New reviews for January 2018

  1. Advanced Care Specialists in Racine
    by Dawn Spencer on Jan 29 2018
    Advanced Care Specialists (ACS) is unlike any other physical therapy/chiropractic provider I have ever experienced. My injuries were work related and as a federal worker dealing with the DOL/OWCP had been a nightmare. ACS is very well versed in helping with the multitude of forms and documentation required for treatment...

  2. Idea Buyer Llc Advertising in Columbus
    by nannie cron on Jan 29 2018
    Very knowledgeable, helpful and have given me the cost upon the cents.

  3. Lakeair Industrial Equipment / Supplies in Racine
    by Karen on Jan 29 2018
    Wonderful people at LakeAir. I had a question about a charge on my credit card and they were extremely helpful and were able to answer all my questions quickly.

  4. Gecko Pest Control in Chico
    by Nina Beesly of Chico, CA on Jan 29 2018
    Technician was awesome. He took a lot of time to answer my questions and concerns. I felt he genuinely cared about our needs. This is a 5 star company and one that I would recommend to all my friends. Thank you for your excellent service!

  5. All Pro Legal Investigations, Pa Security Systems & Monitoring in Orlando
    by Ian Donnelly on Jan 28 2018
    These morons couldn’t secure their noses with both hands.

  6. Gadgetmates Computer Service & Repair in Las Vegas
    by Clifford Ryan on Jan 27 2018
    If I could give negative stars I would. Lets start by saying this...If you take something to this place and the screen is still good... MAKE SURE that you record them turning your device on and that you screen is not broken or in any way not right. Dropped...

  7. Ilovekickboxing South Jordan Health Clubs & Fitness in South Jordan
    by Tiana on Jan 27 2018
    I love ILKB South Jordan! The instructors are so motivating and really help you meet your fitness goals! You also get a killer workout punching a bag. Great stress relief! :)...

  8. Ackley Carpet Cleaning House Cleaning in Lake Charles
    by Phone number on Jan 26 2018
    New phone number is (337) 562-1086

  9. Bujinkan Green Bay Dojo Health Clubs & Fitness in Green Bay
    by Margery on Jan 25 2018
    I really enjoyed the information from this dojo . They are very knowledgeable.They teach from not one but several martial schools that are a part of the Bujinkan . The information is very practical and useful right away for on the street . Unlike a tae kwon do...

  10. Rabb & Rabb, Pllc Legal Services / Assistants in Tucson
    by Paul S. Gallegos on Jan 24 2018
    I used Rabb and Rabb, PLLC a couple years back on a Will Probate and I was impressed. From the initial consultation through the very end. I was informed what to expect and our options. The entire case was handled quite competently and professionally. I was very pleased with the...

  11. Franklin Bingo Sport & Recreation in Waco
    by Aldo West on Jan 24 2018
    I love the vibe of this place.

  12. Real Star Property Management, Llc Real Estate Brokers & Agents in Killeen
    by Carmine Diaz on Jan 24 2018
    Had a wonderful experience working with these guys!

  13. Fast Tans Tanning Salons in Westfield
    by Ms. Grady on Jan 23 2018
    Having lived in Westfield for approximately the last decade I had been by this place 1 million times but never been inside the staff is very friendly and polite. A little lady named Ashley was working the front desk she was very knowledgeable of the services &...

  14. Delaune Dental Dentists in Metairie
    by Richard Moore on Jan 23 2018
    Great team! Thorough and gentle cleaning! Have recommended to other people and they all have thanked me for it. You will too! ...

  15. Delaune Dental Dentists in Metairie
    by James Williams on Jan 23 2018
    Hands down the best dentist I've ever seen. Very professional, kind and patient. Would not hesitate to recommend to my friends and family. ...

  16. Martin Funeral Home and Crematory Saint Lucie Chapel Funeral Homes in Stuart
    by Lorre Simons on Jan 23 2018
    Everything was wonderful I feel you went beyond what we were expecting. You were there for all our needs and are still here for us. With you being a big help made a hard situation better....

  17. Gecko Pest Control in Chico
    by Mike Cam-Bruzzi of Chico, CA on Jan 23 2018
    I was happy with my interaction with Dustin today. He immediately asked me if there were issues with the service and i advised that my primary concern at this point was spiders. He advised that since i have only had 1 treatment, to expect a couple treatments to see progressing...

  18. Blonde Salon & Spa Beauty Salons in Killeen
    by Olin Phillips on Jan 23 2018
    Thank you Stephanie for making my hairs look great.

  19. Dance With Me Summerlin Dancing Instruction in Las Vegas
    by Claudia Martinez Kingen on Jan 22 2018
    I took my first lesson on my birthday, a week before the opening and I was impressed with the impeccable facilities, the dance floor is beautiful and makes you feel like a star. I have tried different studios in Vegas but this is definitely the BEST choice! The staff is...

  20. All Points Moving & Storage - Long Distance Only Movers & Storage in Glen Rock
    by Edmond Wagner on Jan 22 2018
    I spoke to All Points Moving & Storage during the process of confirming their services and they were very professional. I'll be sure to use their services for my moving needs in the future.

  21. Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce in Killeen
    by Tracey Owens on Jan 22 2018
    Thanks for helping me make better business relationships with other business owners.

  22. Bonnie Tile in Jupiter
    by Paulo Cobb on Jan 21 2018
    Excellent service!!! They have a broad range of products to choose from, great prices, no pressure sales. They are the best and I absolutely LOVE my floors!

  23. Patrick B Lynch Professional Drapery Installer Inc Organizations & Associations in Arlington
    by Nancy Goff Interiors on Jan 21 2018
    Patrick has truly always been the absolute best drapery, artwork installer there is!!!! Not only does Patrick perform a expert designer service second to none,.. his talent range and experience allows him to give designers, such as myself the confidence and assurance that he will always do all to make...

  24. Appliance Repair Studio City Appliances - Major - Repair in Studio City
    by Amanda Haywood on Jan 20 2018
    I heard odd noises coming from our washing machine during the spin cycle so I had to turn it off. When I turned it back on again, the same problem emerged so I called Appliance Repair Studio City to check on the matter. The technician who responded immediately identified the...

  25. Appliance Repair Woodland Hills Appliances - Major - Repair in Calabasas
    by Paul Patrick on Jan 20 2018
    I panicked when I heard our washer made loud buzzing noises because it was the first time in years that I encountered this problem. He checked the unit and he found out there was a small toy that caused the blockage in the drain pump. He told me to check...

  26. Appliance Repair La Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Los Angeles
    by Tracie Matteson on Jan 20 2018
    I had to call Appliance Repair LA when our dishwasher won’t drain fully. The pleasant technician came over at once and he found out that there was a blockage on the drain hose. He removed food and other debris that caused the clog and our dishwasher was working smoothly again....

  27. Appliance Repair Alhambra Appliances - Major - Repair in Alhambra
    by Sara Mitchell on Jan 20 2018
    Our dryer stopped spinning so I was prompted to call Appliance Repair Alhambra for help. One of their polite repairmen came to assist me. I noticed that he was very knowledgeable and highly skilled in his job. He immediately detected the problem with the drum bearing and did the necessary...

  28. Appliance Repair Beverly Hills Appliances - Major - Repair in Beverly Hills
    by Mary Culpepper on Jan 20 2018
    I contacted Appliance Repair Beverly Hills for dryer repair because our dryer wouldn’t heat and I can say that their service deserves two-thumbs up! Their specialist was punctual and friendly. He was able to detect the faulty thermal fuse and he recommended replacement. He was bringing complete tools and parts...

  29. Appliance Repair West Hollywood Appliances - Major - Repair in West Hollywood
    by Deborah Barnes on Jan 20 2018
    I noticed that our refrigerator needed special attention after we experienced some inconsistencies with its temperature so we called Appliance Repair West Hollywood for an appliance service. The technician they sent to our house is very professional as he patiently checked everything inside it. Overall, our rating was high on...

  30. Appliance Repair West La Appliances - Major - Repair in Los Angeles
    by William Mayes on Jan 20 2018
    I got worried when our washer kept on vibrating. That led me to contact Appliance Repair West LA for an appliance repair. We were lucky to be assisted by a very smart and friendly service guy who found a perfect solution to our concern by replacing the broken shock...

  31. Appliance Repair Oak Park Appliances - Major - Repair in Oak Park
    by Austin Neal on Jan 20 2018
    Our oven had been acting crazy last weekend. I immediately Appliance Repair Oak Park for an oven repair to check why I’m getting inconsistent temperature from our unit. I’m just so glad their technician knew exactly what to do upon inspection. He told me that it was due to a...

  32. Appliance Repair Reseda Appliances - Major - Repair in Reseda
    by Lydia Watkins on Jan 20 2018
    We got an excellent washer service from Appliance Repair Reseda when they helped us restore the working condition of our washer. You could tell the vast experience of their technician in handling appliances. He got our unit working in no time. According to him the reason why our washing machine...

  33. Appliance Repair Pasadena Appliances - Major - Repair in Pasadena
    by John Holden on Jan 19 2018
    I was in disbelief when I found out that our oven stopped heating while I was baking. Good thing Appliance Repair Pasadena was there to provide an immediate assistance. They assigned a service guy who is already a veteran in appliance repair. He instantly recognized that the bake element had...

  34. Sacha Cosmetics Health Services & Medical Centers in Coral Springs
    by Lily Smith on Jan 19 2018
    The product range is amazing. It is affordable and worth the money. Love it

  35. Ed’South Painting & Construction in Paramus
    by Jeremy Stephen on Jan 19 2018
    I hired Ed’s Painting & Construction for my exterior house painting project. They are excellent at what they do, and were fast and efficient. They completed the job without any mess or hassle. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top-notch professional house painting company

  36. Centex Technologies in Dallas
    by Garth Myers on Jan 19 2018
    My company now ranks on first page of Google search results, all thanks to their effective SEO services....

  37. Garage Door Repair Cedar Hill Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Cedar Hill
    by Vernon Jamison on Jan 18 2018
    Last night, our garage door would not close properly. My wife even tried to close it manually but it was no success. I contacted Garage Door Repair Cedar Hill TX for help and their technician arrived right away. He explained how the travel setting caused the issue and fixed it...

  38. Garage Door Repair Bedford Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Bedford
    by Carla Pellham on Jan 18 2018
    Thank you so much for the great residential garage door repair service! I asked them to inspect my door that would only close halfway and then opens again. The repairman who assisted me was very personable and finished the work in a very short time. He did a reset on...

  39. Utmost Property Management Real Estate Brokers & Agents in Camas
    by Lynn F. on Jan 18 2018
    I cannot more strongly recommend Utmost Property Management! I found Joe and his staff to be professional, warm and very caring about the clients I referred to him. I have heard regularly from my clients about how happy they are to be living in their new place, and...

  40. Asthma & Allergy Center Allergy & Immunology in Bloomingdale
    by Alison B on Jan 18 2018
    Dr Priya Bansal and her staff at Asthma and Allergy in Bloomingdale are amazing. There can be a bit of a wait to be seen at first, but it is worth the wait. The practice truly cares for the health of their patients, and are very dedicated to helping patients...

  41. Seo Services Kc Advertising in Overland Park
    by Nicholas O'Brien on Jan 18 2018
    I have worked with SEO Services KC for over 5 years now and they provide awesome Kansas City SEO and local search engine optimization services. I own a company in Overland Park, KS in a competitive industry and they have helped increase my organic website traffic dramatically by ranking highly...

  42. Garage Door Repair Grapevine Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Grapevine
    by James Swigert on Jan 18 2018
    Earlier this week, I called Garage Door Repair Grapevine TX and requested for a garage door opener installation for the house we just moved into. We opt for their garage door service because of the reasonable rates. Their technician was also professional. He came fifteen minutes earlier and got the...

  43. Garage Door Repair Euless Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Euless
    by Henry Mahoney on Jan 18 2018
    My parents and I stumbled upon Garage Door Repair Euless TX when we were surfing the Internet for a cheap garage door service. Our door was making loud noises whenever we open or close it, and we had to have it checked before it got any worse. The technician came...

  44. Garage Door Repair Rowlett Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Rowlett
    by Nancy Dizon on Jan 18 2018
    The garage door service of Garage Door Repair Rowlett TX was extraordinary! I had to call them on a weekend because of a broken garage door spring and they assisted me promptly without hesitation. The tech they sent was professional. He was able to replace the spring swiftly and made...

  45. Garage Door Repair Mansfield Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Mansfield
    by Ginger Bonds on Jan 18 2018
    We phoned Garage Door Repair Mansfield TX earlier for a garage door opener installation service and we were pleased with their technician’s professionalism. He was at our place 10 minutes earlier than scheduled and installed the new opener within an hour. It was indeed a friendly, speedy and affordable garage...

  46. Garage Door Repair North Richland Hills Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in North Richland Hills
    by Daniel Jones on Jan 18 2018
    We had to schedule a garage door service with Garage Door Repair North Richland Hills TX because our door would not power on. Their friendly technician did a great job! He quickly identified the cause of the issue, which was a bad opener motor, and had it repaired in an...

  47. Garage Door Repair Flower Mound Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Flower Mound
    by DarrylVacarro93 on Jan 18 2018
    Garage Door Repair Flower Mound TX handled my garage door repair requirement to my satisfaction. My door would squeak whenever I open and close and their kind and professional technician quickly resolved the problem by replacing worn hinges. The repair cost was very affordable too! Excellent work that I...

  48. Garage Door Repair Allen Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Allen
    by HaroldBehnke32 on Jan 18 2018
    My garage door opener suddenly stopped working and I didn’t know what to do. I looked online for a garage door repair company I could trust and found Garage Door Repair Allen TX. Their response was quick and their repairman was knowledgeable. He got the problem fixed in less than...

  49. Garage Door Repair Lewisville Tx Hardware & Home Improvements in Lewisville
    by JodyWells78 on Jan 18 2018
    I am very impressed with the garage door repair service I received from Garage Door Repair Lewisville TX yesterday! I just wanted my garage door extension springs lubricated because my door is starting to make those squeaky sounds. The specialist completed my request in a well-timed and professional manner. Thank...

  50. Black Bear Design Business Services in Chamblee
    by Michael James on Jan 18 2018
    We got our website developed by Black Bear Design. The website developed by them was as per our requirements.They delivered the work on time. We are completely satisfied with Black Bear Design.

  51. Everdry Waterproofing of Se Michigan Waterproofing & Drainage in Sterling Heights
    by Amol D. on Jan 17 2018
    Great work! Thank you!

  52. Dr James Barile Other Medical Practices in Seminole
    by P Basil on Jan 16 2018
    Dr. Barile hurt me with every adjustment. When I would call to tell him I was in pain, He was never available. Be careful- There is a reason why he only takes cash. Do not believe what he tells you. He owes me money, and the "permanent" fix he promises...

  53. Life Focus Counseling Coaching & Edu Svcs Inc Psychotherapists in Stuart
    by Sarah King on Jan 16 2018
    Working with Marleen is making my life move forward with grace and ease. Her knowledge of how people think, how decisions get made, and how to expand our choices is amazing! She helps me see how what I am doing works or not, and what simple actions to take for...

  54. Gecko Pest Control in Chico
    by Victor Vasquez on Jan 16 2018
    Tim called to let me know how far out he was prior to his arrival. He was on time and ready to get to business. He was courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. I showed him the areas of concern. He was patient and afterwards explained to me how he was going...

  55. Law Firm of Mark South Eghrari & Associates, Pllc Wills, Estate Planning, & Probate Law in Smithtown
    by Rich & Pat on Jan 16 2018
    As usual, great experience, very professional.

  56. Queen Bee Cleaning Service in Lynnwood
    by Keith M on Jan 16 2018
    Appreciate the thoroughness of the crew. They are self guided and need little or no direction. Arrived on time and completed the job to our great satisfaction. This was the 4th time we hired Queen Bed for a deep clean service. We have never had a complaint.

  57. Ray G Production Retail in Holland
    by Waylin Andrews on Jan 15 2018
    Ray does great beats, and doesn't take forever to get you your work!

  58. Closet World, Inc Home Repairs & Maintenance in City of Industry
    by deanna storrs on Jan 15 2018
    We like your work done very nicely and in very short time,

  59. Esthetic Institute in Vienna
    by Perry Simmons on Jan 15 2018
    This Esthetic Institute Of Cosmetology is a wonderful experience for all, clients and students alike. The atmosphere is fun, creative, and laid-back so you can be you. The staff is supportive and extremely helpful. ...

  60. A-1 Auto Transport Transportation Services in Aptos
    by Mark C. Utz on Jan 15 2018
    After trying different shipping companies, I had no expectations using A1 Auto Transport, yet they give me an excellent experience trying their services. The moment I placed my order, I knew that A1 is a great company. Their staff described their process politely and I received my car without difficulty...

  61. The Compucare Computer Service & Repair in Los Angeles
    by Robert on Jan 13 2018
    My 16 GB usb drive stopped working so I dropped it off for data recovery in Jan 2 and Jose called me back with a quote the same day. For more than a reasonable price, plus a generous LACC student discount I agreed to the price. Came back...

  62. River Oaks Hospital Health Services & Medical Centers in Harahan
    by Elizabeth on Jan 12 2018
    Was on trauma unit. Allows predators to come to program. Eating disorder program on same unit had a 17 year old with a male sex offender

  63. Land of Clean House Cleaning in Frisco
    by Jaye on Jan 11 2018
    We hired Land of Clean for our move in clean last week and they did a wonderful job. Maids are very nice and made the new house sparkle!

  64. Sterling & Tucker, Llp Government Services in Honolulu
    by Jeffrey & Deborah A on Jan 11 2018
    S&T made this as painless as possible. Michelle was so professional and easy to work with....

  65. Boho Furniture Gallery in Las Vegas
    by Angela on Jan 10 2018
    Boho has a limitless collection of modern,contemporary, transitional and traditional furnishings. The owner is a designer with 18 years experience. If you are looking for a sofa, dining table or bedroom set, they have it all. They will show you designs that you've never seen before!

  66. San Francisco Piano Tuning and Service in San Francisco
    by Mark on Jan 10 2018
    Tuner was very polite and did a great job. Will call him again.

  67. Star Dance Center in Newhall
    by Nina N. on Jan 10 2018
    My daughter has been taking dance classes at Star Dance Center and I can see how happy she feels. She started to speak with more people and she has a better social life. Thank you instructors!

  68. Everdry Waterproofing of Se Michigan Waterproofing & Drainage in Sterling Heights
    by Kevin K on Jan 10 2018
    The company has been very responsive and stands behind their warranty. No issues with the overall system operation. A sump pump they installed over 16 years ago failed recently. Given the recent thaw there was an obvious worry over water issues. They were able to come...

  69. Woyster Media in Auburndale
    by General Reviews on Jan 10 2018
    "Woyster Media posts amazing things on my pages and it looks like I am such a professional and know so many things. I love The postings they do for me because they are helpful to my customers and make them think about me. All I had to do was...

  70. Carpet Cleaning Nyc Business Services in New York
    by Stuart froum on Jan 10 2018
    Reasonably Priced Carpet Cleaning NYC. I’m very pleased with your service. You did a fantastic job on my wall to wall carpets. The pricing was very reasonable. The technicians were very friendly, clean and professional. I am very happy to support our local businesses. I will recommend you to all.

  71. Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency in San Francisco
    by Marsha S. on Jan 09 2018
    Tiny treasures nanny agency was just so helpful! Called them and we found our nanny in two weeks! I was trying on my own for almost 3 months. Highly recommend this nanny agency!

  72. Ce Carpet Care Cleaning Equipment & Supplies in Los Angeles
    by Robert on Jan 09 2018
    Good service - reasonable pricing.

  73. Gecko Pest Control in Chico
    by Sherri Gillis of Chico, CA on Jan 09 2018
    I called Gecko Pest Control and said we had seen a few bugs and Dustin came over within the hour, which was great. He took care of the problem immediately and also the gophers we had just begun to have an issue with, so he definitely did a terrific job...

  74. Toye Contracting in South Beloit
    by Dan Sullivan on Jan 08 2018
    I had Toye Contracting replace my old roof, their prices were competitive and the work is outstanding! I highly recommend them!

  75. South & J Affordable Motors Automobile Dealers in South Houston
    by Paul piwonka on Jan 08 2018
    I simply asked for a vin number or photo of a hummer i seen on craigslist, they told me they didn't want to sell me it! I offered CASH, WE AGREED ON A PRICE. YOU TELL ME WHY? I CALL THAT BULLXXXX

  76. Home Helpers Home Care in Ottawa
    by Current Client on Jan 08 2018
    " I chose Home Helpers because they were recommended to me. Home Helpers is good for me because they do what I need. I have someone with a certain condition and I can't help them. Home Helper helps me care for this person because I need help when I am...

  77. Spirion Security Systems & Monitoring in New York
    by devil on Jan 08 2018

  78. A-1 Auto Transport Transportation Services in Aptos
    by Bobby Farnsworth on Jan 07 2018
    It has been a stressful week for me trying to transport my truck with my intended shipping date and I don’t have a choice but to keep on searching for a company that’ll accept my conditions because I’m really running out of time. Luckily I found A1 and surprisingly, unlike...

  79. Sterling & Tucker, Llp Government Services in Honolulu
    by Karen L on Jan 07 2018
    Nothing negative. Your office & people are so patient & accommodating especially with mom. It was us that took so long to do our part in completing the necessary work to complete the Trust. Thank you....

  80. Breakfast Club Diner Restaurant in Oceanside
    by Orly Perez on Jan 05 2018
    We have been going to the Breakfast Club for years and haven't once been disappointed. Breakfast Club Diner is a welcome change from the chain restaurants, as it is truly a community restaurant. The food is excellent and the service wonderful. The owners treat you like you are a guest...

  81. Queen Bee Cleaning Service in Lynnwood
    by Cassyos Trowski on Jan 05 2018
    Really appreciated the work they did after my tenants left. They showed up in time, did a really great job and finished within the allotted. I am definitely going to use Queen bee cleaning service for my future cleaning needs!

  82. Auto Glass Solution Automobile Repair & Service in San Diego
    by Jamie E. on Jan 04 2018
    I highly recommend Auto Glass Solution! First of all, I really appreciate the convenience of having them come out to my location but most importantly, they offer the best, most competitive prices in the business (while still providing quality service)! They were fast, professional, friendly and efficient. Rami did such...

  83. El Chino Nursery Nurseries & Garden Centers in Miami
    by joe on Jan 04 2018
    best plant nursery in miami

  84. Target Supplies Office Supplies & Equipment in Philadelphia
    by harold voris on Jan 04 2018
    Good customer service

  85. Overton Solutions Llc Building Contractors in Elizabeth City
    by Tammy on Jan 03 2018
    We purchased hardwood flooring from Overton Solutions. We picked a few colors and flooring styles from their website and they brought the floor samples to my house to see what they would look like in my house - I love that! we picked out a beautiful oak hardwood and...

  86. Brothers Construction in Littleton
    by Josh Whiting on Jan 03 2018
    Fantastic team! You can tell they really care about the details.

  87. Tip Top Garage Doors Hardware & Home Improvements in Charlotte
    by Michelina on Jan 03 2018
    Very pro service! Repair was completed within less than an hour. The tech was very personable and educational in what was recommended. Totally a great service!

  88. Idea Buyer Llc Advertising in Columbus
    by jessie mcmillion on Jan 03 2018
    Idea Buyer is a very good organization. They're very professional at what they do. I call their reps up every so often and they tell me what's going on.

  89. Gecko Pest Control in Chico
    by Gary Bates on Jan 03 2018
    Charlie has been a pleasure to deal with. Clean and professional and really went the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. I would highly recommend Gecko Pest Control and Charlie to all my friends and family.

  90. Sterling & Tucker, Llp Government Services in Honolulu
    by Julie P on Jan 02 2018
    Very pleased with their professional services. They also showed a deep concern for my family....

  91. Marvin a Cooper, Pc Personal Injury & Property Damage Law in White Plains
    by Patrick Alexander on Jan 02 2018
    Thank you so much for representing my car accident case. I am so thankful for the friendly and highly professional services I received. Everything was thoroughly explained and I was always kept informed about the progress of my case. My overall experience with your firm was wonderful and I would...

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