup done by a personal artist she hired which also did a great job. Donna served cheese, crackers and wine. We got a lot of great shots and...

  144. Mona Van Joseph, Psychic Entertainers - General in Las Vegas
    by Susan W. on Aug 16 2011
    I found the tape recording of a reading Mona did for me back in 2003. I replayed the tape and was amazed at the things that have happened over the last 8 years! I went to her again (I had an issue at work) and was very impressed with her...

  145. New Star Transportation Limousine Services in Houston
    by Amazing on Aug 16 2011
    I was impressed March 28th at my sister's bachelorette party with the promptness, professionalism, and courtesy that your driver Frank provided! We had a great time and have you to thank for our safety! We booked our wedding with you 5 years ago too, have recommended your company...

  146. Ashley Appliance Service Appliances - Major - Repair in Brooklyn
    by Saymon on Aug 16 2011
    Your Appliance Repair is the best appliance repair company we've ever hired. They are unfailingly honest, conscientious, thorough, clean, and really nice to our dog. We've had problems with our Kenmore refrigerator. The freezer part was working but the refrigerator was warm and I had to throw the food out...

  147. New York Center For Psychotherapy Social Service Organizations in New York
    by Anton on Aug 16 2011
    We Just wanted to thank you for helping us grow back together. We have come a long way this pass month with your help....

  148. Main Line Health Food & Nutricare Wellness Center Other Medical Practices in Bala Cynwyd
    by Karina on Aug 16 2011
    Thanks, NutriCare has been very good at everything they did from the first moment to the last. I highly recommend them.

  149. Family Community Church Religious Services & Organizations in North Highlands
    by Beth on Aug 15 2011
    After 14 years I am still excited about coming to church and joining with my brothers and sisters in praise and worship to God and receiving awesome Biblical teaching about real life and how to live for God in this world.

  150. William Coble & Associates, Llc Remodeling & Major Home Repairs in Raleigh
    by Sam Eason on Aug 15 2011
    This is my second major project working with Coble and Associates. I have to say they get better each time! We hired them for a total gut and remodeling project for our kitchen and bathroom three years ago and now a screened porch with alot of high end features with...

  151. Swimwear 360 Clothing Retail in Miami
    by Lucy Meyer on Aug 15 2011
    Recently I purchased bathing suits and swimsuit from Swimwear360. I love describing in a detailed way when something impresses me or when I feel satisfaction with a product. I think it's the first time in 10 years I have been happy when I have bought a suit. The fabric...

  152. Montana Custom Log Furniture Furniture Dealers in Troy
    by Mike and Libby Crawford on Aug 15 2011
    WE PAID FOR TWO DAY SHIPPING and it is now 3 weeks later. You can never get them to return an email or phone call promptly and they promise things and don't deliver!!! We did not care for the rudeness of tone in the conversations and the inability...

  153. Mountain Palace Restaurant Restaurant in Bolivar
    by Connie and Todd Trinkley on Aug 15 2011
    Hello to all! Thank you so much Clay and Laci for the wonderful experience, food, and visit. Cant forget to mention your mother teaching our family how to play her game. We will definetly be back to your restaurant again. Thanks again! Take Care! ...

  154. Remarkable Photography Photographers in Sarasota
    by Linda on Aug 15 2011
    I highly recommend Remarkable Photography. Judy's photographs are amazing! She has a real talent for capturing the personalities of her subjects. We are so happy with the pictures she's taken of our family, they are priceless.

  155. Law Office of Bernie McEvoy Legal Services / Assistants in Nashville
    by Sheree on Aug 15 2011
    This listing needs to add a fax number and / or email address for written communications other than snail mail.

  156. The Bug Reaper Pest & Animal Control in Houston
    by annonymous on Aug 15 2011
    BEWARE!! Not only is the owner, Tony, an abrasive, abnoxious liar... he is also a convicted criminal in New York. He promises you everything, but NEVER keeps his promise! STAY AWAY!!!!

  157. Fantastic Services Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Stockton
    by Julie Lang on Aug 15 2011
    Just wanted to share with you that Kevin did a fantastic job on my website. He listened to what I wanted and conformed that into a wonderful website that I am proud to call my own. Kevin is easy to work with and know all the ins and outs of...

  158. Nyc Moving Manhattan Movers Cargo & Freight Services in New York
    by James Leiser on Aug 15 2011
    Our original movers never showed up on our agreed dates, we were stuck and needed to move out asap and started calling other company on saturday june of 11 for emergency pick up next morning at latest on sunday the 12. Every company no answers or no available movers for...

  159. Ace Taxi Cab Company Taxicabs in Greenville
    by Filip on Aug 14 2011
    sometimes they get really busy, but who doesn't. Once you get through they always tell you 5 min and they are very reliable after that. They have awesome prices and the drivers are always really nice and chat with you in a non-intrusive way....

  160. Fitness Together Resorts in Temecula
    by Dan on Aug 14 2011
    When I started my personal training I weighted 260 lbs, my blood pressure was high and I was out of shape. After just 3 months, I have lost over 30 pounds, my blood pressure is back down in the normal range, and I understand how to exercise properly for the...

  161. Lakes Guitar Studio, Llc Schools - Vocational & Training in Hialeah
    by cgomezadames on Aug 14 2011
    What an amazing experience. The lessons have helped her not only learn guitar, but improved her focus in school. Juan Carlos, the instructor, is not only respectful and interactive with the parents, his amazing patience, respect and positive attitude as he instructs the students is instrumental in getting...

  162. Blueline Crab Co, Inc Restaurant in Live Oak
    by John on Aug 14 2011
    Under new owners and its much better for service. Great selections & portions w/fair prices & hot food. HELLO: FL OYSTERS on-the-half shell are great!(needs some horse radish & fresh picante on the side though). Beer is cold. (ps:" If deserved, be sure to tip 'em...

  163. Iyer Law Office, Llc Criminal Law in Englewood
    by M L on Aug 14 2011
    I hired Iyer Law Office to defend me in a Domestic Violence criminal case. I knew I was innocent (they all say that, is it not so) but I was still charged. The results I obtained from Iyer Law Office far exceeded my expectations. The value of service was excellent....

  164. Raymour & Flanigan Furniture: Oakhurst Furniture Dealers in Oakhurst
    by S on Aug 13 2011
    After attempting to negotiate with a hot head manager & sales rep looking to go home, I wouldn't return to that store. Almost bought a living room set,even after the rude manager didn't do me any favors. Got to the register to find out sales rep gave me a price...

  165. Caspiy Restaurant Restaurant in Brooklyn
    by Josef on Aug 13 2011
    Guys, this place is cool. I‘ve invited my colleges who never went to Russian restaurants, they are not Russian, but we had such a great time. The food was good and the place looks very nice....

  166. Paul James Salon Beauty Salons in West Palm Beach
    by gina on Aug 13 2011
    went to get highlighted at paul james salon and the color was so good the highlights with the owner paul were perfect i love them !!! relly cool salon and they have Kerastase...

  167. Danny'south Pizza Restaurant in Sebastian
    by marie on Aug 13 2011
    Sebastian has so many pizza places i wondered about Danny's Pizza after spotting the new name in town . I;ve tried them all depends what kind of pizza you like each place has its own style and is differnt . Dont be afraid to try Dannys they are up in...

  168. Olympus Moving Miscellaneous Services in Philadelphia
    by Laura on Aug 13 2011
    Olympus Moving and Storage were FANTASTIC. I really can't say enough amazing things about Olympus Moving! Okay, I'm going to be honest. I don't like movers and I don't like moving companies in the first place but.....if you gotta gotta move and if you need a professional service...

  169. Virginia Cafe Taverns, Bars, & Cocktail Lounges in Portland
    by Tim Roos on Aug 13 2011
    This is a great place to go for a cozy atmosphere with good, cheap food and drinks. Definitely check it out if you are anywhere near the downtown library or seeing a show at the Arlene Schnitzer Hall.

  170. Tv Tech Electronics Television & Radio Repair in Kansas City
    by Terry Holland on Aug 13 2011
    These guys took the fear out of having something repaired. Gave me a quick estimate and held true to their word. Saved a bunch by not replacing it and the set works great! Would HIGHTLY recommend these people.

  171. Neil Schierholz Psyd, Licensed Psychologist Mental Health Services in San Francisco
    by Diane Harnish PhD on Aug 13 2011
    Dr. Schierholz has been an incredible ally in helping me set up the financial structure of my psychotherapy practice using QuickBooks. He is not only very knowledgeable on the subject, but he is extremely patient while guiding me through my overwhelm and confusion. His excitement for setting up a good...

  172. The Air Duct Doctor House Cleaning in New Albany
    by BEWARE!!! on Aug 13 2011
    A friend of mine that was also taken by this guy told me he was operating under a different business name "The Duct Guy"!

  173. The Retirement Group Financial Planning & Investment Advice in San Diego
    by Clarence Richarson on Aug 13 2011
    I went to a workshop by The Retirement Group and I brought my coworker with me. I was told that The Retirement Group offered workshops for employees of Bank of America to help with retirement planning and I really needed some advice on that. We had a hard time finding...

  174. Caspiy Restaurant Restaurant in Brooklyn
    by Jenny on Aug 13 2011
    Great, warm and cozy Place! I celebrated my son's first and second birthday in Caspiy. Very thrilled with variety of food from home made delicious cutlets to more delicate dishes such as rock of lamb, and of course our family favorite Pasta "Polermo". Service is excellent, waiters are very attentive-no...

  175. Cherry Lane Lodge Ii Hotels & Motels in Tannersville
    by Sarah on Aug 13 2011
    Comfortable lodging and the neighborhood seems safe and family friendly. My only problem was that I rented a car and had some difficulty finding parking....

  176. Merle Norman Cosmetics Retail in Saint Louis Park
    by KC on Aug 13 2011
    I Just wanted to say i love these products! I highly recommend this store and their product line. Their service reps were very helpful with excellent product knowledge to give good accurate suggestions to me. Thank you for all your help...

  177. Cake Art Sport & Recreation in Miami
    by Alicia on Aug 13 2011
    I have been a frequent buyer at Cake Art. They have the best cake decorating supplies store in all Miami. Great customer service and fair prices. I highly recommend it.

  178. Seo Pr Rocket Consulting in Bowie
    by Mark Frost on Aug 13 2011
    Thanks to SEO PR Rocket consulting's efforts, using only search engine optimization techniques (no paid advertisement), quickly went from zero to over 2500 visitors per day, a large majority of them referred by search engines. In the crowded field of food and restaurant reviews.

  179. Gravina'south Window Center of Littleton Home Repairs & Maintenance in Littleton
    by C. W. on Aug 12 2011
    We had Gravina's replace/install new windows in the entire house. The salesman (John) was knowledgeable, called back promptly and let us know how things were progressing along the way. The installer was great. He took his time and did everything right the first time. Very satisfied. ...

  180. Peninsula Park-View Resort Hotels & Motels in Fish Creek
    by Smith on Aug 12 2011
    We reserved a two bedroom cottage, but got upgraded to the three bedroom because of a water heater failure. It was recently redone, and had nice new kitchen appliances. Kitchenware was supplied. The bedrooms were spacious, and there was lots of closet space. The rooms had individual heaters; the living...

  181. Vip Auto Group, Inc Transportation Services in Staten Island
    by john b. on Aug 12 2011
    Nick was patient, informative and trustworthy. We bought one of his cars this week at a competitive price

  182. Utopia Sporting Goods in Norwalk
    by Brad Matthews on Aug 12 2011
    Very very cool store, have soooo much to offer, clothing, jewelry, pipes, bikes and I have never been to a shop with more skateboards/longboards and accessories. Plus the all the employees are really chill and more importantly know what the heck they are talking about!

  183. Media One Pro Consultants in Henderson
    by camorati on Aug 12 2011
    Media One Pro is number one! They assisted me with a lot of things varying from website design to search engine optimization. They have a very friendly and hard working staff that was able to get the job done ahead of schedule! I will highly recommend them to anyone.

  184. Renmark Consignment Shop Consignment Shops & Services in Richmond
    by Erika on Aug 12 2011
    Hey everybody! Check out the Renmark Consignment Shop on Main street in The Bottom. It is AMAZING! Trust me on this. I know my stuff...and so do they.

  185. Momma'south Mojo Restaurant in Mobile
    by Wendy Bush on Aug 12 2011
    I had the pleasure of knowing this place when it opened by a friend. The contest was fun, but the food is amazing! I even craved a Cuban after a major oral surgery! I got one and it took a while, but it was worth it! Go there...

  186. Momma'south Mojo Restaurant in Mobile
    by dennis on Aug 12 2011
    food is amazing!! Everyone should go try it will be hooked!!

  187. Momma'south Mojo Restaurant in Mobile
    by Magete on Aug 12 2011
    Best small restaurant to hit Mobile in a long time. Won't be small long. Great food, absolutely the greatest people.

  188. East & East Automotive Services Inc Automobile Parts & Accessories in Santa Monica
    by Matt on Aug 12 2011
    E & E Automotive Services, I wanted you all to know how much I appreciated your kindness and wonderful workmanship on my car.

  189. Xochimilco Restaurant Restaurant in Sacramento
    by Kim Ann on Aug 12 2011
    I love your Hot salsa n chips Plus your blended margarita's

  190. Affordable Elegance Catering Wholesale Goods & Equipment in Raymore
    by K. Uhl on Aug 12 2011
    Greg, Dee-Dee, & Catering team, Thank you all so much for the wonderful service we received before and during our wedding reception. The food was excellent! Thank you for the well wishes and the yummy wine! ...

  191. Brooklyn Dentistry Experts Dentists in Brooklyn
    by Brenda Collens on Aug 12 2011
    The Expert Dentists were able to fit me in for a tooth whitening at the last minute. I was going to be in my best friend’s wedding, but I’m from out of town. I chose The Expert Dentists because of their stellar reviews and I’m pleased with my...

  192. Phone Lines Inc Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Van Nuys
    by Armen on Aug 12 2011
    I heard about Phone Lines Inc from a friend who recommended them. I called and spoke to Harry, he came to my office and told me what kind of phone system and network cameras I would need and the cost of wiring the whole office. I was very happy with...

  193. Twisted Smoke Shop Women's Apparel in Sacramento
    by John on Aug 11 2011
    Went to check out this shop, my friend recommended i check it out. WOW! That was the first thing that came to mind. They have a HUGE selection of pipes, waterpipes, papers..everything. They are up-to-date on vaporizers and have several highly rated machines in stock. Prices were good too, really...

  194. Firefighter Sprint Moving Movers & Storage in Arlington
    by Derek on Aug 11 2011
    The movers worked hard and i tipped them well. My complaint is with the owner, Bobby Kimball. I know his name because, at the end of the job, then lead mover asked we make our check out to him and not the company, which I found very curious....

  195. Law Office of Ronald D Weiss, Pc Bankruptcy & Financial Law in Melville
    by Raymond L on Aug 11 2011
    I got rid of the debt and am in the process of restoring my credit. This office was great to me the whole time....

  196. The Law Offices of Larry H Parker Legal Services / Assistants in Long Beach
    by B Goins on Aug 11 2011
    My sister Mary F. Chambers has yet to speak to one these attorneys. She only speak to Ashley baumgartner who presents herself as my sisters attorney, we have no clue if she really is. None of them have seen my sister, but it's been determined that after reviewing her...

  197. Honda of Burleson Automobile Dealers in Burleson
    by Phil Lucas on Aug 11 2011
    Daniel helped me not only find the Pilot I was looking for, but was willing to work with me on the financial side as well. The experience was hassle-free, I recommend them!

  198. Glass Drilling Corp Water Well Drilling & Service in Austin
    by Steve E. on Aug 11 2011
    Thank you Delton Glass, for personally coming out to correct an issue that surfaced shortly after a routine inspection of our well system. You showed why the business has succeeded into the fourth generation, and hopefully many more.

  199. Anisa Beauty Parlor Beauty Salons in Houston
    by Leyla on Aug 11 2011
    I had nails, eyebrows and wedding make-up. Everything was excellent. I had a trial make up the week before my wedding and felt a million dollars and then on the day i felt and looked two million dollars! Thanks also from my mother and bridesmaids.

  200. Heady Glass Tobacco Products in Englewood
    by jimmie on Aug 11 2011
    after realizing i bought the wrong piece, i tried to return the unused item. they wouldn't even give me at least store credit for an unused, clean item. the explanation i got was because of the nature of the item(which is for tobacco, isn't it?) they should treat every return...

  201. Giribaldi & Manaras Pc Personal Injury & Property Damage Law in Media
    by deanna on Aug 10 2011
    great firm! really helped me

  202. William Coble & Associates, Llc Remodeling & Major Home Repairs in Raleigh
    by Allen Moser on Aug 10 2011
    I am singing praises on Coble and Associates! I hired this company from a referral from work and they were happy with there project ,so I hired this company for tornado damage repairs and a room addition to our home. It is all finished and I am very happy with...

  203. Ultimate Hair Lace Wigs Women's Apparel in Tallahassee
    by Brystol on Aug 10 2011
    I ordered a unit online and was told it would ship within 5 to 7 business days. When seven business days were up I attempted to call the number listed on the website and it was disconnected! I searched online and found another number for this company which was also...

  204. Chickies Diner Restaurant in Park Ridge
    by bob on Aug 10 2011
    the place is closed

  205. Rhythmic Academy of Los Angeles Resorts in Van Nuys
    by Yelena on Aug 10 2011
    Rhythmic Academy of Los Angeles is one of the top Rhythmic Gymnastics schools in Los Angeles that offer professional level gymnastics training with a positive training approach. They have an Olympic caliber coaching staff all formal Russian Rhythmic Gymnast, very organized and effective practices and a fun training environment. The...

  206. The Little Train Station Hotels & Motels in Tannersville
    by Eli on Aug 10 2011
    DO YOUR SELF A FAVOR AND KEEP SEARCHING FOR ANOTHER PROPERTY, THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT RENT THIS PROPERTY Everything in the ad is misrepresented. The pictures are old and do not represent the house in any shape or form. The homeowner is a greedy, gluttonous money...

  207. State Farm: Carlos Luis Insurance in Miami
    by almazana on Aug 10 2011
    When I moved from CA to Miami I chose out of convenience Carlos Luis as my agent. I insured my 2 cars and my house with them. A year later I wanted to add Flood insurance, but after being stalled by Lourdes for weeks I bought this insurance through...

  208. China Beach Bistro Restaurant in West Palm Beach
    by Terry on Aug 10 2011
    Great food and ambiance.

  209. New Wave Hospitality Hotels & Motels in Miami
    by Carter David on Aug 09 2011
    I have worked for a hotel for some years now and for us it is very important to be available everywhere for visitors. We looked for some assistants and found that new wave hospitality offers exactly what we need in tourism and hospitality management. Besides recommending us in many different...

  210. Telesource Center Business Services in Bend
    by Nick McCallion on Aug 09 2011
    TeleSource Center provides superior business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing services including appointment setting, lead generation and event registration.

  211. Airport Super Express Transportation Services in Miami
    by Audriana Scott on Aug 09 2011
    No other private shuttle company in Miami can give you that unforgettable experience we lived than airport super express. Since the very first moment when they picked us up at the airport in this beautiful fancy van, we knew that this would be the trip of our lives. The driver...

  212. Mrs Kitchen Restaurant and Bakery Restaurant in San Antonio
    by JANELLE E. on Aug 09 2011
    When you first drive up to the front of this restaurant it doesn't look like much, but when youget inside it's very quaint and cozy. There's wonderful mood music playing and workers are so friendly. The food AND desert is absolutely delicious. You must try it. The staff is very...

  213. Go Out and Play Sporting Goods in Raleigh
    by Jodi Veitch on Aug 09 2011
    It’s nice to go around Raleigh and see the things that this company has done: I could see the different outdoor structures like tree houses, cubbies, pergolas, carports and fantastic gardens where people can sit and have a great time! I felt that people appreciate this company a lot, since...

  214. Go4technologies in Miami
    by Sherrie Melton on Aug 09 2011
    I think that one of the most important things to consider in order to keep my company´s image towards our customers and associates is the awareness of having the best IT service to help us with the contents of our corporate inbound or outbound e-mail service. Can you imagine if...

  215. Good Feet Medical Equipment & Supplies in Saint Louis
    by Bobbi on Aug 09 2011
    Good Feet arch supports Orthotics for foot pain of St Louis was a lifesaver. I had Plantar Fasciitis foot pain heel pain for approximately 10 years. Nothing helped to relieve it. I saw the St Louis Good Feet Arch supports infomercial, went to the St Louis Good Feet store and...

  216. Good Feet Medical Equipment & Supplies in Modesto
    by Barbara on Aug 09 2011
    The Good Feet arch supports orthotic inserts I got from you are getting better the longer I wear them. As you know, before coming to the Modesto Good feet store I was wearing custom hand made inserts twice as expensive. They helped me get off a cane and correct my...

  217. Susan Marinello Interiors Interior Designers & Decorators in Seattle
    by Sally Shockley on Aug 09 2011
    We worked with one of SMI's junior designers and were not pleased. We were charged and charged without much to show for it. We were not happy with the disjointed design and walked away with a much lighter pocketbook. ...

  218. Hankins & Associates, Inc Countertops & Kitchen Cabinets in Furlong
    by SR on Aug 09 2011
    We had other kitchen people out but they didnt get back to us. Jerry got back to us with pricing and better ideas. Other people were just going to do what we suggested. The kitchen is done and it looks great we love it. Much different than before. We love...

  219. Diamond Cut Lawn Care Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance in Greenville
    by NANCY sCHRIFER on Aug 09 2011
    Thanks to Diamond Cut Lawn Care Randy Knox and his crew for the clean up of my lawn, just amazing is all I can say wish I would of taken a before and after picture. Thanks again Randy....

  220. Air Design Heating and Air Conditioning Air Conditioning System Repair in Raleigh
    by Great HVAC contractor! on Aug 09 2011
    The serviceman was most informative. I would ask questions- and he would give detailed answers- always making sure I clearly understood his answer.

  221. Brooklyn Dentistry Experts Dentists in Brooklyn
    by Melissa Crook on Aug 09 2011
    I thought I’d never have my cracked tooth back to its original look until my friend recommended Brooklyn Dentistry Experts. They used a porcelain crown to encase my cracked tooth and to my surprise, my tooth looks good as new. Thanks for the fantastic job!

  222. Ameridrill, Inc Water Well Drilling & Service in Levittown
    by Jacob on Aug 09 2011
    When my friend was in need of drilling contractors we did a lot of research on the internet. Finally we opted for Ameridrill Inc. The company turned out to be the finest in PA drilling and my friend was more than just satisfied with their work.

  223. Rent My Party Bus Taverns, Bars, & Cocktail Lounges in Minneapolis
    by TerryD55024 on Aug 09 2011
    I rented the wild cherry party bus last month for my birthday and had an amazing time. The driver was very nice and the bus was great. The best part was that the girls loved it. That really made my night :)

  224. College Park Commerce Center, Warehouse Leasing in Orlando
    by Steven Manager on Aug 08 2011
    It's clean and safe. I store my inventory here.

  225. Kidtastics, Llc in Scottsdale
    by HM on Aug 08 2011
    Words cannot express our gratitude for all you have given to SM and her friends this summer. They have all flourished in the pool, and have had such fun learning to swim with you! You are a brilliant, loving, and thoughtful teacher and we are blessed to know you. Looking...

  226. Hiller Plumbing Heating and Cooling Heating Contractors, Equipment & Systems in Nashville
    by Alec D on Aug 08 2011
    I've used Hiller because their technicians are competent, their customer service is top notch and their prices are reasonable. I would definitely use them again in the future. They are much better than the other providers in my area; not to mention that their Hiller Club is the...

  227. Big Tex Bingo Sport & Recreation in Houston
    by Susan Ruiz on Aug 08 2011
    On Saturday, August 6, 2011, my family and I went to play Bingo. There was a young,disrespectful "boy" named Quincy. He was walking around selling the poll tabs..He stopped at a table next to ours and was talking very loudly, slamming his little basket with the poll tabs and...

  228. Grennier Law, Pc Bankruptcy & Financial Law in Ventura
    by Robert I. on Aug 08 2011
    THE BEST ! That's the only way to describe Attorney Michael Grennier. He did an amazing job for my wife and I, and it didn't cost an arm and a leg. He was very competitive on price and provided outstanding service. It's easy to see why he's...

  229. Raymour & Flanigan Furniture Clearance Center: Milford Furniture Dealers in Milford
    by RICK M on Aug 08 2011

  230. Green Haven Nursery Wholesale Goods & Equipment in Cleburne
    by Gloria Vera on Aug 08 2011
    This company wrote my company a hot check and has refused to return my daily calls about this hot check. This is no way to run a business!

  231. Good Feet Medical Equipment & Supplies in Omaha
    by Richard on Aug 08 2011
    "After a 5 hour flight I left the plane with pain in my heel. The pain got worse and worse and, due to my favoring of the heel, my entire leg became painful. I of course discovered I now had plantar fasciitis and made a trip to a foot specialist...

  232. Good Feet Medical Equipment & Supplies in Appleton
    by Tammy on Aug 08 2011
    Good Feet Store for my Foot & Back Pain Solutions, What a Relief !' I was somewhat nervous and skeptical upon entering the Appleton Good Feet Store in , but the plantar fasciitis pain in my feet & back was getting worse daily, finally, after searching the internet I located...

  233. Good Feet Medical Equipment & Supplies in Sacramento
    by michelle on Aug 08 2011
    "My name is Michelle and recently I purchased a pair of Sacramento Good Feet supports. I want to thank you for saving my feet! I am a bartender on my feet 9 to 10 hours a day. My feet hurt so badly I could barely make it through the day....

  234. The Artist'south Inn and Gallery Hotels & Motels in Terre Hill
    by Jean M. Woolley on Aug 08 2011
    My husband and I have fallen in love with The Artist's Inn and Gallery. As soon as we head towards this romantic, relaxing and beautiful Inn we breathe deep sighs of relief and bliss. We are always greeted with open arms and smiles and made to feel as though we...

  235. Bob Tusky'south Appliance Heating and Cooling Air Conditioning System Repair in Pittsburgh
    by Joseph on Aug 07 2011
    Will not admit incorrect billing, does not return phone calls. Simply stay away

  236. Printing Xpert Newspapers in New Hyde Park
    by Mike on Aug 07 2011
    I have nothing but good things to say about them. They did a great job, answered all my questions…

  237. Universal Wrecking Corp Wrecking & Excavating Contractors in Brick
    by Demo70 on Aug 07 2011
    Great to work with no matter if you have a industrial, commercial or scrap metal related project. Safety is their main focus and you can be assured that they will complete the job as promised.

  238. Accurate Automotive Automobile Repair & Service in Mesa
    by Steve Castro on Aug 07 2011
    My wife Karen and I have been going yo Accurate Automotive for well over ten years. My 2003 GMC truck stopped running a few years back and so the only option in my mind was to take it to Lee and Kelly. They informed us that my injectors were completely...

  239. Universal Wrecking Corp Wrecking & Excavating Contractors in Brick
    by S. Vesseli on Aug 07 2011
    Universal Wrecking Corp. is one of the premier demolition contractor and scrap metal removal services in the United States. Demolition and recycling services include commercial and industrial demolition, interior demolition and renovations, scrap metal recycling and removal, dismantlement, tank farm and silo demolition, warehouse interior demolitions and pallet racking removals,...

  240. Ark of Little Cottonwood Outpatient Clinics in Sandy
    by Ryan on Aug 07 2011
    I wish I would have researched this place more before I took my addict father here but I was told it was the best from a source I considered reliable at the time (big mistake). When I first brought him there he was heavily under the influence of cocaine...

  241. Home Heating & Cooling, Inc Heating Contractors, Equipment & Systems in Bend
    by David Hart on Aug 06 2011
    I've been active in the Heating & Cooling industry for 25 years, as a technician, business owner and globally recognized duct cleaning system inventor. In that time, I've worked with countless heating & cooling companies, and none of them have impressed me as much as Ric Secor's Home Heating...

  242. Good Feet Health Services & Medical Centers in Salem
    by Cheri on Aug 06 2011
    I had Plantar Fasciitis foot pain heel pain for approximately 10 years. Nothing helped to relieve it. I saw the Portland Good Feet Arch supports commercial, went to the Salem Good Feet store and invested in the Good Feet arch supports three step system. They cured my plantar fasciitis foot...

  243. Good Feet Medical Equipment & Supplies in Des Moines
    by Becky on Aug 06 2011
    Des Moines GOOD FEET arch supports Orthotics for foot pain plantar fasciitis pain are a lifesaver. I can walk foot pain heel pain free and move without back pain and constant plantar fasciitis heel pain. I love my Des Moines Good feet arch supports. Thanks , no more foot...

  244. Good Feet Medical Equipment & Supplies in Stockton
    by Marsha on Aug 06 2011
    Stockton foot pain solutions back pain relief from Good Feet arch supports . "Since wearing your Stockton Good Feet arch supports, I can work 8 1/2 hours days with no pain! Previously while working PRN at a medical facility where I was on my feet for at least 8 hours...

  245. Good Feet Shoes & Shoe Repair in Clackamas
    by ashley on Aug 06 2011
    Portland foot pain solutions back pain relief from Good Feet arch supports. I read reviews on the Ca Portland good feet arch supports and was very skeptical. I had foot pain & I knew the good feet arch supports inserts were expensive for a piece of plastic so I resisted...

  246. Good Feet Shoes & Shoe Repair in Hillsboro
    by Jenn on Aug 06 2011
    I limped into the Portland Hillsboro Good feet store and was immediately greeted by a salesperson who asked' In pain? ". I have been in pain in my feet, leg, hip and back for two years. Seen every foot doctor, tried Dr Scholls several times and nothing relieved my foot...

  247. Good Feet Medical Equipment & Supplies in West Allis
    by Sharon on Aug 06 2011
    I am a hairstylist and on my feet for hours at a time. My lower back pain took me to the chiropractor often. He eased the back pain but it always came back. After buying and wearing my Good Feet arch supports you can count on one hand...

  248. World Eyeglasses Optical Goods - Sales & Repair in Fort Lauderdale
    by Serena on Aug 06 2011
    My husband and I give World Eyeglasses 5 star reviews. Dr. Enker is an efficient, very organized, experienced optician, and World Eyeglasses in Fort Lauderdale is his full-service vision store. We weren't looking for a new eyeglass store, but a friend gave Dr. Enker good reviews and we're glad...

  249. Cayman Bread House and Cuisine Restaurant in Delano
    by Kathy on Aug 05 2011
    I love the halo halo and barbeque, best in town.

  250. Go Out and Play Sporting Goods in Raleigh
    by Dylan Jones on Aug 05 2011
    There a garden in Raleigh named St. Hill. I am used to visit it every morning for walk with my dad. I am studying in 5th std and it is my holidays going on in schools. So I like to go out with my dad for walking in this garden....

  251. Comfort Suites Hotels & Motels in Lake George
    by David on Aug 05 2011
    We just recently stayed at this lovely hotel... the pool was great the facilities fantastic. just a few miles from lovely Lake George. Too bad the manager is not a people person. He tried to encourage us to stay somewhere else. He wanted to make us rent 2 rooms because...

  252. Dawson Foundation Repair Mason Contractors in Houston
    by James V. on Aug 05 2011
    Dawson Foundation Repair was recommended by two different neighbors at my church. Nobody likes the thought of all that construction work around their house but I was truly impressed with the quality of the work crews - they were like well oiled machines. Everybody was great and they explained the...

  253. Cornerstone Painting and Drywall, Llc Interior Designers & Decorators in Fishers
    by Jerry Williams on Aug 05 2011
    Mike Byers of Cornerstone Painting and Drywall is an extraordinary painter. He amazed us with his thoroughness and attention to detail. Our house looks beautiful. Many small businesses say they take pride in their work, they are conscientious, and provide good customer relations, but with Mike it's...

  254. Label Printing Service in Clearwater
    by Rese Thom on Aug 05 2011
    L & N Label Company, Inc, forever responsibility production, a total delight and constant worry. In adding, the price which is a great deal better than additional Place. Our association has determined to make a DVD for the purpose, so I fasten all my DVD cover, placard and sticker wrap...

  255. College Direction Consultants in Denver
    by Jack Whitaker on Aug 04 2011
    Three of my kids have attended test prep classes at College Direction and all improved their scores. The classes are small and Susie Watts knows what she is talking about as the instructor. I also had Susie help them with college selection and the college application process. ...

  256. Reo Elite Abstract, Inc Insurance in Philadelphia
    by Sandy Cohen on Aug 04 2011
    I can't say enough about the fast competent service of this company. They are truly on the ball!!! After going through a devastating divorce i were forced to refinance. I had no patience to deal with the complication of my refinance. REO Elite Abstract took all of my stress away....

  257. Moore Sidney L Jr Attorney At Law Personal Services in Atlanta
    by Linda Beaty on Aug 04 2011
    I do not know a better, faster, smarter, and more thorough attorney anywhere. Tell him what is going on and what you need, and Sid will get the job done. I have no regrets and he helped me years ago and now I need him again. So,...

  258. Eaton Interpreting Services, Inc General Business Services in Sacramento
    by Kim Eaton on Aug 04 2011
    Eaton Interpreting Services, EIS, is extremely fortunate to have the top American Sign Language Interpreters working with us. In addition, all of our schedulers are Nationally RID/NAD certified interpreters that have been in the field for 20+ years!

  259. Elegance Home Painting Cleaning Service Pressure Chemical Industrial Etc in Jacksonville
    by Michael Robinson on Aug 04 2011
    Its hard to find a great contractor and or painter and I have found the go to guy for my house. He went out of his way to help any way he could. stop here and call "Mike" today!

  260. Cafe Really Restaurant in Charlotte
    by Thomas on Aug 04 2011
    Really overpriced for what you get. Service is lacking and the food was average. $7 for a childs breakfast and it doesn't include a drink. Never again.

  261. Global Document Shredding in Atlanta
    by Jan on Aug 04 2011
    awesome prices and customer service. glad they are close too...

  262. Neliz Express Cargo & Freight Services in Los Angeles
    by CArlos quintana on Aug 04 2011
    pues mande una caja hace un mes en esta agencia y no tubo problema vamos a ver si es consistente y sigue trabajando bn

  263. Windy City Smiles Dentists in Chicago
    by Julia on Aug 04 2011
    I have been an patient for about 3YRS now. But always had insurance. Now that I don't and I want to get braces put on here at this clinic which is a little more risk taking. should I do it here? keep coming? I have heard this isn't a recommended...

  264. Tennis Garage Wholesale Goods & Equipment in Winter Park
    by Doug Dickerson on Aug 04 2011
    I am running this automotive repair shop as a professional business. You will be treated with respect and we will "fix" only what needs repaired! I appreciated the opportunity to service you.

  265. Frisco Pr Girl Consultants in Frisco
    by Dan M. on Aug 04 2011
    "In all my years of coaching, in South Carolina and in Texas, my programs and teams have never received the media coverage that Lynn (Frisco PR Girl) has been able to provide. She has gained industry and nationwide coverage in addition to improving Frisco Aquatics' reputation in our local community....

  266. Offsite Kinetics Organizations & Associations in Garden City South
    by Landon D on Aug 04 2011
    Professional and enthused to work with. Perfect for our market. Took to learning a complex product. Produced results and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

  267. Alltech Construction Roofing Contractors in Minneapolis
    by Mike on Aug 04 2011
    The roof was installed with professional precision. Our neighbors were equally impressed. I would expect that you will hear from them soon....

  268. Mr Hardwood Inc Floor Refinishing in Acworth
    by danny on Aug 04 2011
    We are extremely satisfied with the great refinisihing job undertaken on our floors by Mr Hardwood Inc. The difference is dramatic - and every room in our home that has wood flooring, looks like a new room. The attention to detail is obvious, as 90% of our home is wood...

  269. Ark Angel Transport Home Health Services in Saint Pete Beach
    by Sina John on Aug 04 2011
    Medical Transport is the best my father right leg broken and he had the opportunity this time, our family was scared because the hospital was so far away and did not drive my father to the hospital for treatment, lost occasion your team to give a good service for our...

  270. Re/Max Results Real Estate Agents in Bronx
    by Lisa R. on Aug 03 2011
    Perfect place for me and partner, we love the neighborhood, the housing prices out here are great, and we have a great, spacious condo for less than half the cost of a studio in other parts of the city.

  271. West Town Court Apartment Finding & Referral Services in Phoenix
    by sam on Aug 03 2011
    reported both problems. The water they said they would send out a plumber (they never did)THANK GOD the smell went away after 2 days of running the water. The cabinets they tried twice to put back on but they kept falling off. Then the carpet started to come up and...

  272. Ana Recovery & Roll Off Hardware & Home Improvements in Manassas
    by joan on Aug 03 2011
    Recently I needed a rolloff dumpster for a home remodeling project. ANA Recovery provided excellent service at the best price around.

  273. Smith & Keene Heating Contractors, Equipment & Systems in Chesapeake
    by diane on Aug 03 2011
    My AC was not working properly and they installed a circuit breaker which appeared used. They did give me a 10% break on my bill for that. They also chared the unit with 410a. The unit still was not working properly so I called another company who...

  274. Pyramid Logistics Transportation Services in Westminster
    by Louis Gonzalez on Aug 03 2011
    I never worry when I send my trade show display with them. They always get it right....

  275. Tadd Vandemark Fishing Charters Sport & Recreation in Port Charlotte
    by Jason on Aug 03 2011
    I have to say we all had a wonderful time…. Your captain was very good. He was the greatest – he did so much for us and I am very appreciative of his "going the extra mile" for us.

  276. Airport Super Express Transportation Services in Miami
    by Arthur Brossman on Aug 03 2011
    It was summer holidays going on and our family was planning to go somewhere out for picnic. After a long time we planned to go out for picnic. So we were so much excited about it but the main problem was air tickets. I went to Miami airport shuttle for...

  277. Kinney'south Stump Grinding &Tree Service Tree Service in Dallas
    by mike on Aug 03 2011
    I have already recommended Kinney's Stump Grinding &Tree Service and their guys to several friends and family members. They were absolutely outstanding and I fully expect to use them again. Everything about them was top notch. I highly, highly recommend Kinney's Stump Grinding &Tree Service.

  278. Land Art Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance in Vail
    by Mike on Aug 03 2011
    I thought Land Art were very professional and personable. She gave me a great deal and continues to check up on me and my to make sure I am happy. My yard, I would have to say is the best looking in the neighborhood. She is pretty competitive as far...

  279. Desert Rose, Inc House Cleaning in Little Rock
    by Molly on Aug 03 2011
    Great customer service - something that is lacking with so many companies these days. You deliver what you say you will do....the carpets look fantastic and the employees are all very courteous and helpful.

  280. Dr Lauren Swerdloff, Md General & Family Practice in Santa Monica
    by Julie G. on Aug 03 2011
    I went to see the Doctor for fatigue.I been to various doctors over the years for this issue without results. Dr. Swerdloff was able to find out what was wrong with me and treated me successfully. I am eternally grateful. My quality of life has changed like night and day!...

  281. Compu City, Llc Computer Service & Repair in Indianapolis
    by Kelly Reed on Aug 02 2011
    I had so much viruses and i called compu city they removed all the viruses for only $79.99 I never paid less than $200 so it was a good deal i guess :)

  282. Main Line Health Food & Nutricare Wellness Center Other Medical Practices in Bala Cynwyd
    by Dave on Aug 02 2011
    Your products are the best I have ever found and we hope you will continue to provide the highest quality cleansing system out there.

  283. Chapman One Auto Sales Automobile Dealers in Austin
    by Emily Kelly on Aug 02 2011
    The people do not know anything about the car business, they are shady. Not friendly and very rude. I recieved a call letting me know my license plates were in and when i told them i would like them to mail the plates to me, they were rude and told...

  284. Advanced Health Consultants Schools in Saint Petersburg
    by Mary on Aug 02 2011
    I tried to order Phentermine. The entire websight praised the script? When I received it in the mail it was for Phentremine. How do they sleep at night. ...

  285. Atlas Construction Building Contractors in San Diego
    by Preston Coleman on Aug 02 2011
    Atlas built my house in San Diego according to my blueprints! It’s incredible to see that every single thing that I drew on the paper was done with excellent materials and great organization. I admire this company and I really suggest everybody who wants to have their own houses to...

  286. New Wave Hospitality Hotels & Motels in Miami
    by Phillip Wanda on Aug 02 2011
    I just wanted to share my experience here with other people who like me, had a great story to tell when this hospitality company specialized in hotel management took my hotel and made it a successful business where daily there are many things to learn but with their tools, everything...

  287. Alltech Inspection Services Home Inspection Services in Duluth
    by Brian S. on Aug 02 2011
    Alltech Inspection Services saved me from making a HUGE mistake. The house I was buying was vacant and the bank did not want to turn on the utilities. Alltech insisted, and the bank got them on. Alltech found out that the air and furnace were NOT working AT ALL! Then...

  288. Fitness Together Resorts in Temecula
    by DJ on Aug 02 2011
    The attention I receive at Fitness Together is fantastic. I feel like the personal trainers there know me better than my doctor does. The private training suites are amazing. During my personal training sessions, I am not distracted by anything or anyone else. It makes each training session feel like...

  289. Ruby Salon in Huntington Station
    by emily on Aug 02 2011
    Best Threading Place here in long island, Ruby is best best & best , i love the way she done my eye-brow .........

  290. River City Air-Conditioning Appliances - Major - Repair in Portland
    by molly on Aug 02 2011
    I liked the price and the flexible schedule. They called me at work when they were on the way so I could meet them at the house.

  291. Beach & Beach Insurance Insurance in North Charleston
    by Lauren on Aug 02 2011
    Great service with a smile!

  292. New Star Transportation Limousine Services in Houston
    by Vasi on Aug 02 2011
    Jessey Rose & Family would like to thank you for the beautiful limousine ride. Your driver, Rob, was very professional and courteous. This made Jessey’s shopping trip a memorable one. He really enjoyed the limo ride. It was his first tome in a stretch limo! He found this to be...

  293. Lawrence Silverberg, Dpm - City Footcare, Pc Podiatrists in New York
    by Andrew Allen on Aug 01 2011
    dr. Silverberg did an awesome job on my bunion. I had almost no pain after surgery. The bunion is gone and I can run again without foot pain. Thanks doc....