New reviews for April 02, 2020 - April 04, 2020

  1. Exploring Flooring Inc in Warrenville
    by laura b. on Apr 04 2020
    Because of your fantastic work on our kitchen floor & backsplash 12 years ago, we knew exactly who to go to for our bathroom project this year. Our project turned out even better than I imagined! From sales to installation, everyone was professional, personable, and patient! Highly recommend Exploring Flooring!!!...

  2. Expert Appliances Repair Services Dallas Appliances - Major - Repair in Dallas
    by daniel bernstein on Apr 03 2020
    I will not have second thoughts recommending this appliance service company to my friends. They provided immediate assistance when I called them to fix my faulty dishwasher. It suddenly just stopped filling with water so I couldn’t use it. The service was provided on the same day that I called,...

  3. Best Choice Appliance Repair Services Dallas Appliances - Major - Repair in Dallas
    by john berry on Apr 03 2020
    Immediate response, effective solution! This was the best appliance service that I ever had.

  4. Expert Appliance Repair Team Dallas Appliances - Major - Repair in Duncanville
    by jerome cruz on Apr 03 2020
    A friend gave me the number of this company when I needed help with my garbage disposer. It didn’t want to start and I had no clue what I had to do to fix it. Luckily, my friend was there and he had their number. I got immediate appliance service...

  5. Dallas Appliance Repair Pro Techs Appliances - Major - Repair in Dallas
    by brian pangle on Apr 03 2020
    Job well done! I couldn’t ask for anything more from this superb appliance service company. I contacted them due to the sheet of ice that built up on the floor of my freezer. Their dependable technician carefully worked on the said concern and successfully removed the sheet of ice....

  6. Perfection Appliance Repair & Services Dallas Appliances - Major - Repair in Dallas
    by glenn koury on Apr 03 2020
    This company is highly recommended for their superior appliance service! I reached out to them because of my faulty dishwasher. It failed to start and needed professional repair. Their reliable serviceman checked on my dishwasher and found that the drive motor was defective. Replacing that part did the trick.

  7. Good Good Natural Sweetness Llc Health & Diet Food Products in Lewes
    by Mrichael William on Apr 03 2020
    Great company...I bought a sweet blueberry jam from this store, the cost and quality are best.

  8. Best Appliances Repair Co Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Dallas
    by thomas bonnell on Apr 03 2020
    I reached out to Best Appliances Repair Co when my fridge was not cold enough, and I didn't wait long to get a response. Their technician arrived and did an outstanding job. He got my fridge restored to its excellent condition, and I was surprised by how affordable the fee...

  9. Dallas Appliance Repair Masters Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Dallas
    by sean jones on Apr 03 2020
    My washer, unfortunately, stopped working. I called the service company, and their technician showed up to help. He checked the unit and explained the issue in details. He got it resolved right away, and I was glad that the service wasn't expensive at all! Good job!

  10. Dallas Appliance Repair Solutions Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Dallas
    by sean gomez on Apr 03 2020
    Our freezer stopped working, so we needed a repairman to fix it for us. We looked for a reliable company who could help us and found this company with fantastic reviews. We immediately gave them a call, and we got a response within seconds. The technician was at our house...

  11. Dallas Appliance Repair Specialists Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Dallas
    by aaron oneal on Apr 03 2020
    We called Dallas Appliance Repair Specialists to identify why our garbage disposer wouldn't start. They got it fixed at a small fee.

  12. Lancaster Appliance Repair Masters Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Lancaster
    by roger dawson on Apr 03 2020
    They sent me their technician and fixed my dishwasher within minutes! I can't thank him enough for his excellent work! I was also surprised by the affordability of their services! They are well-recommended for any appliance service! Thank you very much for the help, guys!

  13. Appliance Repair Pros Hurst Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Hurst
    by wesley tudor on Apr 03 2020
    Great company! We had them fix our dishwasher, and they were able to meet out satisfaction!

  14. Pro Appliance Repair Co Garland Appliances - Major - Repair in Garland
    by david martine on Apr 03 2020
    The hinges and the rubber gasket on our old model refrigerator needed to get replaced, so we decided to rely on the expertise of Pro Appliance Repair Co Garland. Their refrigerator repair expert tackled the problem for us quite easily. He did a terrific job at such a low cost;...

  15. Plano Appliance Repair Experts Appliances - Major - Repair in Plano
    by richard taylor on Apr 03 2020
    Topnotch refrigerator repair at a highly affordable price.

  16. Arlington Appliance Repair Central Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Arlington
    by cody rogers on Apr 03 2020
    The service expert handled the washing machine repair pretty easily.

  17. Centro Appliance Repair Arlington Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Arlington
    by robert moore on Apr 03 2020
    We called the appliance repair company when our fridge motor made a loud noise. It had worked pretty quietly previously. The service expert accommodated our request for the refrigerator repair, and he did a wonderful job as he got our unit running smoothly once more....

  18. Expert Appliance Repair Services Arlington Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Arlington
    by thomas stacy on Apr 03 2020
    I needed a quick maintenance check for our oven since we had a huge family gathering set up. The oven repair expert arrived on time and conducted an impressive service for our unit. He managed to find and resolve a few problems and got the unit to work like new...

  19. Pro Tech Appliance Repair Fort Worth Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Fort Worth
    by edward mcdonald on Apr 03 2020
    I booked a freezer repair last week because the evaporator fan motor broke. I asked the repair man to replace it. He agreed and scheduled the appointment the same day I called. I awaited his arrival, then watched as he quickly made adjustments to the freezer. Superior quality service as...

  20. Fort Worth Metro Appliances Repair Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Fort Worth
    by roberto allen on Apr 03 2020
    I know nothing about repairing a washing machine. That’s why I decided to call in a professional appliance repair man to help me. The repair technician was clear about the options available. I asked him to explain which one is the best and most practical option. After selecting the service,...

  21. Appliance Repair Team Fort Worth Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Fort Worth
    by david hughes on Apr 03 2020
    I needed someone to help me with my small appliance repair request. My favorite microwave oven won’t switch on. I tried to troubleshoot the problem on my own but I failed to address the issue. Surely enough, the technician came to assess the situation. He told me he could fix...

  22. Appliance Repair and Service Fort Worth Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Fort Worth
    by benny rose on Apr 03 2020
    I asked for help last week after noticing that the touchpad was broken. I tried to press the buttons but they don’t work anymore. My brother told me a microwave repair service so I booked one. Within a few hours, a technician arrived and provided the required appliance service. He...

  23. Anytime Appliance Repair Fort Worth Appliances - Major - Repair in Fort Worth
    by daniel greenwalt on Apr 03 2020
    Awesome pricing, exceptional service and timely response! I loved working with Anytime Appliance Repair Fort Worth! I hired their appliance repair technician to restore my microwave oven and he delivered an impressive service. After receiving my request, they immediately sent their technician to help me. Thank you so much!

  24. Home Appliance Service & Repair Techs Dallas Appliances - Major - Repair in Dallas
    by duane estrada on Apr 03 2020
    I woke up one Monday morning to a puddle of water in front of the chest freezer in the kitchen. I decided to call for a freezer repair right away. Thankfully, the appliance repair man accommodated my request within the day. He checked the unit then worked on the defect....

  25. Call 4 Fix Appliance Repair Flower Mound Appliances - Major - Repair in Flower Mound
    by Diane Hang on Apr 03 2020
    Fast and reliable home appliance repairs at such a low cost.

  26. Intown Appliance Repair Allen Appliances - Major - Repair in Allen
    by Carol Crystal on Apr 03 2020
    When our refrigerator door would close properly and let the cool air out, I knew I had to bring in the appliance repair company for assistance. Their refrigerator repair technician did a nice job of determining the root cause of the problem and getting it fixed. Since he only charged...

  27. Payless Appliance Repair Lewisville Appliances - Major - Repair in Lewisville
    by Clay Hayes on Apr 03 2020
    Friendly appliance repair technicians and affordable service solutions.

  28. Ct Appliance Repair Richardson Appliances - Major - Repair in Richardson
    by Timothy Keefe on Apr 03 2020
    You could do well if you ask them to handle your appliance repair needs.

  29. All Appliance Repair Specialists Denton Appliances - Major - Repair in Denton
    by Lisa Beltran on Apr 03 2020
    Their appliance repair expert did an innovative solution to my washer and dryer problem....

  30. Appliance Repair Solutions Carrollton Appliances - Major - Repair in Carrollton
    by Marry Argo on Apr 03 2020
    The refrigerator began to hum, and it wasn’t making enough ice, too. I called the appliance repair company and had them send their refrigerator repair expert to help out. The serviceman arrived with all his tools and worked on the motor and condenser. He got my unit to work perfectly...

  31. Mobile Appliance Repair Frisco Appliances - Major - Repair in Frisco
    by Sandra Brent on Apr 03 2020
    I am thankful for their speedy response time to my requested washing machine repairs....

  32. Appliance Repair & Service Mesquite Tx Appliances - Major - Repair in Mesquite
    by Latoya Detwiler on Apr 03 2020
    When our washing machine wouldn’t drain the wash water after the operation, I knew that I was in trouble. I called the appliance repair company and asked for their service technician to come over immediately. Fortunately, they accommodated my request and got things back to normal quickly....

  33. Anytime Appliance Repair McKinney Co Appliances - Major - Repair in McKinney
    by Herman Patterson on Apr 03 2020
    I managed to damage the buttons on the washing machine. The unit wouldn’t respond to my commands, so I called the appliance repair company. I arranged for their service expert to take care of the problem, and he got me a terrific washer and dryer service. The expert made sure...

  34. Grand Prairie Appliance Repair Central Refrigerators & Freezers - Dealers in Grand Prairie
    by Jackie Blakeman on Apr 03 2020
    The dryer wasn’t getting the clothes properly dried, and they smelled a lot. I contacted the appliance service company and asked if they could do something about the situation. Their service expert did a comprehensive maintenance and repair check, and he got the broken parts replaced. It was quite affordable,...

  35. Irving Appliance Repair Techs Appliances - Major - Repair in Irving
    by Benita Wright on Apr 02 2020
    The appliance service expert did the fridge repair pretty easily.

  36. Richard Arabitg, Md - Plastic Surgery Central Florida Physicians - Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Orlando
    by TS on Apr 02 2020
    I couldn’t have been happier with my results, the surgeon and all his staff. Anytime I would have a question the doctor was always there. I just booked my second procedure and will never use another plastic surgeon again.

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