New reviews for April 2018

  1. 23 Hoyt Restaurant in Portland
    by Ann Conlon on Apr 29 2018
    Was treated to Brunch today and ordered the vegetable hash. As I was a guest ,I didn't complain . The hash should have had beets along with other veggies. Had far too many roasted potatoes, only 2 I inch slices of asparagus and no beets! I was very disappointed!

  2. All Points Moving & Storage - Long Distance Only Movers & Storage in Glen Rock
    by Robert Hann on Apr 28 2018
    All Points Moving & Storage did a magnificent job with my move! They showed up on time the day of our move and were efficient. Highly recommended!

  3. Sears Parts & Repair Center in Miami
    by Cecilia Acevedo on Apr 27 2018
    That phone is never answered is it a working number?

  4. Pressure Washer Service, Inc Repair Services in Clearwater
    by Chris on Apr 27 2018
    I have been in the Pressure Washing industry since 1997, operating in multiple states. Having worked with several vendors throughout the years, I can say that Lori, Rex, and the rest of the team at PWS are miles ahead of the competition. Their prices are the always the best, they...

  5. Aaa K-9 Mobile Grooming in San Diego
    by Amanda M. on Apr 26 2018
    You really have to experience AAA K-9 Mobile Grooming to understand how great it is. No crates, no waiting all day for you dog to be done and a beautiful result. If it's just a bath, or the total groom...they are wonderful. You will not be disappointed. Sara is so...

  6. Medbridge Transport Transportation Services in Houston
    by Samantha F. on Apr 26 2018
    After waiting for yellow cab for 3 hours, I called this company. The told me they would arrive in 25 minutes. 20 minutes later the van was there to pick us up.

  7. Kerahealth France Llc Physicians in Wilmington
    by Isabella Cruz on Apr 26 2018
    “I’ve been using the supplements for one month now, and to be honest, I’m completely bowled over by the great results so far, and excited to complete my full 3-month treatment. My hair feels fuller and looks shinier, and I am sure my hair is growing faster!” – says Isabella

  8. Ricky Can Build It in Fairfax
    by Jenna on Apr 25 2018
    They did a job for me and I was very dissappointed !!They do terrible work !!!They do roof work with out safety equipment if Osha should come and inspect every job he does!!!The worse is that he does not pay his workers and fires them without pay!!

  9. Harmony Dentistry in Mission Viejo
    by Eden on Apr 25 2018
    I had to take my son with me to the clinic. I was so relax as they took care of my 9 years old son in the waiting area. They played games with him. The dental assistant was very friendly. We talked a lot about different stuff. The procedure also...

  10. Tru-Clean Carpet & Tile Care, Inc House Cleaning in Cape Coral
    by Mark Hollingsworth on Apr 25 2018
    We hired Tru-Clean Carpet & Tile Care based on a recommendation from our realtor to clean the carpeting and tile in a home we just purchased. They did an excellent job, showed up when they said they would and their technicians were knowledgeable and friendly. We highly recommend...

  11. Affordable Cleaning Service Brooklyn in Brooklyn
    by roberto on Apr 24 2018
    I recommend Affordable cleaning service Brooklyn because I hired them to do a cleaning after a family party and their work was excellent, I recommend them. ...

  12. The Tax Jedi Consultants in Oceanside
    by Andy R. on Apr 24 2018
    Tom was a life saver. My previous tax accountant made a mistake that he corrected and I received a very nice refund from the IRS. I get so much paperwork each year at...

  13. Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce in Killeen
    by Jess Weaver on Apr 24 2018
    An excellent portal to find various things to do in Killeen, TX.

  14. Real Star Property Management, Llc Real Estate Brokers & Agents in Killeen
    by Ramiro Olson on Apr 24 2018
    They worked very hard to ensure a hassle-free renting experience for me.

  15. Blonde Salon & Spa Beauty Salons in Killeen
    by Bennie Young on Apr 24 2018
    Amazing spa packages! Would definitely visit them again.

  16. Bvs Development Corporation in Glen Allen
    by Ashane Nicole on Apr 23 2018
    I am a fan of this app, it provides me many card games to play so I will never get bored with it. It's great that the app can be downloaded to many products for every one to enjoy. I have found three of my favorite card games so far...

  17. Target Supplies Office Supplies & Equipment in Philadelphia
    by kathryne kinard on Apr 23 2018
    Great place and convenient for cleaning supplies! No. 1 in customer service

  18. Franklin Bingo Sport & Recreation in Waco
    by Norris Watson on Apr 23 2018
    Amazing place to have fun with your friends.

  19. Tempe Window Tinting Solution Automobile Repair & Service in Tempe
    by Mike on Apr 22 2018
    I have been in the automotive sales industry for 24 years. I have seen horrible sales tactics and I have seen the best upgrades products and price in the industry.these guys have literally taken window tint and auto glass to a new level. Thank you!!

  20. My La Mirada Dentist Dentists in Mirada
    by Jason on Apr 21 2018
    I loved the pain free procedure by Dr Ash. He is very knowledgeable dentist. I felt comfortable throughout the treatment.

  21. Pure Cypress Dentist Dentists in Cypress
    by Olivia on Apr 21 2018
    My teeth were in a very bad shape, main reason for my low self esteem. But after few visits and full procedure, I can confidently smile. Pure Cypress will be always my first choice.

  22. Bob Norrell, Realtor in Timonium
    by Frank Matthews on Apr 20 2018
    Bob is a agent who really cares about the needs of his clients. He also has a keen sense of the local real estate market and an eye for a good deal.

  23. Appliance Repair San Bernardino Ca Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in San Bernardino
    by Curtis Fitchett on Apr 20 2018
    My cousins were coming to visit me after 5 years so I wanted to bake something extra special for our reunion. When I was about to start making some muffins, my oven suddenly made a weird noise then shut down. I immediately contacted Appliance Repair San Bernardino CA since I...

  24. Appliance Repair Corona Ca Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Corona
    by Kory Bufkin on Apr 20 2018
    My friend asked me where she could have a refrigerator repair that wouldn’t cost her much. I recommended her Appliance Repair Corona CA because I have tried their effective service in the past. Food spoiled in her fridge because it wouldn’t get cold enough. She told me the home appliance...

  25. Appliance Repair Riverside Ca Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Riverside
    by Dominic Sheedy on Apr 20 2018
    After five years of loyal service, I thought our washer was ready to retire when it suddenly stopped spinning. I took a chance and called Appliance Repair Riverside CA to see if their washer & dryer service could still salvage it. The tech guy immediately knew that there was a...

  26. Harmony Dentistry in Mission Viejo
    by Matt on Apr 19 2018
    I had cavity in my tooth since long. I was always scared of dentists. But the cavity was getting worst. So I booked an appointment with Harmony which was an easy process. The clinic was very neat and clean and everything was extremely professional. Recommended service....

  27. Tukwila Garage Door Repair Central Hardware & Home Improvements in Tukwila
    by Douglas Jacobs on Apr 19 2018
    I am glad that it was Tukwila Garage Door Repair Central that I tapped for garage door repair. Just the other day, our garage door would not lift up to open no matter how much I pressed the open button. The technician who came was very friendly and competent. He...

  28. Gds and Repair Kenmore Wa Hardware & Home Improvements in Kenmore
    by Jerry Lema on Apr 19 2018
    I turned to GDS and Repair Kenmore WA when we needed professional garage door service. My husband would normally fix minor issues but I count on this company if I need a specialist. The door was opening in a slow and unusual manner and I thought it was an issue...

  29. Custom Landscaping & Lawn Care Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance in East Brunswick
    by De kerekes on Apr 19 2018
    This is the first time I contracted with this lawn company I’m very pleased They did a great job I will recommend them to my friends

  30. Garage Door Repair Services Mercer Island Hardware & Home Improvements in Mercer Island
    by Janet Mann on Apr 19 2018
    My mother introduced Garage Door Repair Services Mercer Island to me when I needed a new opener for my garage door. I was very satisfied the way they handled my case, working their way to present and explain my options. I felt I could trust them for they didn’t force...

  31. Closet World, Inc Home Repairs & Maintenance in City of Industry
    by ashely lucia on Apr 19 2018
    Glad to get your service.

  32. Garage Door Repair Pro Seatac Hardware & Home Improvements in Seatac
    by Dorthy Loper on Apr 19 2018
    My husband called Garage Door Repair Pro SeaTac to fix our broken garage door opener. The technician was at home in an hour and got the job done in about 20 minutes. He was very knowledgeable and didn’t charge me a lot. He even bothered to clean the area. I...

  33. Call4fix Garage Door Repair Bothell Hardware & Home Improvements in Mill Creek
    by Kimberly Dixon on Apr 19 2018
    Call4Fix Garage Door Repair Bothell was very responsive when I called them to fix my garage door. The springs were worn and had to be replaced. I was so pleased with the technician’s promptness and expert skills. The door is now working so smoothly and I decided to sign up...

  34. Citypro Garage Door Repair Des Moines Hardware & Home Improvements in Des Moines
    by Christopher Summerlin on Apr 19 2018
    I noticed that our garage door was not balanced so I called CityPro Garage Door Repair Des Moines. They sent Dave, one of their garage door service experts. He was quick to diagnose the issue and did a garage door spring replacement because some of the springs were defective. Two...

  35. Greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union in Killeen
    by Dylan Cole on Apr 19 2018
    Quite helpful & knowledgeable staff.

  36. Centex Technologies in Dallas
    by Edmond Powell on Apr 19 2018
    Good SEO company in Dallas, TX!

  37. Appliance Repair Port Hueneme Appliances - Major - Repair in Port Hueneme
    by Ryan Andrews on Apr 19 2018
    Appliance Repair Port Hueneme does awesome appliance repair. I called them once and they didn’t disappoint me. It was a broken stove that they had to deal with, and after replacing the igniter, the appliance was good as new. Their price is affordable and the response was fast.

  38. Appliance Repair Santa Paula Appliances - Major - Repair in Santa Paula
    by Nolan Barry on Apr 19 2018
    I came home to a leaking refrigerator so I called Appliance Repair Santa Paula and requested for them to come see it ASAP. To my relief, they sent a technician right away. He explained the problem was due to frozen defrost drain and did the necessary. I am so thankful...

  39. Appliance Repair Moorpark Appliances - Major - Repair in Moorpark
    by Ronald Costilla on Apr 19 2018
    I am very amazed at how fast the technician from Appliance Repair Moorpark works. I asked for a quotation for their washer & dryer service, and since it was very cheap, I lowered my expectation. But what I got was the best appliances service ever, much to my surprise!

  40. Garage Door Repair Pro Edmonds Hardware & Home Improvements in Edmonds
    by Tina Clyburn on Apr 19 2018
    Our garage door suddenly stopped working the other night. I called Garage Door Repair Pro Edmonds and they scheduled me the next morning. After the technician inspected the door, he said that the garage door springs, rollers and opener needs to be replaced. He was also very straightforward and never...

  41. Appliance Repair Thousand Oaks Appliances - Major - Repair in Thousand Oaks
    by dale sturm on Apr 19 2018
    The frost buildup on the sides of my refrigerator was increasing in volume. I requested for fridge repair from Appliance Repair Thousand Oaks. I was initially very worried about the cost, but the repairman assured me I only needed a replacement for the gaskets. Honest appliance service.

  42. Expert Garage Door Repair Morton Grove Hardware & Home Improvements in Morton Grove
    by Robert Cavanaugh on Apr 19 2018
    Our garage door made some rattling sounds as it opened up this morning. It proved to be such an irritating noise our neighbors asked us what happened. We then called Expert Garage Door Repair Morton Grove to provide us with some technical assistance. Their service repairman arrived and had the...

  43. Appliance Repair Camarillo Appliances - Major - Repair in Camarillo
    by Daniel Peterson on Apr 19 2018
    I want to thank Appliance Repair Camarillo, especially the appliance repair technician Mike. My washing machine would not spin, even when everything, including the lid switch, is perfectly okay. I called for washing machine repair and found out that the problem is bigger than I thought. The drive belt was...

  44. Garage Door Repair Central Park Ridge Hardware & Home Improvements in Park Ridge
    by Larry Tucker on Apr 18 2018
    We discovered that one of our garage door cables snapped in the night and we couldn’t get the garage door open in the morning. We asked for immediate assistance from Garage Door Repair Central Park Ridge because we couldn’t get to our jobs. Their technician arrived within an hour. He...

  45. Appliance Repair Oxnard Appliances - Major - Repair in Oxnard
    by chris schmidt on Apr 18 2018
    We loaded a batch of dishes into the dishwasher and had it running. The problem was we didn’t get neatly dried plates back. We knew there was a problem immediately. We asked Appliance Repair Oxnard for help and they sent an accommodating technician to assist us. He checked the components...

  46. Pro Garage Door Repair Glenview Hardware & Home Improvements in Glenview
    by Kelli Neal on Apr 18 2018
    Pro Garage Door Repair Glenview scheduled my garage door service within the day I reached out to them. I was happy with the results of the garage door opener repair. Thanks to the service, the opener now works flawlessly. He got rid of the grinding sound that my mom complained...

  47. Appliance Repair Santa Barbara Appliances - Major - Repair in Santa Barbara
    by jose turner on Apr 18 2018
    I was planning on a feast for our guests for a special occasion but I found out that my oven wasn’t working properly. It wasn’t heating up and despite my troubleshooting I had to call in Appliance Repair Santa Barbara to send a technician over. He arrived way before the...

  48. My La Mirada Dentist Dentists in Mirada
    by Isabelle J. on Apr 18 2018
    Dr Ash did my root canal therapy. It was a bit lengthy procedure but Dr Ash was properly answering my questions. He was educating me on every step. These guys are very professional....

  49. New Jersey Orthopaedic Institute in Wayne
    by Ken DeFilippo on Apr 18 2018
    There have been personnel changes within Billing over the past year. Attempts to speak with a rep from billing is next to impossible! Recently, errors have been seen on patient invoices which require a discussion with Billing. Despite my voicing these concerns, these same issues continue to be presented to...

  50. Esthetic Institute in Vienna
    by Emilio Maxwell on Apr 18 2018
    I enjoy coming to Esthetic Institute, I've learned and experienced something new everyday. It's a joy to see what different things I have to each day....

  51. Atlanta Locksmith Llc in Atlanta
    by Dan on Apr 18 2018
    Thank you

  52. Mr Roof Nashville Hardware & Home Improvements in Hermitage
    by Camille on Apr 17 2018
    My experience with Mr. Roof so far has been good. The quote was competitive on the repair I need done. The customer service has also been top notch....

  53. Arcpoint Labs of Orlando Central in Orlando
    by Larry C. on Apr 17 2018
    Very helpful, when choosing which test to submit for a court order in a family court divorce case preceeding....

  54. Kerahealth France Llc Physicians in Wilmington
    by Angelina Martin on Apr 17 2018
    “These amazing supplements really work- my thinning is so much less and my hair hair is stronger, healthier and shinier.” Thanks KeraHealth!! – Angelina

  55. Pure Cypress Dentist Dentists in Cypress
    by JeremyM on Apr 16 2018
    Harmony is a fantastic clinic. Perfect for your family dental health. I recommend Harmony

  56. Jb'south a/C & Electrical Inc Air Conditioning System Repair in Stuart
    by Paul on Apr 16 2018
    Thank you for working on my AC unit. I appreciate the work you did and your timely response. The ac is cooling well and everyone at my house is very thankful. Thanks again

  57. Martin Funeral Home and Crematory Saint Lucie Chapel Funeral Homes in Stuart
    by Grace on Apr 16 2018
    We want to say a special 'Thank You' for all you did for us. Everything was perfect, and it helped us so much during this difficult time. It seemed like everything fell into place just like we wanted. Thank you again for your kindness and patience with...

  58. Jitesh Manaktala - Freelance Wordpress Developer Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Miami
    by Peter Gard on Apr 16 2018
    Brilliant work! I was looking for a professional developer for this project and luckily, I encountered with Jitesh Manaktala at one of the technical training sessions. He is a friendly and highly qualified professional who took care of all that I needed and much more. He is an absolute pleasure...

  59. Radish & Rose in Los Angeles
    by Patricia Glad on Apr 15 2018
    Radish and Rose catered our wedding weekend - from rehearsal dinner to wedding reception and Sunday brunch... and it was phenomenal. Absolutely beyond our expectations. The planners Michael and Alex, were connected through the planning and execution process and the food was beautifully presented and had the quality, flavor,...

  60. Appliance Repair Brea Appliances - Major - Repair in Brea
    by michaelmartin17 on Apr 14 2018
    The heat of my electric stove was not controllable anymore. It was an inconvenience, but Appliance Repair Brea helped in solving the issue. The dial was repaired by their appliance repair technician who knew more than a thing or two about stoves. I am calling them again next time.

  61. Appliance Repair Yorba Linda Appliances - Major - Repair in Yorba Linda
    by normanfickes on Apr 14 2018
    When I told the appliance repair technician from Appliance Repair Yorba Linda about my defective washing machine, he was very understanding. He fixed the spin timer, which appears to have worn out and gotten loose through time. He was an expert in washers and I am glad he was assigned...

  62. Appliance Repair Newport Beach Appliances - Major - Repair in Newport Beach
    by christopherbhakta on Apr 14 2018
    My girlfriend noticed that the dishwasher wouldn’t start operations. So we drained it and had Appliance Repair Newport Beach come in to repair the unit. The technician was pretty laudable as he did a thorough inspection and found that one of the fuses needed replacing. He had it going properly...

  63. Appliance Repair Westminster Appliances - Major - Repair in Westminster
    by edgarjohnson on Apr 14 2018
    I had planned on having my friends over for a sleepover. I had prepared everything but the food and I nearly freaked out when the microwave wouldn’t work and they were due any minute. I frantically called Appliance Repair Westminster for assistance and was fortunate their technician was able to...

  64. Appliance Repair North Hills Appliances - Major - Repair in North Hills
    by leonard kibbe on Apr 14 2018
    The dishwasher was leaking all over the place and generally was making a mess on my floor. I didn’t know what to do so I immediately called Appliance Repair North Hills to provide their patented dishwasher repair service on my unit. Their technician noticed that the gaskets were loose so...

  65. Appliance Repair Tarzana Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Tarzana
    by everette wiley on Apr 14 2018
    Appliance Repair Tarzana’s honesty has left an impression on me. I was having trouble with my freezer because its floor had become a sheet of ice. I called Appliance Repair Tarzana because they had good reviews regarding their home appliance services. They quoted me exact prices over the phone and...

  66. Appliance Repair West Hills Heating Contractors, Equipment & Systems in West Hills
    by charles westbrook on Apr 14 2018
    Appliance Repair West Hills’s appliance service technicians are great. Two technicians arrived at my house when I asked for help on my washing machine which wasn’t spinning. I didn’t exactly know what the problem was, I just heard some sort of cracking noise from the inside of the machine. It...

  67. Appliance Repair Granada Hills Appliances - Major - Repair in 18017 Chatsworth Saint #118
    by virgil jackson on Apr 14 2018
    When I put my newly washed clothes in the dryer, it wouldn’t start. I tried restarting it many times but it just wouldn’t start. Appliance Repair Granada Hills is known to be the best home appliance repairs provider in town so I decided to try them out. I’m so glad...

  68. Appliance Repair Porter Ranch Appliances - Major - Repair in Porter Ranch
    by daniel rogers on Apr 14 2018
    Our garbage disposer was leaking from the bottom and we do not know why, so we called Appliance Repair Porter Ranch for assistance. When their home appliance service technician checked it, he found out that the motor seal was defective and water was seeping into the motor housing. The whole...

  69. Appliance Repair Chatsworth Appliances - Major - Repair in Chatsworth
    by robert fey on Apr 14 2018
    My garbage disposer just stopped working. I asked Appliance Repair Chatsworth for assistance and their appliance service technician arrived shortly. Turned out the start switch was defective. He replaced the switch and my garbage disposer was working again. Thumbs up for that awesome service. Highly recommended!

  70. Gds and Repair Schaumburg Il Hardware & Home Improvements in Schaumburg
    by Walter Guerra on Apr 14 2018
    I hired GDS and Repair Schaumburg IL to install weather stripping on my residential garage door to prevent it from getting damaged from the changing weather. We agreed on a time that their technician would do the garage door service, and he was there several minutes earlier than expected. He...

  71. Garage Door Repair Services Palatine Hardware & Home Improvements in Palatine
    by Pearline Torres on Apr 14 2018
    I would like to say that Garage Door Repair Services Palatine did an amazing garage door service on my defective residential garage door. It needed a new set of springs and their repairman worked patiently and cheerfully to complete the job within the day. He was friendly and professional all...

  72. Garage Door Repair Pro Orland Park Hardware & Home Improvements in Orland Park
    by Beverly Carey on Apr 13 2018
    My residential garage door’s spring snapped and broke a few days ago. When I called Garage Door Repair Pro Orland Park on the same day, a technician came to my house and did the garage door spring replacement quickly. There was no time wasted; the job was done in a...

  73. Citypro Garage Door Repair Oak Park Hardware & Home Improvements in Oak Park
    by Timothy Hayes on Apr 13 2018
    CityPro Garage Door Repair Oak Park is the only garage door repair company that has impressed me this much. We were looking around for garage door spring repair and chanced upon them. We booked an appointment for the following day. The technician was evidently experienced. He knew what to do...

  74. Patriot Industrial Welding Service Metal in Zanesville
    by Richard Hill on Apr 13 2018
    Hired this company to rig out a 70000 lb shear from our shearing and stamping line. These guys had top of the line equipment and were accommodating to our needs. Very safe. Will Hire again on future expansion...

  75. All Points Moving & Storage - Long Distance Only Movers & Storage in Glen Rock
    by Susan Bowerman on Apr 12 2018
    Incredible! Great service, fast and efficient. All my stuff was moved safely and expertly. Everyone had a great attitude and was a pleasure to work with! Can't recommend All Points Moving & Storage highly enough!!

  76. Call4fix Garage Door Repair Oak Lawn Hardware & Home Improvements in Oak Lawn
    by Linda Pedroza on Apr 12 2018
    My Husband and I are very happy with the garage door replacement work of Call4Fix Garage Door Repair Oak Lawn. They did a very clean and precise job. My money sure was worth it. The garage door service technician also took his time to test everything in front of us...

  77. Same Day Garage Door Repair Evanston Hardware & Home Improvements in Evanston
    by Bradford Ramirez on Apr 12 2018
    We called Same Day Garage Door Repair Evanston when we needed someone to install new weather seals for us. We have the old fashioned wooden residential garage door so we thought it would take time for the garage door service technician to find the seals for it, but he worked...

  78. Expert Garage Door Repair Des Plaines Hardware & Home Improvements in Des Plaines
    by Anthony Golden on Apr 12 2018
    Expert Garage Door Repair Des Plaines did such a good job with the garage door replacement and repair. I have had an estimate of the costs of replacing springs and repairing the tracks of my garage door, and it was a huge amount. But they offered a much lower rate...

  79. Garage Door Repair Experts Cicero Hardware & Home Improvements in Cicero
    by Rebbecca Pimentel on Apr 12 2018
    I am writing this review to commend Garage Door Repair Experts Cicero for the good garage door service. I called on a weekend to get garage door spring repair, and they sent a technician right within the hour. I didn’t expect such quick and excellent service on a weekend morning....

  80. Best Garage Door Repair Bolingbrook Hardware & Home Improvements in Bolingbrook
    by Guadalupe Groce on Apr 12 2018
    My family decided to replace our outdated overhead garage door with a more modern nit. We contracted Best Garage Door Repair Bolingbrook to do it for us and they delivered above and beyond what we expected. Their technicians took superb care of the unit and installed it properly. They were...

  81. Topline Movers in Peoria
    by Kris F. on Apr 11 2018
    Dealing with Topline Movers has been an absolute pleasure. It is not too often that you find a reputable firm especially in the moving industry, that could deliver quality service and an affordable price, and these guys do just that. We're able to complete a three-bedroom, two story move in...

  82. Star Dance Center in Newhall
    by Ashley K. on Apr 10 2018
    What an amazing program for the kids at Star Dance Center, I enjoy watching my daughter have the time of her life! The teachers are all great, atmosphere is great and it is very affordable! Would recommend this to anyone!

  83. Scentsy Independent Consultant - Denise Charles Retail in Minot
    by Linda Kornkven on Apr 09 2018
    I would like to contact Denise, but the number on her site is out of order , is there another number!

  84. Maitland Trifecta, Inc Manufacturers in Holly Hill
    by Victor Kazak on Apr 09 2018
    The owner of this compnay was caught in a tax fraud scheme to defraud Voluisa County. Kafka submitted fraudulent documents showing he was a Florida resident while living in Wisconsin. This way he avoided Wisconsin state income tax and avoided paying a higher tax rate in Florida on a rental...

  85. Calvet Lending in Carlsbad
    by Robert D. on Apr 08 2018
    My experience with CalVet Lending was excellent. I had the pleasure of being assisted by Noreen, who provide me with guidance through the mortgage process in professional manner. Noreen is an expert and was patient with my need to understand how to get to close on my mortgage. She was...

  86. Jack Rabbit USA Llc Tire Dealers in Little Rock
    by James on Apr 08 2018
    I was locked out of my car and I contacted my roadside assistance. This company was chosen and the ETA was 37 minutes. Almost 2 hours later that young man showed up got out of his car, never introduced himself had no idea where it was from, unlocked my car...

  87. A Personal Touch Towing Automobile Repair & Service in Denver
    by beau damerell on Apr 07 2018
    Do not recommend, animals abuse seems prevelent on property

  88. Law Office of Bryan Fagan in Houston
    by Drew Herbert on Apr 06 2018
    I feel fortunate to have found Bryan to work on a very difficult case and he did an outstanding job. He cares about the people he represents and he's brilliant.

  89. Jitesh Manaktala - Freelance Wordpress Developer Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Miami
    by Andrei Cornoiu on Apr 06 2018
    Working with Jitesh Manaktala was a total pleasure. He did not waste my time with pointless discussions. I really appreciate this. His quality of work exceeded all of my quality expectations. Manaktala communicated very effectively and responded on time. This reduced a lot of stress that I had regarding my...

  90. 3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling in Western Springs
    by Alex c on Apr 05 2018
    3rd Gen and Andre completed a large interior painting and drywall repair job recently at my home in Hinsdale and my wife and I could not be happier! They went above and beyond with every request we had and left our house cleaner than when they started! The...

  91. Breakfast Club Diner Restaurant in Oceanside
    by Dawn C. on Apr 05 2018
    We went to the Breakfast Club Diner with some family from out of town and had such a great experience. The service was good, and the food was even better. I ordered blueberry pancakes and a side of hash browns because that's what I dreamt I would order. The blueberry...

  92. Jitesh Manaktala - Freelance Wordpress Developer Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Miami
    by Otis Wang on Apr 05 2018
    It was nothing less than gamble when we decided to hire Manaktala from the myriad of WordPress developers available to offer services online. Proudly, we would like to announce that we were not disappointed at all. Working with Jitesh was fun, easy and very efficient. He made it a point...

  93. Noble House Precious Investments Coin Dealers in Fort Collins
    by Joel Harper on Apr 03 2018
    Great buyer to work with. I was very happy with the amount of knowledge he possessed and shared with me. He was able to give me a realistic quote on what I had and I later came back and sold it....

  94. Moovit4now Transportation Services in Los Angeles
    by Sam J. Henson on Apr 03 2018
    They are fast, reliable and affordable! They are corteous and very nice, Thank you Cherry and Alex :) ...

  95. Gearhead Auto Center Business Services in Phoenix
    by Rebecca Kern on Apr 03 2018
    Excellent car repair and maintenance service by GearHead Auto Center! I am impressed about your customer service and dedication in work. I would like to recommand GearHead Auto Center to everyone for your car or vehicle repair...!!

  96. Elite Roofing Company Elk Grove Village in Mount Prospect
    by Aga K on Apr 02 2018
    I just want to say that Elite does nothing but great business. Great people, very professional, everything was done as promised. They treat you like family, delivered as promised. I got a brand new roof with quality IKO shingles. Im happy with the way everyhrting turned out. Thank you Peter

  97. The Reciprocity Foundation in New York
    by Julia Anne Milin on Apr 02 2018
    Leading Experts in Microblading and Permanent Makeup | Brow Design International® is the leading company in the USA for permanent makeup...

  98. Lightrx - Chicago - Watertower in Chicago
    by Teresa Cruz on Apr 02 2018
    Very disappointed with this beauty company and experience. The Sculptone and Venus Legacy packages they offer through their website pages to reduce fat and tone your abs and cellulite are fake and doesn't work. They lie to you and they steal your money. Please do not go to this place...

  99. Rgs Custom Homes Building Contractors in Orlando
    by Dawn Mullins on Apr 02 2018
    Rob Goderis has been building within our District for over 30 years. The quality of his work and his reputation is outstanding. He recently built an Arena style building for the District to house our equipment. The job was completed on time, within budget and passed all...

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