New reviews for May 2018

  1. Harmony Dentistry in Mission Viejo
    by Casey on May 30 2018
    I have been visiting Dr. Shiva for routine dental treatments for a few years now. She has an amazing personality and does an awesome job. She provides very useful guidelines for good dental health. Her staff is also very friendly and caring.

  2. My La Mirada Dentist Dentists in Mirada
    by Susan on May 29 2018
    It is a superb dental practice. The setup is immaculate and patient friendly. I was very impressed by the attitude and caring manners of the dentist. He was super nice, honest and professional. They have the best staff for coordinating with patients and provision of assistance to them.

  3. Pure Cypress Dentist Dentists in Cypress
    by Mary on May 29 2018
    This is the first time that I visited Dr. Ash's clinic for some dental treatment and advice. He is very kind listens carefully, boosts up the morale and deals very professionally. All the team members were also very nice, cooperative and professional. The clinic environment was very hygienic and tidy.

  4. Kerahealth France Llc Physicians in Wilmington
    by Olivia Wade on May 29 2018
    “Since the past few months I have been dealing with severe hair loss due to illness. One of my friends suggested KeraHealth and after using the supplements for a few weeks only, the results were visible- which is pretty unbelievable. I could truly see the difference in the amount of...

  5. Rachelle Dauphinee Jewelry Jewelry - Sales & Repair in Denton
    by amanda on May 27 2018
    Not in business

  6. Everdry Waterproofing of Se Michigan Waterproofing & Drainage in Sterling Heights
    by Elizabeth K Welch on May 27 2018
    Iam a satisfied customer of 24 years. Everdry is a reputable professional company which stands behind it's warranty when service is needed.The staff are respectful and prompt. I readily recommend Everdry to anyone needing this service. E.W. Southfield 48034

  7. Skyview Tree Service Tree Service in San Jose
    by Nancy Hill on May 26 2018
    I will recommend Skyview Tree Service to all my friends and family .

  8. Randal McCoy Insurance Business Services in New Baltimore
    by Jonathon on May 26 2018
    I have known and done business with Randy for several years and would recommend him and his company for any of your insurance requirements. He is honest, fair and quick to respond, one of the best I've ever dealt with....

  9. Greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union in Killeen
    by Tanner Ward on May 26 2018
    Interest rates on loans is quite less.

  10. Michael L Capleone - Attorney At Law in Birmingham
    by Richard Bayless on May 25 2018
    Mr. Capleone represented me on my divorce. The process of divorce is terrible, but he helped me and got a great results and outcome. Thank you! Mr. Capleone!

  11. Closet World, Inc Home Repairs & Maintenance in City of Industry
    by albina bertrand on May 24 2018
    Great team and services

  12. Kerahealth France Llc Physicians in Wilmington
    by Maria Johnson on May 24 2018
    “Before taking these vitamins my hair was so bad and I mean bad like it was really damaged, very dry and brittle!I took KeraHealth for one month and my hair became stronger, healthier and actually even looked more shiny.” –Maria

  13. Garage Door Repair Services Minneapolis Hardware & Home Improvements in Minneapolis
    by Erik Smith on May 23 2018
    I had a pleasant experience working with Garage Door Repair Services Minneapolis. They were the ones who fixed the worn cables and bent track of my garage door. I must say they are very professional. The technician was so friendly; he bothered to explain what the door needed. I authorized...

  14. Planet Fitness - Madison (Mineral Point), Wi in Madison
    by Mike Pollock on May 23 2018
    I’m all finished with Planet Fitness! Member there since March 2016 and working out at different clubs all over the country as I am a contract Engineer. I have had no problems with this club or the stuff at any location I have worked out at till the...

  15. Attic Solutions Pet Kennels & Boarding in Pingree Grove
    by George Ruiz on May 23 2018
    I called Attic Solutions to get rid of a skunk problem in my backyard.One night when I brought my dog in from the backyard, he smelled really bad because he got sprayed by a skunk, so i had to give him two baths using remedies, I found on the internet...

  16. Email List Validation Business Services in Anaheim
    by david on May 23 2018
    I recommend this tool for all marketers

  17. Garage Door Repair Experts Manvel Hardware & Home Improvements in Manvel
    by Linda M. on May 23 2018
    I called Garage Door Repair Experts Manvel when the springs of our garage door broke. They gave me a two-hour frame to arrive, but the technician arrived in an hour. He took a quick look and knew right away what to do. He gave me a complete estimate and I...

  18. Same Day Garage Door Repair Fresno Hardware & Home Improvements in Fresno
    by Grace Capobianco on May 23 2018
    My garage door that wasn’t closing all the way got me frustrated, which prompted me to call Same Day Garage Door Repair Fresno. They sent Robin, their garage door service expert, to help me out. He arrived early and immediately started to work. He just realigned the sensors to fix...

  19. New Caney Garage Door Repair Central Hardware & Home Improvements in New Caney
    by Lori Harrington on May 23 2018
    I couldn’t believe that the garage door wouldn’t open at all. I had somewhere to go so it was a relief that the garage door technician came quick to my summons and handled the problem with the machinery properly. The process took the technician less than an hour it was...

  20. Best Garage Door Repair Porter Hardware & Home Improvements in Loop Porter
    by Emily Hart on May 23 2018
    The technician sent by Best Garage Door Repair Porter noted that the tension cable wasn’t properly adjusted and told me it was a problem that kept my garage door from optimally working. I had it replaced and the technician had it done within the hour. The garage door operated smoothly...

  21. Garage Door Repair Pro Kemah Hardware & Home Improvements in Kemah
    by Lucille Walters on May 23 2018
    I highly recommend working with the garage door repair specialist from Garage Door Repair Pro Kemah. I told him to come to my house and check why my garage door remotes won’t automatically open the door. He explained there was a glitch in the program. He fixed it within an...

  22. Garage Door Repair Techs Angleton Hardware & Home Improvements in Angleton
    by Phyllis Kelleher on May 23 2018
    I love working with Garage Door Repair Techs Angleton. The garage door repair technician knew what to do when I couldn’t get the garage door remotes to work. He explained that the issue was caused by the wrong signal frequency. He finished reprogramming the remotes effortlessly and gave me tips...

  23. Best Garage Door Repair Magnolia Hardware & Home Improvements in Magnolia
    by Everett Rivera on May 23 2018
    I called the company for a garage door extension springs replacement service. The apartment I moved to had rusty extension springs. I feared for the safety of my car so I called Best Garage Door Repair Magnolia for a garage door service. Thankfully, the replacement service did not cost a...

  24. Garage Door Repair Pro Lake Jackson Hardware & Home Improvements in Lake Jackson
    by Paul Johnson on May 23 2018
    I was super thrilled when the garage door repair technician told me he could fix my garage door springs. Ever since the garage door extension springs snapped, I couldn’t get my door to open. With the help of Garage Door Repair Pro Lake Jackson, I got to use the door...

  25. Garage Door Repair Pro Conroe Window Repair & Board-Up in Conroe
    by Tom Davidson on May 23 2018
    I immediately contacted Garage Door Repair Pro Conroe when I couldn’t fully close my overhead garage door. Fortunately, the staff accommodated my request quickly. The technician explained to us there was a problem with one of the safety sensors. He just fixed the wiring and adjusted the opener setting. Love...

  26. Sharpton Painting Business Services in Nashville
    by Kara on May 22 2018
    I loved working with this company. I have hired many service companies from plumpers to installers to painters, but have never had such good service. Sharpton Painting repainted our exterior and painting most of our interior. They were a referral from our neighbors and we are very happy....

  27. Franklin Bingo Sport & Recreation in Waco
    by Ernie Rivera on May 22 2018
    Keep up the good work guys!

  28. Techrev Software Developer Services in Pembroke Pines
    by Roody James on May 21 2018
    They have an excellent team on Angular.Js and Node.Js. My project was both on web on mobile where the creation of pages, services, directives etc were done very quickly. I could utilize my time on adding more enhancements.

  29. Easy Lab Work Business Services in Fort Pierce
    by Nathalie on May 21 2018
    A plus in every aspect, I was impressed by how smoothly everything went. Will use this service again.

  30. Kohn Mediation Divorce & Family Law in Stuart
    by Teresa on May 21 2018
    Ms. Kohn did an outstanding brokering a mediation agreement in my dissolution of marriage case. I arrived at her office thinking my case would drag out through the summer months, but instead I left her office three hours later with a very satisfactory, signed mediation agreement. I owe all of...

  31. Blonde Salon & Spa Beauty Salons in Killeen
    by Jean Howard on May 21 2018
    Thanks for helping me relieve my stress through effective body massage.

  32. Tomball Garage Door Repair Central Hardware & Home Improvements in Tomball
    by Sharice Ashley on May 19 2018
    I noted with dismay that the garage door was making an unusual noise as I opened it up, prompting me to call Tomball Garage Door Repair Central for professional help. The specialist hammered the plan of action and got to working. He lathered and tightened up the components within the...

  33. Garage Door Repair Experts League City Hardware & Home Improvements in League City
    by Amos Perez on May 19 2018
    I called Garage Door Repair Experts League City for their speedy delivery guarantee. I needed my garage door looking its best for the house tripping. They didn’t disappoint as they delivered in fine fashion. The guests noticed that garage door as a beauty and I couldn’t be happier, thanks to...

  34. Metro Garage Door Repair Pearland Hardware & Home Improvements in Pearland
    by Brittanie Denton on May 19 2018
    My father noted that there were some rusted out spots in my garage door. So in order not to worry, I called in Metro Garage Door Repair Pearland to look over the whole unit. They found out the rusted hinges and frames. They replaced and repaired within two hours. It...

  35. Garage Door Repair Tech Humble Hardware & Home Improvements in Humble
    by Derrick Mundy on May 19 2018
    I couldn’t stand the grating sound that the garage door I had on was making so I called Garage Door Repair Tech Humble for professional help. The repair specialist took one look at the unit and pinpointed the problem after a bit. He worked to correct the problem and succeeded...

  36. Same Day Garage Door Repair Spring Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Spring
    by Christy Garcia on May 19 2018
    My garage door was malfunctioning; it wouldn’t open at all. So I had to contact Same Day Garage Door Repair Spring TX for some technical assistance. They didn’t disappoint as they sent their technical specialist to handle the situation. He noted the problems and fixed them up immediately. I got...

  37. Garage Door Repair Experts the Woodlands Hardware & Home Improvements in The Woodlands
    by Arnold Scott on May 19 2018
    I didn’t know what to do as I noted that the garage door was wobbly opening up. This prompted me to call in Garage Door Repair Experts The Woodlands for help. They sent a repair specialist my way who noted that the cable was frayed and the pulley system wasn’t...

  38. Mega Garage Door Repair Missouri City Hardware & Home Improvements in Missouri City
    by Roberta Lawson on May 19 2018
    The storm blew off the antenna controlling my automatic garage door. I had my remote but it wouldn’t work at all. Upon my father’s recommendation I called Mega Garage Door Repair Missouri City for help. The specialist came and installed a new antenna and reprogrammed my remote to work with...

  39. Sugar Land Garage Door Repair Central Hardware & Home Improvements in Sugar Land
    by Meredith Munguia on May 19 2018
    I was about to leave the townhouse when the garage door suddenly stopped midway to closing. I couldn’t leave it hanging so I called up Sugar Land Garage Door Repair Central to provide immediate assistance. The technician provided immediate help and was pretty trustworthy to boot. I was quite impressed...

  40. Ct Garage Door Repair Katy Hardware & Home Improvements in Katy
    by Robert Young on May 19 2018
    My son called CT Garage Door Repair Katy to provide us with their same-day repair guarantee. Our garage door was malfunctioning and we thought it needed an adjustment and some maintenance. The technician came in and did it properly within the hour. It was pretty fast and amazing.

  41. Gds 24/7 Inc Hardware & Home Improvements in Houston
    by Marilou Fryer on May 18 2018
    I had to call GDS 247 Houston Inc when our garage door remote stopped working. The technician who attended to our service request was fantastic. It turned out the remote control just needed reprogramming. Overall the service was reliable, professional and efficient which is why they are the garage...

  42. Sundek of Central Texas Swimming Pool Construction in Belton
    by Michael Nicoletti on May 17 2018
    This was a nightmare experience! We had our entire pool, pool deck, and patio's (front and backyards) resurfaced. The pool folks were fantastic. Sundek, however, wasn't even close! Our front yard patio (dark brown) was oversprayed (on our foundation, flower beds, etc) but that wasn't the worst part. They added...

  43. Comfort Inn Hotels & Motels in Fort Collins
    by Carolyn on May 15 2018
    I was an employee for the Comfort Inn Fort Collins North as their Breakfast Ambassador. Unfortunately, I am relocating and had to leave this position. If I could choose to stay here long term, I would happily. I have nothing but wonderful praises to sing toward management, company culture, and...

  44. Kerahealth France Llc Physicians in Wilmington
    by Emma Williams on May 15 2018
    “My hair has never looked this good!I would recommend KeraHealth to anyone who is having hair loss problems.” – Emma

  45. Once Upon a Child in Katy
    by Sue on May 14 2018
    I've bought a lot from this location and very disappointed at the rude treatment I received during checkout. I will give it another chance, as I know some people are just having a bad day. Hopefully, the helpfulness and exchange will be better in the future.

  46. Pure Cypress Dentist Dentists in Cypress
    by Jonathan on May 13 2018
    They have very professionally trained staff and extremely competent dentist. I am recommending them to friends and family.

  47. Garage Door Repair Technology Hardware & Home Improvements in Pearland
    by Kevin Puckett on May 12 2018
    I asked Garage Door Repair Technology Pearland to repair the pulley system in my garage door. The technician replaced several bearings and pulleys and made the garage door work as silently and as efficiently as the day I had it installed fifteen years ago. It was pretty nice seeing it...

  48. Ly Garage Door Repair Houston Hardware & Home Improvements in Houston
    by Gregorio Chandler on May 12 2018
    I decided to change my garage doors in both duplex units. So I called the trusty technicians of LY Garage Door Repair Houston for assistance. The specialist arrived and conferred with me about the models I wanted to use. H got them delivered and installed within the hour. It was...

  49. Grand Garage Doors Hardware & Home Improvements in Houston
    by Amos Cook on May 12 2018
    The garage door needed to be checked thoroughly after a few weeks of being unused as we were on vacation. I called Grand Garage Door Repair Houston to help me out and they sent a serviceman to do a periodic maintenance check on my unit. He did a comprehensive job...

  50. Mga Garage Door Repair League City Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Webster
    by Loyd Kohler on May 12 2018
    I called M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX because the garage door wouldn’t open up at all. The automatic door opener wouldn’t work and I was sure I replaced the batteries right. The technician noted that there was a serious chip flaw so he replaced the chip and got...

  51. Mga Garage Door Repair Sugar Land Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Sugar Land
    by Theron Meyer on May 12 2018
    We planned to surprise my father with a huge gift so we called M.G.A Garage Door Repair Sugar Land TX to have a better garage door installed. Was my father surprised when he arrived from a trip to a better unit in his garage. He was pretty thankful for that...

  52. Mga Garage Door Repair Houston Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Houston
    by Kurtis Taylor on May 12 2018
    The garage door was rattling and pretty noisy as I was operating it. I didn’t know what to do so I called in M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX for help. The specialist noted that the cables were misaligned resulting in the noise. He fixed it up and had the...

  53. Appliance Repair Covina Ca Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Covina
    by Rachel Hamel on May 11 2018
    The oven wouldn’t broil anymore so I knew there was a problem with the unit. I called the experts at Appliance Repair Covina CA for help because it just wouldn’t do. The technician diagnosed a broken down broil element which caused the problem and he replaced it after a while....

  54. Harmony Dentistry in Mission Viejo
    by Joseph on May 11 2018
    Believe me she will take time to answer your questions in detail. You will not feel bored and tense. I felt extremely comfortable throughout my visit.

  55. Express Appliance Repair of Glendora in Glendora
    by William Becker on May 11 2018
    It was supposed to be wash day but my washer wouldn’t start. I called the experts in Appliance Repair Glendora CA to handle it. The repairman came in and rewired my unit altogether and my problem was solved. It was such an efficient and thorough job I couldn’t help but...

  56. Appliance Repair Diamond Bar Ca Appliances - Major - Repair in Diamond Bar
    by Juan Duke on May 11 2018
    Our mom’s freezer just shot down in the middle of the night and leaked all over the floor. I called Appliance Repair Diamond Bar CA and they send a specialist to look it over. He noted that the engine blew apart and replaced the mechanism entirely. We were sufficiently impressed...

  57. Appliance Repair Baldwin Park Ca Appliances - Major - Repair in Baldwin Park
    by Jacob Kennedy on May 11 2018
    We noticed that our oven had weak burner flames as we were cooking doubling our cook times. We called in a specialist from Appliance Repair Baldwin Park CA to address the issue. He arrived early and checked the unit. Turns out it was clogged beyond belief. He cleaned it up...

  58. Appliance Repair West Covina Ca Appliances - Major - Repair in West Covina
    by Herman Farr on May 11 2018
    I contacted Appliance Repair West Covina CA when my old microwave would not heat, and they didn’t let me down. I was tempted to buy a new one but I felt this team can fix it. True to my gut feel, their technician diagnosed a faulty diode and replaced it....

  59. Appliance Repair Yucaipa Ca Appliances - Major - Repair in Yucaipa
    by Debbie Guillot on May 11 2018
    Appliance Repair Yucaipa CA is an excellent appliance repair company. I called them today to fix my refrigerator and I appreciate how they accommodated my request to come within this day. The technician was extremely helpful and smart. He completed the job in less than an hour.

  60. Appliance Repair Ontario Ca Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Ontario
    by Jonathan Wright on May 11 2018
    I called Appliance Repair Ontario CA to fix my faulty dishwasher. I read many good reviews about this appliance repair company, now I know why. Their technician showed up on time, diagnosed the issue quickly and answered my many questions. Overall, it was a great experience especially because I was...

  61. Appliance Repair Chino Ca Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Chino
    by Nathan Young on May 11 2018
    I had a pleasant experience with Appliance Repair Chino CA when I called for freezer repair. The appliance was not freezing and it got me worried. The technician was on time, friendly and extremely skilful. He explained it was due to broken evaporator fan motor and told me what’s necessary....

  62. Appliance Repair Rancho Cucamonga Ca Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Rancho Cucamonga
    by Tyler Gonzales on May 11 2018
    My dryer just wouldn’t go all the way in drying up my clothes all of a sudden. So I called in Appliance Repair Rancho Cucamonga CA to provide me assistance in my predicament. I was pleasantly surprised when the technician arrived earlier than the appointed time and did the repairs...

  63. Appliance Repair Fontana Ca Appliances - Major - Repair in Fontana
    by Brayden Baker on May 11 2018
    We saw that the refrigerator was leaking water inside the unit one hot day. Knowing it wasn’t normal, we called Appliance Repair Fontana CA so that the proper repairs could be made to our unit. Their technician came in with the equipment and made the repairs within a matter of...

  64. Time Remedies, Inc Real Estate Brokers & Agents in Goldens Bridge
    by Kathy on May 10 2018
    I so enjoy working with Louisa. She really cares about her clients and is a true professional.

  65. Esthetic Institute in Vienna
    by Kristen Morton on May 10 2018
    I am confident in my decision to become an esthetician. The opportunity afforded to me by attending this school, in my opinion is unmatched. I am excited about my future in this field and believe I will always have a resource and mentor in Ms. Parvane.

  66. Kerahealth France Llc Physicians in Wilmington
    by Marie Johnston on May 10 2018
    “I have used these excellent hair growth vitamins for the past 3 months, my hair loss has reduced substantially and my hair is even growing faster” - Says Marie Johnston

  67. Scentsy Independent Consultant - Rochelle Terra Retail in Roseburg
    by jackie shull on May 09 2018
    I ordered on 4/21/18 and was told about a week for delivery. It is now 5/10/18 and I have no order. I have called about 10x and never get a call back. I filed a complaint about her with the corporate office

  68. Patty Brown - Allstate Insurance Insurance in Sulphur Springs
    by TJTEX on May 09 2018
    These clowns have no regard for the DNC lists and call over and over with silence at the other end of the call. That's a Federal offense.

  69. Colleen'south Catering Wedding Services in Beatrice
    by Sammuel on May 09 2018
    Food was awesome and lots of complements…. Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business again with you. Awesome job on the food!

  70. Law Firm of Mark South Eghrari & Associates, Pllc Wills, Estate Planning, & Probate Law in Smithtown
    by Pete & Veronica on May 09 2018
    Satisfied & all questions were answered do a professional level.

  71. Idea Buyer Llc Advertising in Columbus
    by zoraida benoit on May 09 2018
    So far, Idea Buyer has been doing a great job. Everything has been done in a timely fashion, and they've been following the program that they set out for me.

  72. Patsy Rae'south Boutique Clothing Retail in Largo
    by steve on May 09 2018
    This woman lies about whats shes going to do for you and then decides she doesnt need to explain herself....

  73. Jitesh Manaktala - Freelance Wordpress Developer Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Miami
    by David Booth on May 08 2018
    “Working with Jitesh was a total pleasure. The best thing about him is he didn’t waste time (my and my company’s) with pointless interactions. I would like to thank him and his team for this. Highly appreciated! Also the final results exceeded all of my quality expectations. The communication part...

  74. Harmony Dentistry in Mission Viejo
    by Olivia on May 06 2018
    The dental assistant is amazing here. She helped me a lot and did her job very well. The dentist did a thorough checkup and and guided me in a very easy and realistic way. He is very charming kind and knowledgeable.

  75. Raceway Ford Automobile Dealers in Riverside
    by Gwendolyn Smith on May 05 2018
    Ishmael and Mark were so amazing. I never thought I could own a new car and they fought for me and made it happen. My whole experience was made great by everyone at Raceway Ford. When my kids are ready to buy cars I will take them here.

  76. My La Mirada Dentist Dentists in Mirada
    by Jeremy W. on May 04 2018
    My 8 year old son didn't get bore as he was watching netflix there. This clinic will take care of you well. They are nice friendly and caring. I am very happy.

  77. Kynnedi'Rae Charles Community Help Center Inc in Jonesboro
    by J on May 03 2018
    Do not donate, she is commiting fraud

  78. Kerahealth France Llc Physicians in Wilmington
    by Daniel Kristen on May 03 2018
    “Just 2 pills a day and wait for the magic to happen! KeraHealth has worked wonders for me” – says Kristen

  79. Belle Forme Wholesale Goods & Equipment in Redondo Beach
    by Darina Demidenko on May 03 2018
    The best collection I have ever come across! With reasonable prices and great customer service. Nothing can be better than this! Mothers, sisters and all my gals out there, this the ONE you need!

  80. Car Locksmith Houston Locks & Locksmiths in Houston
    by Perri on May 02 2018
    I lost the key to my Honda Accord in Pearland Texas and called Car Locksmith Houston for assistance. Tech was with me within less the 30 minutes, unlock the door and cut and program a new key with a fob on the spot. I was back into my car driving...

  81. Scott McLeod Photography Wedding Services in Birmingham
    by Geoff Jenner on May 02 2018
    I had pictures taken hoping for the best . Ive had shots from two photographers in Bhm and one in Atlanta, all were good, atl very good. The pictures were so bad, the agent told me to ask for the money back. I asked for some editing fro Scott and...

  82. Washington Valley Cabinet Shop Cabinet Makers in Martinsville
    by Jesse Martin on May 02 2018
    Great customer services!

  83. My La Mirada Dentist Dentists in Mirada
    by Karen Chris on May 01 2018
    My teeth crown fell out and I was feeling very uncomfortable because of that. I contacted this clinic and they provided detailed options for my treatment plan. I got the appointment at my own ease. The dentist and his team fixed my teeth issues in very less time. They are...

  84. Pure Cypress Dentist Dentists in Cypress
    by Abilene Dale on May 01 2018
    The dentist and his staff are very knowledgeable and pay their full attention to every patient. They cleaned my teeth thoroughly. I discussed some problems with them that I was facing and they explained the solution in detail. I learned a lot useful tips from them.

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