New reviews for June 2015

  1. Austin Dental in Austin
    by TraceyH on Jun 29 2015
    Mary is the best. She gets the job done and answers all the questions she can. Very nice and thorough. Keeps a light conversation going too so it's not awkward. My favorite!!

  2. Sweetfox Websites & Prints in Atlanta
    by Tanya on Jun 29 2015
    So, they told me 24 hours for a website. I received the email that my site was up in 5 hours. Wow! There was a few issues with the personalized emails. They resolved it quickly. I'd purchase from Sweetfox again.

  3. Eastern Fuel Corporation in Hamden
    by Beth Wilson on Jun 29 2015
    We were having issues with our central air unit and the company that installed it went out of business. We called Eastern Fuel and they were able to come out and fix the issue and has been working great ever since....

  4. World Eyeglasses Optical Goods - Sales & Repair in Fort Lauderdale
    by hayley wilk on Jun 29 2015
    Great customer services, great product and great prices plus a very friendly optometrist. I tried on some frames initially that were way too big for my face but he pointed me to some awesome frames that I fell in love with on the spot. I ended up purchasing a pair...

  5. Highgate Security and Locksmith Locks & Locksmiths in Bronx
    by Marvin Rhodes on Jun 27 2015
    We called and scheduled service from highgate security & locksmith based on other reviews. Super prompt, efficient and friendly. The technician re-keyed our existing lock and gave us a good deal on the lock that he had to replace because it was totally stripped. He was really nice about...

  6. Jumbolicious Technologies Advertising in Pompano Beach
    by Andrew N. on Jun 27 2015
    Justin and Jumbolicious Technologies are the very best at what they do. The SEO, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management work they are doing for us is right on. Is exactly what we were looking for. Thank you for all your hard honest work!!!...

  7. Logan Boston Taxi Corp Transportation Services in Boston
    by dianalee on Jun 27 2015
    Good job done. A guy that came to me for repairing was a real professional and very friendly. He finished the job within 10 minutes. Highly recommend.

  8. Jumbolicious Technologies Advertising in Pompano Beach
    by Vandi L on Jun 26 2015
    Jumbolicious Technologies and Justin Ladenthin have done amazing work for our restaurants. We are opening new locations and every time Jumbolicious Technologies and their SEO and Social Media Marketing strategies have brought out our name and brand to the masses. Look no further this is the only company to deal...

  9. Legit Security System & Locksmith in Lynn
    by Willie on Jun 26 2015
    quick, responsible, fair, and customer-oriented guys maybe one of the best services all around.

  10. R R Home Improvement/Roy Rivas Hardware & Home Improvements in Woodbridge
    by Brian Seeback on Jun 26 2015
    Roof repair as its best! If you live in Woodbridge, VA and you need roofing or siding service, well, this is the place. I was skeptical at first place, but this siding company did it more than great. Thank you!

  11. West Roxbury Locksmith Hardware & Home Improvements in West Roxbury
    by David Byrge on Jun 26 2015
    Guys from this service provide fast, professional and comprehensive services for low prices. I recommend them to everyone who needs a locksmith.

  12. Danvers Locksmith Inc Locks & Locksmiths in Danvers
    by John Meeker on Jun 26 2015
    Fast, friendly and fantastic service. I’m satisfied with everything here. Highly recommend.

  13. Tronics World, Llc Discount Stores in Elizabeth
    by Richard Smith on Jun 25 2015
    Raj is a very honest & transparent man. love doing business with him. almost 4 years now. he has helped me grow my business from selling at flea markets to owning my own store in Newark. Tronicsworld is a great growing company & Its been a pleasure to do business...

  14. Coral Gables Bridals in Coral Gables
    by Patricia J. on Jun 25 2015
    I actually was pressured into a dress that just wasn't the ONE at David’s Bridal. Unfortunately, I couldn't return it so I went on search and found Corals Gables Bridal. The dress wasn't exactly what it showed in the picture, but I actually liked it better than the picture! They...

  15. Avrek Law Firm in Irvine
    by Victoria Wilson on Jun 25 2015
    Excellent representation! If you need it done, this law firm is on top.They return my calls the same day, and make time to discuss my case. Better than my experience with other lawyers. Their advice, so far, has been spot on. The paralegals at this firm are also right on...

  16. Ernest Electric Llc Electricians & Electrical Contractors in Hyattsville
    by Derek Ford on Jun 25 2015
    Very Professional and did what he said he would do at a great price. I will use again!!!

  17. Logan Boston Taxi Corp Transportation Services in Boston
    by Raymond Garza on Jun 25 2015
    guys I’m really pleasantly surprised with this service! operator was flexible with the schedules we needed and we discussed all conditions. we were happy when the driver arrived in proper time because there was a lack of time. everything was ok!

  18. Nautical Dental in San Antonio
    by JamieP on Jun 25 2015
    Great service. Friendly staff and dentist. Would use them again for my dental work. easy to find no wait. I would use again for myself and my family.

  19. Bossier Family Dental Care Dentists in Bossier City
    by LatoniaH on Jun 25 2015
    Everyone is patient and caring I should have known about them earlier also I will recommend them to family and friends.

  20. Jumbolicious Technologies Advertising in Pompano Beach
    by Laura on Jun 24 2015
    Jumbolicious technologies took our restaurant from being only competitive when we spent the same money on SEO and PPC CAMPAIGNS as the national chain. To now spending 25% of that and still being ranked as high as them.

  21. Inspree, Llc Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Houston
    by Concerned Citizen on Jun 24 2015
    This company was formed by a bunch of frauds that don’t actually know anything about technology. They outsource everything to China. Save yourself some cash and time and just outsource it yourself.

  22. Premier Appliance Services in Santa Ana
    by Serge on Jun 24 2015
    If the ice maker is not working check the temperature of the freezer. If the freezer temperature is above 10 degrees F. (-12C) the ice maker will not work properly. It functions best when the freezer temperature is set between 0 and five degrees F. (-18 to -15C). If the...

  23. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Lee Anderson on Jun 24 2015
    i will say one thing david was much like a cop interrogating me haha he said it was for my own good tho that hed know all the details of my case and he was right because of one of those details it made things easier.

  24. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Amy A. on Jun 24 2015
    get a lawyer that works for you, David took an interest in my case and did lots of work i know this because he was so well prepared and took care of my DUI.

  25. West Roxbury Locksmith Hardware & Home Improvements in West Roxbury
    by Monica Williams on Jun 24 2015
    I really like how these guys work, always arrive in time, always do their work without any damages to property and always perfect for the price. Excellent customer service!

  26. Eastern Fuel Corporation in Hamden
    by Susan Baldwin on Jun 24 2015
    We hired them to fix out air conditioner that was not working right. They were able to come that day and fixed it in no time.

  27. Legit Security System & Locksmith in Lynn
    by Linda Noon on Jun 24 2015
    Jay, our locksmith was very competent and efficient with replacing two door locks and repairing my mailbox lock. he was very clear and careful about the work he was doing and his work was worth the price he gave. It was completely positive locking experience and as a result I...

  28. Omicron Granite & Tile Floor Refinishing in Jacksonville
    by Daniel White on Jun 24 2015
    Our brick front steps were in need of repair, and we decided to opt for Omicron Granite & Tile based on the recommendation of our neighbor. And we are happy with our decision. I was delighted to see the huge selection at Omicron and highly recommend them. Such a fantastic...

  29. Rc Courier & Delivery Service Delivery Services in Hialeah
    by JOHN ORTA on Jun 23 2015
    Ramon Cardenas damaged our customer's freight and refuses to pay fir his mistake in not sending the requested vehicle. He hung up on customer and myself after utilizing all sorts of rants and profanity. Obviously he does not carry cargo liability insurance : Beware!!!!

  30. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Justin Freeman on Jun 23 2015
    good people and good workers they kept me out of jail to say the least, give them a chance and tell them evberything always tell your lawyers the truth.

  31. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Michael M. on Jun 23 2015
    i didnt know a bit about what i was being charged with,i rather not say what it was. Anyhow this law firm held up their end and took care of my case they did good work.

  32. Chad Byler, Dds, Pa Dentists in Bastrop
    by KatieA on Jun 23 2015
    I experienced very friendly service from the staff and got great information. Our children have had great experiences in the past as well. It was a great experience over all....

  33. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Celia Moore on Jun 23 2015
    Two thumbs up! well to say the least and keep this short, i was in a pinch i looked for representation and i found this firm online i did research and met with a lawyer and they shoed me how dedicated they were trough the work they did for me.

  34. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Olivia CLarks on Jun 23 2015
    from the moment i was charged with a dui i kept stressing out and i couldnt sleep or function really, once i contacted this lawyer i still was unsecured but after we had a good talk and he explained what he would do for me i was relieved and i...

  35. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Jeremy Wells on Jun 23 2015
    my work sometimes requires me to use force and subdue an individual im a security officer and i come to david for every time a punk wants to sue me as its happened twice already, sometimes people just want to hurt you. Anyways the firm has been great they even...

  36. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Armando Bazan on Jun 23 2015
    i've been trough life now and it has its ups and downs i was lucky to find a lawyer like David who would do as advertised and take care of my case, he keeps you updated trough his website, and or mail....

  37. All Star Moving Inc in San Diego
    by Alex M. on Jun 22 2015
    I have no hesitation in fully recommending All Star Moving to anyone. They have moved me personally 3 times, and have done various moving jobs for my non-profit at least the same number of times, all over the last 3 years. Each time it has been a pleasure to work...

  38. Legit Security System & Locksmith in Lynn
    by Ronald Ward on Jun 22 2015
    Handyman that came to me to repair my window lock was very friendly and smart, it was a pleasure to speak with him, thus he repaired my broken lock very quickly, I didn’t even notice how he did it. Great service, I would recommend it!

  39. Surratt Inc Building Contractors in Philadelphia
    by rolando on Jun 19 2015

  40. Law Offices of Lauren Goldberg, Pllc Workers' Compensation Law in New York
    by Gloria Ho on Jun 19 2015
    I was represented by Ms. Goldberg in a wage case. I can’t put into words how horrible of an experience it was in my opinion, she is very unethical, not moral, and I felt the entire time she was representing herself and defendants. I felt like I was her first...

  41. Logan Boston Taxi Corp Transportation Services in Boston
    by Glen Nelson on Jun 19 2015
    low prices, professional drivers and the best vehicles are advantages of logan boston taxi corp. I use it always when I need to get somewhere and I’m never afraid of being late, they provide me with a quick response & the most comfortable trip!

  42. Real Star Property Management, Llc Real Estate Brokers & Agents in Killeen
    by Jon Torres on Jun 18 2015
    Thanks a lot REAL Star Property Management, LLC for your excellent property management services....

  43. Ken Mannas Dds in Lakeway
    by JimJ on Jun 18 2015
    Dr. Mannas is reliable, friendly and a great dentist!

  44. Top Chino Hills, Ca Real Estate Agents Group Appraisers in Chino Hills
    by Mike on Jun 18 2015
    The Top Chino Hills, CA Real Estate Agents Group helped to make buying my first home in Southern California a lot less scary. The agent I found through the Homefinding Center was knowledgeable and friendly....

  45. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Molly Stevenson on Jun 17 2015
    i was so scared thank you, they handled my case and helped me when i needed it.

  46. Austin Dental in Austin
    by EmilyA on Jun 17 2015
    This is the best dental practice I have ever been to. Everyone is so helpful. Dr. Olivares got me through very painful TMJ. Now I have very little discomfort. April does the best teeth cleaning ever. I would recommend Austin Dental to anyone and I have.

  47. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Kimberly Brown on Jun 17 2015
    thanks for fighting for me.

  48. Monrovia Animal Medical Center Veterinarians in Monrovia
    by Deanna Burton on Jun 17 2015
    Dr. Gueniat (Dr. “G”) at Monrovia Animal Medical Center has provided great service for me and my cats in recent years. The hospital is very nice and all the staff are professional and congenial. The prices are very reasonable and they are always thorough and professional. I...

  49. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Matt Moony on Jun 17 2015
    he doesnt play any games haha, i was very aware that i was in big trouble, mr chesley went ahead and made sure i understood everything explaining things in detail, even tho english is not my first language he helped me greatly thanks you sir.

  50. Bcoc Commercial Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services Boise House Cleaning in Boise
    by Sam Smith on Jun 17 2015
    I am very pleased with the carpet cleaning work that was done at my home. Everything looks great. Service was professional and the cleaner took great care. Price was reasonable too. Thank you for such a great job....

  51. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Marcos Puente on Jun 17 2015
    im out and about thanks to this dude. He does good work this lawyer.

  52. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Stephen Young on Jun 17 2015
    he told me from the start that there was many ways this could go wrong this lawyer was honest and didnt mess around saying it all was going to be ok, he did the work and im happy with the results

  53. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Gloria Ortiz on Jun 16 2015
    thanks to david;s honesty and great work he saw trough my case and got me the sentence i needed.

  54. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Marcela Gaddis on Jun 16 2015
    hopefully i dont get in trouble again but if i do i will contact this firm once again, because they were attentive and hard working when it came to my case and they showed results.

  55. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Curtis C. on Jun 16 2015
    i was treated very well and my case was given priority.

  56. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Sheila Jones on Jun 16 2015
    after shopping around for a lawyer i was very please with the fair price that i was being charged with David and trough the website they gave me an estimate, later on when he handled my casse it was a difficult endeavour but he handle its.

  57. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Tania Davis on Jun 16 2015
    he hooked me up with a fair price and represented me, also the website reply was speedy.

  58. Law Offices of David South Chesley in Los Angeles
    by Julian on Jun 15 2015
    after hours of researching lawyers and reading anecdotes about how bad some lawyers can be at handleing a case i found this website with so muich info that i had to call them and make an appointment

  59. Highgate Security and Locksmith Locks & Locksmiths in Bronx
    by Donnie F. on Jun 15 2015
    The owners who manage this place are courteous, professional and very efficient. This is the best locksmith I have encountered. I had gone in there to get duplicate keys made. They also provided a complimentary gift and helped me setup my lockbox which I also bought from them.

  60. Urban Dentistry Dentists in Austin
    by TadB on Jun 15 2015
    Good in depth exam that covered topics my previous dentist never covered....

  61. Topline Movers in Peoria
    by John J. on Jun 15 2015
    This is probably the best moving service I have used in a long time. Excellent consumer service and rates. I decided to use Topline for a move I was making. We agreed on a reasonable price and I had them stop by my place to pick up the stuff....

  62. Alltown Electric Inc Electronic Equipment & Service in Chicago
    by Alice Smith on Jun 15 2015
    This is the best electricians that I ever know! I used them a few times to the moment and every time their work is quick, efficient and with correct results! I will use this local electricians in future because I know that they are real professionals!

  63. Ladybelle Medical Spa Beauty Salons in Westminster
    by Stacey Bennett on Jun 15 2015
    I loved their Signature Facial that the receptionist recommended when I called inquiring. She warned me that the mask would feel tingly at first but would slowly fade in intensity, but the results would be worth being uncomfortable for a few minutes. She was spot on! My...

  64. Legit Security System & Locksmith in Lynn
    by diana may on Jun 15 2015
    Guy that came to me to my house to replace my door lock was very professional, knowledgeable, fast, and friendly. I was glad to meet him, his attitude to work and me was very responsible

  65. My Window Washing Window Cleaning in Northbrook
    by kennedy hakala on Jun 15 2015
    I usually dont write reviews, but I thought their work was great; My windows are BEAUTIFUL and I am one happy customer!

  66. Old Florida Cigar & Bait Co Sporting Goods in Indian Rocks Beach
    by Moses on Jun 14 2015
    My brothers and I stop at this bait shop on the way to the beach to do some surf fishing on 6/13/2015. The customer service was terrible and the live shrimps we bought were a joke we paid for 24 live shrimps and only got about 18 not to mention...

  67. Avrek Law Firm in Irvine
    by Ryan Milton on Jun 13 2015
    I was involved in a car accident last summer. I had serious injuries and my friends car was totaled. I called around to friends to find a good attorney to help me. My friend referred me to Avrek Law Firm. They send an attorney out to my house that...

  68. Affordable Technical Solutions Computer Service & Repair in Glenfield
    by dr. joe perry on Jun 13 2015
    I asked Pete to fix my computer and he did a thorough and good job of restoring my computer to operability at a reasonable cost. I would recommend his service to others.

  69. Greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union in Killeen
    by Ryan Moore on Jun 13 2015
    I got both my cars financed from Greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union. Their interest rates were remarkably low....

  70. Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas in Killeen
    by Brian Rogers on Jun 11 2015
    I got my daughter enrolled with this club a few months back and I have noticed a great boost in her self-confidence and leadership qualities.

  71. McReynolds Automotive Automobile Repair & Service in Byron
    by Amy Laughtery on Jun 10 2015
    The fat lady at the front counter was incredibly rude. She acted like every question I had was above her intelligence level to answer. The owner was equally rude and never stood behind his work, his price or his written promises. Should have listen when I was warned about...

  72. Atlantis Painting and Contracting, Inc Building Contractors in Portsmouth
    by Wayne on Jun 09 2015
    8/13 - Never finished the project. Has made endless excuses for 8 weeks and I finally fired him. From boilers blowing up to sprained feet to court dates to rain to hot to team calling out sick. Came back and finished after receiving review from referring company. ...

  73. Gold Locksmith G Hardware & Home Improvements in Gloucester
    by Thomas Caro on Jun 09 2015
    I like to work with them! Prompt and responsible guys and they always know what exactly they need to do!

  74. Contractors Asphalt Paving Contractors in Austin
    by PeteJ on Jun 09 2015
    I've worked with these guys several times. They are honest and straight forward on all projects, and they will get it done right the first time.

  75. West Los Angeles Washer and Dryer Repair Service Washing Machines & Dryers - Repair in Santa Monica
    by Stephen on Jun 08 2015
    We hired West Los Angeles Washer and Dryer Repair Service to address our Kenmore Washer and Dryer. They were not working as they once did. David clearly knows these machines and was able to get them up and running as we know they can. It took time...

  76. Legit Security System & Locksmith in Lynn
    by Ima Cameron on Jun 08 2015
    I found my locksmiths! These guys are awesome, provide professional services and always in a good mood!

  77. Gold Locksmith G Hardware & Home Improvements in Gloucester
    by Michael Beaupre on Jun 08 2015
    My door lock was repaired for less than 20 min, I didn’t expect such a fast work so I was satisfied with the work of guys from this service.

  78. Biz Locksmith Reading Locks & Locksmiths in Reading
    by Kathie Sosa on Jun 08 2015
    When I asked them for help late at night they didn’t refuse me and arrived less than in half an hour. Something was wrong with my key or lock I didn’t know it that moment but thanks to help of my locksmith I hadn’t to sleep out of my house....

  79. Locks & Keys, Inc Locks & Locksmiths in Woburn
    by Kathie Sosa on Jun 08 2015
    When I asked them for help late at night they didn’t refuse me and arrived less than in half an hour. Something was wrong with my key or lock I didn’t know it that moment but thanks to help of my locksmith I hadn’t to sleep out of my house....

  80. Avrek Law Firm in Irvine
    by Tim Kurl on Jun 06 2015
    My daughter and I were in a car accident about a year ago. Avrek Law handled our case. Maryam Parman told us up front about everything that was going to happen. They got us medical treatment because we had no insurance. They got us a great settlement. I could not...

  81. Mike Roberts Design in Montgomery
    by Christopher Channing on Jun 06 2015
    My rankings went from 2 to 8 on a scale of 1-10 in a few months. I couldn't be happier. I'm actually getting business from my web site now! Great job!

  82. Phoenix Arcade Repair Electronic Equipment & Service in Surprise
    by Robert on Jun 05 2015
    I had a similar experience as this Julie person. I really don't understand how they can even be in business or why the police have not been involved. My best advice is do your own research and contact others who have been ripped off by this person....

  83. Tully Insurance Agency in Sulphur Springs
    by trevor ruby on Jun 04 2015
    thanks for the help guys i really thought you were informative about auto insurance

  84. Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup Cosmetics Retail in Las Vegas
    by Anita on Jun 04 2015
    Stevee Danielle's Hair and makeup is very preety.i like your makeup method

  85. Rainaway Roofing Contractors Roofing Contractors in Miami
    by Victor on Jun 04 2015
    I called them to come to my house and give me a quote for cost of repairs. Brandon came out on a Saturday, got up on the roof, took photos and then gave me a quote to repair area causing small leak into my garage and also to reposition tiles...

  86. Everdry Waterproofing of Se Michigan Waterproofing & Drainage in Sterling Heights
    by Robert J on Jun 02 2015
    Everdry did everything they promised. They showed up the day they said they would and finished when they promised they would. My basement, which was always damp, has not seen a drop of water since they did the job. We had nearly 3 inches of rain last...

  87. South Beach Skincare Dba Lifecell Beauty Supplies & Equipment in Hollywood
    by Barbara Williams on Jun 02 2015
    LifeCell Cooling Under-Eye Treatment is a great product at a reasonable price. Only been using it for a few days and have already noticed a difference. This one is not going to the "wrinkle cream graveyard". ...

  88. Nautical Dental in San Antonio
    by ValerieD on Jun 02 2015
    Nautical Dental was phenomenal! From the beginning they welcomed me and thoroughly explained all that was going on. I highly suggest coming and visiting them!

  89. Shreveport/Bossier Family Dental Care Dentists in Shreveport
    by JbGreene on Jun 02 2015
    A great first experience here. Everyone was so nice and friendly and made sure I was comfortable and taken care of....

  90. All Best Nyc Manhattan Movers General Business Services in New York
    by Janis on Jun 01 2015
    We needed fully licensed and insured New York movers because we have some expensive furniture, also paintings and arts to be professionally packed and moved. Last week we hired this moving company to move our 2 bedroom apartment from 2nd floor Walk-up in Brooklyn Heights to our new house in...

  91. Apvi Express Travel & Tourism in Washington
    by Courtney Jenkins on Jun 01 2015
    Its an unfortunate fact that getting a new passport when yours has been lost or destroyed. For people that travel often for business or take a lot of personal trips, needing a new passport can ruin these travel plans for around six weeks, which in my case was NOT an...

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