New reviews for March 2018

  1. Jitesh Manaktala - Freelance Wordpress Developer Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Miami
    by Harry Tsigaras on Mar 30 2018
    I strongly and completely recommend working with Jitesh. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive prior to deciding to go with him. There were a number of concerns related to whether it would be worthwhile in terms of cost. I wasn’t really sure about getting what I wanted. Now...

  2. Chief Graphix Graphic Services in Port Washington
    by Robert Smith on Mar 30 2018
    Our business hired Chief Graphix to help us get more customers through the use of vehicle wraps. They did a great job with the wraps, and there has been a substantial increase in the number of customers. Job well done Chief Graphix.

  3. Briodigital in White Plains
    by Robert Smith on Mar 30 2018
    I want to thank Briodigital for all the hard work they put in to increase my website traffic. I did not expect such great results in so little time. You are truly experts in SEO.

  4. Sunset Gold Exchange in Los Angeles
    by Greg on Mar 29 2018
    Superior service and selection!. Martin helped me find some coins that I was looking to add to my collection. He was very helpful and gave me a great price. Sunset Gold is the place to go for gold without a doubt!...

  5. Every Body'south Fit in Oceanside
    by Renya on Mar 28 2018
    Megan Rocks!!! She really keeps me motivated and coming back. I love seeing and feeling the results. There really is a difference when you are with a professional that knows what they are doing!

  6. Heights Pest Control & Termite in Beachwood
    by Sally P on Mar 28 2018
    We had a wonderful experience yesterday with Heights Pest and thought I would share. Our house is nestled in the woods so we always have problems with pests. We decided to do something about it this year and scheduled an appointment with Heights Pest Control. We didn’t even know where...

  7. Heights Pest Control & Termite in Beachwood
    by Mary on Mar 28 2018
    We had bed bugs in the past and we hired a company to get rid of them and thought we had the problem taken care of until we saw one crawling our pillow one morning. Clearly the problem was not solved like we had thought so we decided to try...

  8. Kelly Jorn Cook, Dds in Chandler
    by Mark on Mar 28 2018
    I live in Chandler and I have been to Kelly Cook several times, he is a specialist in sedation and anti anxiety dentistry. The staff are all very kind and accommodating. Kelly can provide dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Even check ups are a pleasure to do with this dentist....

  9. Patriot Industrial Welding Service Metal in Zanesville
    by James Balfour on Mar 27 2018
    These guys fixed me up. I had a super thin stainless tank that had pressed fittings leaking. The welded them solid no problem and got me back up straight away. Solid chaps...

  10. Jitesh Manaktala - Freelance Wordpress Developer Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Miami
    by Tim Whitehead on Mar 27 2018
    Loads of appreciation, thanks, and gratitude to you for all the efforts made towards my project. You gave my website a positive public image. Your hard work and dedication is highly valued. Will surely work again with you in future.”

  11. Bridgestone Dental Dentists in Spring
    by Lili Berhan on Mar 27 2018
    I was very well pleased with the office and the treatment rendered

  12. Sterling & Tucker, Llp Government Services in Honolulu
    by Miles & Lorraine U on Mar 26 2018
    Wonderful service!

  13. Montlick & Associates Legal Services / Assistants in Atlanta
    by Darrell Ritchie on Mar 26 2018
    In a word, DON'T. Montlick & Associates did absolutely nothing when it came to my mom's accident case, unless you count sitting on it for over a year before farming it out to another Atlanta area attorney (and of course taking half of the 40% legal fees when it was...

  14. Local Citatoins Services Advertising in New York
    by Michle on Mar 26 2018
    I want to share my comments here to show this is best company........

  15. Heights Pest Control & Termite Inspection in University Heights
    by Eric Weiss on Mar 26 2018
    We hired Heights Pest Control to do a general pest treatment and cleaning before we listed our house on the market. The owner came out personally to do the job and was an absolute pleasure to work with. He used chemicals that were safe for both us and our dog....

  16. Heights Pest Control & Termite in Beachwood
    by Eric Weiss on Mar 26 2018
    Blown away by the service provided. We hired Heights Pest Control to do a general pest treatment and cleaning before we listed our house on the market. The owner came out personally to do the job and was an absolute pleasure to work with. He used chemicals that were safe...

  17. Heights Pest Control & Termite Inspection in University Heights
    by Eric Weiss on Mar 26 2018
    We hired Heights Pest Control to do a general pest treatment and cleaning before we listed our house on the market. The owner came out personally to do the job and was an absolute pleasure to work with. He used chemicals that were safe for both us and our dog....

  18. Halbrehder Family Agency Insurance in Cape Coral
    by Mary Sizemore on Mar 26 2018
    We were recommended to this agency from our mortgage lender. Paulette and her staff worked tirelessly on our flood insurance and homeowner's insurance and saved us thousands to dollars. We were so impressed with her service that we had her quote our auto and rental insurance policies. ...

  19. Saves You Energy, Llc Hardware & Home Improvements in San Diego
    by Chris Fabri on Mar 24 2018
    I disagree with Paul. Yes, Mark is selling parts. But when I called and spoke with him, he was very helpful, and helped my plumber understand what needed to be done. And when I was running into problems, he answered all my questions in a subsequent call....

  20. West Coast Global Insurance Services in Woodland Hills
    by Douglas Wilson on Mar 24 2018
    I have used West Coast for over 10 years. they have found coverage for my boat and vehicle even when it was difficult. they have never failed to remind me of a renewal date in ample time to keep coverage in force.

  21. Same Day Garage Door Repair Kirkland Hardware & Home Improvements in Kirkland
    by Elizabeth Halloran on Mar 23 2018
    Last week, I asked Same Day Garage Door Repair Kirkland to come by to provide a garage door service. I needed a garage door maintenance service. I appreciate the speedy response and the low pricing. The technician made sure that I was happy with the service. He even taught me...

  22. Expert Garage Door Repair Burien Hardware & Home Improvements in Burien
    by Mary Taylor on Mar 23 2018
    Kudos to the garage door repair technician from Expert Garage Door Repair Burien. He installed the garage door opener within a few hours. I like how he managed to install the equipment with minimal supervision. Good job! I will surely recommend their garage door opener repair to my friends and...

  23. Garage Door Repair Shoreline Hardware & Home Improvements in Redmond
    by Sonya Latimer on Mar 23 2018
    We just finished with our appointed garage door maintenance checkup with Garage Door Repair Shoreline. The garage door service technician, Jack, was exceptional. I have tried other companies but no one has impressed me as much as he did. He was thorough, gave us a detailed report, and even tips.

  24. Best Garage Door Repair Redmond Hardware & Home Improvements in Redmond
    by Ernest Simms on Mar 23 2018
    I don’t think there is any other garage door service company like Best Garage Door Repair Redmond. They have both amazing services and prices. I can’t believe I could see both of those in just one provider. We called them because we needed help with programming our new garage door...

  25. Garage Door Repair Central Federal Way Hardware & Home Improvements in Federal Way
    by Thomas Schmidt on Mar 23 2018
    Everything with Garage Door Repair Central Federal Way was amazing from start to finish. I had no problems scheduling for garage door opener installation, much more on the day itself. The garage door service technician exceeded my idea of professionalism and I think I’m staying loyal to them for good.

  26. Pro Garage Door Repair Renton Hardware & Home Improvements in Renton
    by Allan Lewis on Mar 23 2018
    I booked a garage door tune-up in hopes of prolonging the lifespan of my overhead garage door. Pro Garage Door Repair Renton booked my garage door service request and sent a well-trained technician to do the job. He was proficient in checking and maintaining all the parts of the door.

  27. Garage Door Repair Masters Everett Hardware & Home Improvements in Everett
    by Raymond Peterson on Mar 23 2018
    Garage Door Repair Masters Everett sent a professional garage door repair technician to help me fix my garage door remotes. The remotes stopped working out of the sudden. After inspecting the garage door, the repair technician concluded that the door opener transmitters were fried. He fixed them quickly.

  28. Garage Door Repair Kent in Kent
    by Melinda Sanchez on Mar 23 2018
    Best Garage Door Repair Kent immediately booked my garage door repair service. I explained how my daughter accidentally bumped our overhead garage door. The technician helped me choose a new garage door, and he provided a reliable quote. I had a nice experience with this repair company. Kudos!

  29. Tron the Photo Booth Llc in Cincinnati
    by J. Bohrer on Mar 22 2018
    I have used Tron the Photo Booth both professionally and personally and no matter what the event, Bryan and the booth are both a hit! The booth is such a fun experience for all ages and creates great keepsakes that keep everyone laughing. I have already booked Tron the...

  30. Aaa K-9 Mobile Grooming in Oceanside
    by David N. on Mar 22 2018
    Happy that I finally found a great mobile groomer. Sara with AAA K-9 Mobile Grooming was very professional and her van extremely clean. She understood what I was looking for and she made my dog look her best! Thank you guys!!!!

  31. Best Garage Door Repair Deerfield Hardware & Home Improvements in Deerfield
    by sean maillet on Mar 22 2018
    Best Garage Door Repair Deerfield made me so happy after their technician successfully restored my garage door opener. Initially, I thought that I had to get rid of my old door opener. The garage door repair technician advised me that he only needed to replace the circuit board. What an...

  32. Pro Garage Door Repair Vernon Hills Hardware & Home Improvements in Vernon Hills
    by kenneth kail on Mar 22 2018
    I only had to call Pro Garage Door Repair Vernon Hills once to book the garage door cables and tracks repair that I needed. The technician was quick to perform the garage door service. After he replaced the old tracks, cables and rollers, he only charged a minimal fee for...

  33. Ct Garage Door Repair Lake Zurich Hardware & Home Improvements in Lake Zurich
    by mickey sandoval on Mar 22 2018
    Last week, my garage door made a loud banging noise. I only discovered what happened upon close inspection. CT Garage Door Repair Lake Zurich was the first garage door repair company that I reached out to. Fortunately, the technician accommodated my request within 24 hours. He provided a garage door...

  34. Citywide Garage Door Repair Lake Forest Hardware & Home Improvements in Lake Forest
    by douglas allard on Mar 22 2018
    I was about to go out when I realized that my garage door got jammed. Citywide Garage Door Repair Lake Forest was the garage door repair company I hired. The service was fast. I commend their technician’s exceptional skills. He managed to remove and replace the bent garage door track...

  35. Wilmette Garage Door Repair Central Hardware & Home Improvements in Wilmette
    by larry elliott on Mar 22 2018
    The garage door spring repair done by the technician from Wilmette Garage Door Repair Central resolved the issue with my residential garage door. One of the springs has come loose and made the garage door unbalanced. When it had been repaired and tightened, my garage door was back in shape....

  36. Same Day Garage Door Repair Bellevue Hardware & Home Improvements in Bellevue
    by Tara Silvia on Mar 22 2018
    My brother noticed that the cables and tracks needed replacement. I decided to call Same Day Garage Door Repair Bellevue since my parents trust this garage door repair company. Within a few minutes, the repair technician came to assist me. He delivered an impressive garage door cables and tracks repair....

  37. Call4fix Garage Door Repair Buffalo Grove Hardware & Home Improvements in Buffalo Grove
    by jonathon miller on Mar 22 2018
    There was a loud noise coming from the motor, so I called Call4Fix Garage Door Repair Buffalo grove for their garage door opener repair. A loose component was making the noise, and after the garage door repair technician tightened it the noise was instantly gone. I was very happy with...

  38. Ct Garage Door Repair Tacoma Hardware & Home Improvements in Tacoma
    by Nancy Huckaby on Mar 22 2018
    Everything about CT Garage Door Repair Tacoma was superb! I love the technician who helped me fix the garage door extension springs. At first, I was extremely worried that the service would cost a lot, but thankfully, the technician only charged me a minimal fee. It was good that I...

  39. Garage Door Repair Pro Northbrook Hardware & Home Improvements in Northbrook
    by anthony ballenger on Mar 22 2018
    My residential garage door used to close with a really loud bang, and it startled me to no end. So, I decided to call Garage Door Repair Pro Northbrook to get it fixed. Their garage door repair technician did a garage door spring replacement. The sudden closing of the garage...

  40. Expert Garage Door Repair Libertyville Hardware & Home Improvements in Libertyville
    by christopher lara on Mar 22 2018
    I was very happy with Expert Garage Door Repair Libertyville's garage door services. I called them up three days ago to get my overhead garage door checked. It was not closing shut as it should and there was a gap on the floor. It turned out that the opener wasn’t...

  41. Garage Door Repair Experts Barrington Hardware & Home Improvements in Barrington
    by joseph roberts on Mar 22 2018
    It has been days since our residential garage door started having issues when it's opened. I called Garage Door Repair Experts Barrington and they immediately sent a garage door service expert. Turned out one of the extension springs got loose. He did a garage door spring replacement and restored my...

  42. Garage Door Repair Central Alsip Hardware & Home Improvements in Alsip
    by robertmurphy18 on Mar 22 2018
    I was hoping to get my residential garage door fixed by Garage Door Repair Central Alsip's garage door repair technician because one of the cables snapped. Thankfully they had an available technician who performed garage door cables and tracks repair mere hours after my call. The repair was done within...

  43. Jayco Industries Llc Organizations & Associations in Apple Valley
    by Charles and Cindy on Mar 21 2018
    We love our Jayco mailbox. Kenny was excellent, fast and nice.

  44. Queen Bee Cleaning Service in Lynnwood
    by Ryan L. on Mar 21 2018
    The house looked great! They went the extra mile to make sure the house was spotless. I will be recommending Queen Bee to all my friends and family. Thank you!

  45. Affordable Life USA Miscellaneous Services in Grand Rapids
    by Peter Metz on Mar 21 2018
    Only took about 15 minutes to get a good price on $250,000 of term life.

  46. See-North-Read Reading Tools Consultants in Aurora
    by Darnell Coats on Mar 21 2018
    These tools effectively helped my child regain the lost confidence.

  47. Real Star Property Management, Llc Real Estate Brokers & Agents in Killeen
    by Ervin Borden on Mar 21 2018
    The team promptly responded to all my queries & fixed the issues in a short span of time.

  48. Bob Florine - All-Pro Risk Management, Inc Property & Casualty Insurance in Mercer Island
    by Jim Jones on Mar 20 2018
    Bob Florine has been my insurance agent for more than five years. I’ve never had anything but friendly, prompt, and personal service. He handles both my auto and home insurance policies. Bob is great to work with, and he’s always right on top of things....

  49. New York Tempering Glass, Inc Metal in Brooklyn
    by Patrycai on Mar 20 2018
    We ordered a made to measure mirror 1200 x 800 with bevelled edges at Monday and it arrived Wednesday morning. Actual dimensions exactly as ordered. It’s up on the wall and looks great

  50. Vogue Crafts & Designs Pvt Ltd Jewelry - Sales & Repair in New York, Ny
    by Harshit on Mar 20 2018
    What a beautiful delicate n ethnic collection. I just fall in love with your entire jewellery team Vogue crafts, really magnificent. Wish to wear vogue crafts's jewellery and looks elegant. Thanks team for creating such a beautiful Range of jewellery.

  51. Triple Crown Glass & Mirror in Belton
    by Avery Clark on Mar 20 2018
    Unmatched window repair & replacement services.

  52. Appliance Repair Service Los Angeles Heating Contractors, Equipment & Systems in Los Angeles
    by Horace Bruce on Mar 17 2018
    My dishwasher was generating a continuous drone so I contacted Appliance Repair Service Los Angeles to check it for me. I’m so glad their appliance service technician easily found the culprit. He told me that the circulation pump motor bearings had worn out. He replaced it the next day and...

  53. Appliance Repair Winnetka Appliances - Major - Repair in Winnetka
    by David Darbonne on Mar 17 2018
    Appliance Repair Winnetka got the job done in no time! The appliance service technician that they sent was very friendly, reliable and a class of his own as he went above and beyond just to get our washer spinning well again. According to him, the clutch pads on the basket...

  54. Appliance Repair Northridge Appliances - Major - Repair in Northridge
    by Donald Browns on Mar 17 2018
    Appliance Repair Northridge got me so impressed when they were able to fix the problem in less than an hour. Their technician showed up on time, performed some troubleshooting steps and got it all figured in no time. He found out that a blown thermal fuse had been preventing our...

  55. Appliance Repair Panorama City Appliances - Major - Parts & Supplies in Arleta
    by Paul Kato on Mar 17 2018
    It wasn’t my first time using Appliance Repair Panorama City’s home appliance repair. Just recently, I called them because my dishwasher wasn’t draining. Bill, their dishwasher repair expert, arrived on time and thoroughly inspected my unit. Turned out the drain impeller was defective. Amazing service, as always.

  56. Appliance Repair Canoga Park Appliances - Major - Repair in Canoga Park
    by Tommy Cofield on Mar 17 2018
    Patrick, the fridge repair guy from Appliance Repair Canoga Park, was friendly, very polite and meticulous. He was able to fix my unit that wasn’t cooling. He replaced the broken damper control assembly that caused the problem. They also charged me a reasonable price. I will be delighted to recommend...

  57. Appliance Repair Sylmar Appliances - Major - Repair in Sylmar
    by Joshua Washington on Mar 17 2018
    Appliance Repair Sylmar’s dishwasher repair was the best! I called them up when it wouldn’t start, and a friendly staff assisted me and told me that a repairman was on the way. And true enough several minutes later, the tech guy knocked on my door. He determined the defect right...

  58. Appliance Repair Sun Valley Appliances - Major - Repair in Sun Valley
    by Paul Salas on Mar 17 2018
    We just moved into a new house and we wanted our dishwasher to be installed right away, so my husband called Appliance Repair Sun Valley. They were very friendly and accommodating when I called, and a home appliance service expert came to our house on our agreed time. He made...

  59. Appliance Repair Torrance Appliances - Major - Repair in Torrance
    by Charlen Brewer on Mar 17 2018
    Our fridge’s thermostat was not functioning properly, prompting it to not cool enough. I called Appliance Repair Torrance for their fridge repair, and they were true to their promise of speedy repair. The appliance service repairman was very friendly and he was well versed, finishing the job in less than...

  60. Appliance Repair Hollywood Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Los Angeles
    by Brittany Coleman on Mar 17 2018
    My dishwasher suddenly stopped working yesterday so I called Appliance Repair Hollywood for an appliance repair service appointment. Their courteous technician arrived at the time promised. He told me what was wrong with my dishwasher and recommended an affordable solution. Within half an hour, it was working like new again!...

  61. Appliance Repair Central La Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Los Angeles
    by John Rouillard on Mar 17 2018
    I am very happy that I called for Appliance Repair Central LA’s appliance repair service when my dryer would not start. Their repairman did his job carefully and professionally. He got my appliance working like brand new again on the spot and the amount I paid for the service was...

  62. Tip Top - Air Duct Cleaning | Houston in Houston
    by Lilly E on Mar 15 2018
    I purchased a coupon on their website for $77. They were extremely flexible with their schedule. I was given a thorough brief before work started and must they kept to their word. Professional services and I do recommend. ...

  63. Jack Rabbit USA, Llc Tire Dealers in Bowling Green
    by Mike Hunt on Mar 15 2018
    This is the worst company I've ever dealt with. Told me it would be 40 min, an hour and 40 minutes later I'm still waiting. I'm glad it's not cold outside. Non of their employees should ever deliver pizza. ...

  64. Patriot Industrial Welding Service Metal in Zanesville
    by Robert Harris on Mar 15 2018
    I had these guys rig and replace our old equipment in our plant. They were well worth the phone call. Super quality safety minded individuals with top notch equipment...

  65. Easy Lab Work Business Services in Fort Pierce
    by Kelly M on Mar 15 2018
    Wonderful service!! Our insurance did not cover a lot of our necessary lab testing, Easy Lab Work has saved us hundreds of dollars!...

  66. Sharpton Painting Business Services in Nashville
    by Clara on Mar 15 2018
    My house looks so good now! They repainted most of the interior and even had them restain our back deck. We couldn't be any happier with the results and are thrilled we found them! I would highly recommend them to anyone. ...

  67. Target Supplies Office Supplies & Equipment in Philadelphia
    by lorene bissett on Mar 15 2018
    The customer service is the best I have worked with on any of my vendors. They are quick with their orders and very professional. Would recommend this company to anyone.

  68. Centex Technologies in Dallas
    by Carlo Murphy on Mar 15 2018
    They were quick to respond to all my queries.

  69. Avante Furs Women's Apparel in New York
    by alex thomas on Mar 14 2018
    Search any movie you want to watch, Simple way to watch thousands movies online Free .Click Here at following links: ...

  70. Better Living Senior Assistance Services Home Health Services in Tampa
    by Lara McKinley on Mar 14 2018
    My family and I are very grateful for your assistance. If only everyone in the field could be as kind, caring and professional as you have been.

  71. Oasis Med Spa Beauty Salons in Stuart
    by Jean L on Mar 14 2018
    My first visit to your comfortable establishment and I was more than pleased with the Oasis Deep Cleansing Facial. Definitely, intend to frequent on a regular basis.

  72. Jitesh Manaktala - Freelance Wordpress Developer Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Miami
    by Anthony Bonomo on Mar 14 2018
    Why did we not manage to find Jitesh Manaktala earlier? Where were you, guy? I would always ask him and he would smile. He developed a very creative and highly functional websites for our law firm. The entire task was tough. However, Manaktala made it a huge success with his...

  73. Closet World, Inc Home Repairs & Maintenance in City of Industry
    by janell rizo on Mar 14 2018
    Our assigned technician Emilio and Eric we're very friendly, accommodating, professional, and knowledgeable. Our designer Craig was very professional and knowledgeable. All three formed a creative, professional and efficient team.

  74. Auto Glass Solution Automobile Repair & Service in San Diego
    by Bobby A. on Mar 13 2018
    My windshield was replaced flawlessly. Auto Glass Solution’s work was timely and clean. They also have a friendly and professional team that came to my house. They did a great job!...

  75. Jitesh Manaktala - Freelance Wordpress Developer Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Miami
    by David Bolzonello on Mar 13 2018
    I am a satisfied client and would like to drop in a few words in appreciation of Jitesh Manaktala who helped us get a professional, user friendly, search engine friendly, and highly functional (performance oriented) website. He is a committed and diligent professional. Manaktala is passionate about serving clients with...

  76. Security One Services Security Systems & Monitoring in Atlanta
    by Josh Demott on Mar 12 2018
    Security One Services technicians came to my house and were able to us my existing alarm system.They added a cellular wireless module that helped protect my alarm monitoring services in case of local service outages and deliberate line cuts by criminals in attempt to circumvent the service. The price was...

  77. Tom May - Keller Williams Tampa Central Real Estate Brokers & Agents in Tampa
    by Jon on Mar 12 2018
    This individual is a nightmare to deal with. He is essentially retired and you have to go above and behold to try to communicate with him. I tried to buy one of his listings, but he was asleep at the switch. Quite literally. I set up an inspection and the...

  78. Vizion Interactive Web Site Design in Overland Park
    by Tom Lynch on Mar 12 2018
    This is the correct address 400 E. Royal Ln, #290,Irving, TX 75039 (888) 484-9466 | ext 60...

  79. Jitesh Manaktala - Freelance Wordpress Developer Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Miami
    by Hamish Curry on Mar 12 2018
    Working with Jitesh was an amazing experience. His abilities and integrity won our hearts. This guy impressed us all with his extensive knowledge of WordPress. It took no time for him to demonstrate his expertise. We were delivered the final product on time and within budget. I would definitely recommend...

  80. New Life Rehoboth Church in Bronx
    by luchiano on Mar 10 2018
    I have to admit, I was skeptical about trying a new church, but once I got there, they were so welcoming it made me feel at home!

  81. The Reinken Law Firm Insurance in Stamford
    by Robert Smith on Mar 10 2018
    Thank you for all the help with my case. You are the best car accident attorneys! ...

  82. Kleen Air Services Heating Contractors, Equipment & Systems in Plano
    by CarInsuranceEscondido on Mar 09 2018
    Kleen Air Services is a Professional, knowledgable and fast! Our AC fan was broken and they were able to come on short notice and repaired within 24 hours (they needed to get the parts)....

  83. Idea Buyer Llc Advertising in Columbus
    by wilhelmina brick on Mar 09 2018
    I'm still in the waiting process right now on it. But everybody's been real courteous and helpful for me.

  84. Jitesh Manaktala - Freelance Wordpress Developer Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Miami
    by Peter Turner on Mar 09 2018
    Exceptionally talented freelance web developer. I didn’t expect so much finesse, dedication and commitment towards work. The work has impressed me to the hilt! I will definitely work with him again. Customer Support – excellent! Communication – brilliant! Performance – 10 on 10! Recommended to all those looking for a...

  85. Jitesh Manaktala - Freelance Wordpress Developer Telecommunications & Telephone Services in Miami
    by Bernard Lynch on Mar 08 2018
    I am truly happy! Thank you Jitesh Manaktala for all of the support you extended throughout the project. Since I wasn’t happy with my previous website and the agency I had worked with, the trust factor with Jitesh Manaktala took some time to build. He had refurbished my site so...

  86. Tube Tape in North Chesterfield
    by Jack on Mar 07 2018
    I have ordered the original tube tape for my old vehicles, it’s much better to fill larger gaps.

  87. Bite the Bullet Retail in Las Vegas
    by Smith on Mar 07 2018
    Good value for money, very happy with the quality of ammo.

  88. Anavia Jewelry & Gifts Jewelry - Sales & Repair in City of Industry
    by Sophia Wright on Mar 07 2018
    I love their products. These products are of high quality and their prices are very genuine. I will recommend every one to visit their at least once.

  89. Dynasty Remodeling Llc - Columbus Division Home Repairs & Maintenance in Hilliard
    by Harry on Mar 06 2018
    I was told about Dynasty remodeling decided to give them a call for my roof replacement. They came over to my house, we signed a contract to change my roof entirely. The old roof was terrible and it made our house look bad. They replaced it with metal shingles and...

  90. Queen Bee Cleaning Service in Lynnwood
    by Brenda K. on Mar 06 2018
    I have personally been present 4 times when the ladies have come to clean the house. The ladies are in general very thorough and attentive to details. The last time they came there were only two cleaners, and I felt like the usual attention to detail was missing....

  91. Mid State Pools Swimming Pool Construction in Warner Robins
    by Bob W on Mar 06 2018
    We purchased our Spa in December and absolutely love it! Michelle took her time to explain all the features from the time we walked in till the time it was installed! She is very knowledgeable and made sure we understood all about our Spa! Thank you Michelle and Mid State...

  92. Dervishi Law Group, Pc in Bronx
    by Nathaniel on Mar 06 2018
    I was gratified that my personal injury attorney took the time to understand my case so thoroughly. He fully comprehended my financial situation and helped me get the compensation I needed. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney....

  93. Chasing Tails Mobile Veterinary Services Veterinarians in Nokomis
    by Andrew P on Mar 05 2018
    Dr. Jeanie is an incredible Veterinarian, she’s been my dogs Doc almost 3 years and I wouldn’t want anyone else treating my animals... she’s amazing! She’s also great with horses, cattle, and cats. I’ve witnessed it first hand! :)...

  94. The Anatomy of Wellness in Holladay
    by B.S. on Mar 05 2018
    I had a car accident and had whiplash. I booked 4 treatments and I am so glad I incorporated massage into my rehab. My therapist was knowledgeable and skilled. I feel like myself again!

  95. Lakeshore Lock & Key Locks & Locksmiths in Baroda
    by Tim O'Leary on Mar 02 2018
    Excellent company. We got locked out of an apartment with a heavy duty deadbolt lock. They got there early and got the job done quickly and under the quoted price. Would highly recommend them....

  96. Absolute Roofing and Contracting Hardware & Home Improvements in Plaistow
    by Janice Engelmann on Mar 01 2018
    I paid this company a large deposit as requested. No work was done on the porches. After 8 months only part of the deposit was returned. They still owe me $4,000. Very upset and disappointed. Reported this to the Better Business Bureau. Beware!

  97. Barry K Selman, Lcsw in Chapel Hill
    by Anonymous on Mar 01 2018
    Don’t trust him

  98. Polymedco Cancer Diagnostic Products, Llc in Cortlandt Manor
    by Mary Barra on Mar 01 2018
    Polymedco is number 1 in the manufacturing of fecal immunochemical test kits. Our laboratory prefers to work with them because of their excellent customer service. The quality of their products is second to none.

  99. Harmony Dentistry in Mission Viejo
    by Janet on Mar 01 2018
    I got my Invisalign with Harmony dentistry. The orthodontist made my smile beautiful really fast with clear braces. I highly recommend this office for orthodontics with Invisalign. ...

  100. Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency Insurance in San Benito
    by Rodrigo Davis on Mar 01 2018
    The agents helped me get an ideal insurance coverage.

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