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Way back since 1984, Rodolfo Valentin has been persistent in offering the world’s best hair extensions at your service. Hair problems are among the most common ones to leave the people with sleepless nights and the solutions they adopt are also not that much encouraging, making their already troublesome hair even more pathetic. Determined to relief the affected ones from such a misery, the award winning hair expert has always been keen to devise new techniques that could ensure hair longevity, yet keeping the unmistakable appeal of the natural hair intact.

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"Bring Back your Beautiful Hair with Hair Infusions Extensions "
by joeharty

January 07, 2013

"I was in extreme stress due to my hair loss problem. I found solace at hair fusions extensions services of Rodolfo Valentin, which were nothing less than a magic to me. Due to amazing services I regained my looks which I carried before hair loss. I thank them whole heartedly for making me look beautiful and confident. They are indeed best service providers in town. "

"Check out the Best New York Hair Salons"
by ketty

December 04, 2012

"To me the quality of the services is the most important. Thus the Rodolfo Valentin’s salon is a number one ranking salon offering variety of services that too at affordable prices. Once I approached the salon, I realized the earlier treatments and salons were just a compromise and now I have got the real thing. The salon is offering the variety of hair treatments, styling, extensions etc that are really beneficial. Besides this other beauty treatments are also going on here. It is a complete package for the men, women and kids seeking for beauty solutions. "

"7.Have a blast at Rodolfo Valentin’s top hair salons"
by Richard

November 22, 2012

"With Rodolfo Valentin top hair salons in Long Island and NYC offering the best of their services, I hardly felt the need to go to some other salon. As obvious, I get to avail some of the most privileged amenities here that inspire me to visit the destination time now and again. For sure, you too cannot resist being pampered through all the amicable services you will receive here. Be it hair coloring, hair infusions extension, hair prosthesis, spa or any other related service, New York Hair Salons or for that reason, Long Island Beauty Salons from the renowned hair stylist are worth approaching. I really have had a blast in their top hair salons and hope the same for you as well "

"No more look like a Geek- Come to men salons NYC "
by stephenmark

October 09, 2012

"Now, you no more need to look like a geek. You just need to visit Rodolfo Valentin and leave the rest on them. They will transform your whole look. Hair plays a very important role in a person's personality. Rodolfo ensures that you have a perfect hair health by providing you the most natural products which are chemical free and doen't harm hair in any sense whatsoever. All their hair care products dedicated specifically for men so as to help you to get the best hair treatment in the modern times."

"Want to get hair infusions – Come to Rodolfo "
by angel

October 08, 2012

"There are many hair extension methods in the market. One can get it clipped in, can be sewed or glued. But the best method is the Infusion method by Rodolfo Valentin. This is permanent method in which the extension is fused to the hair so as to have a natural and long lasting effect. If you love having long hair one day and then shorter the next day, then Infusions from Rodolfo Valentin is for you."

"Searching for top hair salons – Come to Rodolfo Valentin"
by Kate winslet

September 04, 2012

"If you are in search for top hair salons, then your search will get over as soon as you visit Rodolfo Valentin. These are the best hair salon and spas and offers a wide variety of treatments and massages. Such treatments would go a long way in detoxifying and rejuvenating you from the stresses of hectic city life. It is guaranteed that you would really feel blissed after you have visited Rodolfo. Moreover, the salon take it very seriously that customers get the best services and are satisfied with the results. "

"Beauty Salons NYC – Offering best hair and spa treatments"
by sania twain

August 31, 2012

"Rodolfo Valentin's Salon and Spa is famous for giving the best hair care treatments. Besides, the salons has got amazing staff which is highly trained and know exactly how the job is to be done. One thing is for sure that the customers would enjoy their time during the treatment as background music is played just to make the atmosphere more pleasant. The salons uses the best available hair technology so you would definitely transformed into a handsome and dashing person. "

"Try the New York Beauty Salons"
by monica kevin

August 04, 2012

"I was quiet contended with Rodolfo Valentin’s salon, one among the top new York beauty salons. I was quiet hesitating to take an appointment with this salon especially because I had felt a number of times that the treatments would be costly. But after having experienced the services I am happy that I have walked into this salon. I would never go to any other salon particularly because of the hospitality that I was provided here. The treatments are quiet cost effective. I am surprised to see people in all age groups here for various different treatments. The experienced staffs provide their suggestions on which treatment would suit us best and I was amazed to see my skin glowing. "

"Latest Techniques -Hair Infusions Extensions "
by marykom

August 03, 2012

"Since 1984, Rodolfo Valentin’s salon has been at the service of the people in the field of hair infusions Extensions. The hair infusion technique retains the originality of the hair. Once it is done, it requires regular visits to the hair stylist. It is therefore necessary that we opt for the salon with experienced staffs who have mastered this art. Rodolfo Valentin’s salon is one such salon which has proved to be the most successful one in mastering this technique. The clients are well satisfied with the services of this salon, especially the hair extensions and infusion methods. The process takes around 45 minutes to bond the human hair with the client’s original hair. "

"Hair Extension in NYC"
by Sandy

July 20, 2012

"For a hair extension in NYC I would recommend this salon as I had one of the most positive experiences I’ve ever had here. The stylists are only people who have extensive experience in the industry and they were updated on the modern trends. They were able to add a little extra style to my current look and I felt that they were very professional in their work. I will certainly be coming here again as I felt that they were professional, caring, and they provided me with the results that I was looking for with a hair extension in NYC."

"Rodolfo Hair Boutique : Get Amazing and Affordable Hair Solutions"
by jenny murray

July 02, 2012

"Rodolfo Hair Boutique is situated in New York city offering top hair care. For those who are looking to color their hair, it is must for you to select he best beauty salons NYC. Coloring your hair is a new fashion ; it is not done just hide your gray hair as was the case earlier. Now, one can go for all kinds if hair colors depending upon your personality and choice. It goes without saying that Rodolfo hair salons have got the best hair colorists NYC. It would be just amazing getting your hair colored here under the guidance and supervision of Rodolfo salons. "

"Rodolfo Valentin's Salon: Opt for Quality Hair Care"
by kate marsh

June 29, 2012

"Rodolfo is one of the reputed salons in the city. Of all the salons in the city, it is because of quality hair services offered at the salon that people throng the place for getting complete personality transformation. On getting the services of the salon, one is sure to get latest hair cuts besides numerous other amazing services. As it is one of the top hair salons NYC, one can get here wide range of services like hair coloring, hair styling, hair extension, hair infusion, manicure, pedicure, spa, etc. The salon is also known for its amazing ambiance. "

"Choose Rodolfo Valentin Salon and Spa for Wonderful Rejuvenation"
by maria kevin

June 28, 2012

"If you are looking to get a complete make-over, it is important you get the services of one of the top hair salons NYC. There is no doubt hat you would come out looking great if you get the services of a reputed salon like Rodolfo salon and spa. And, you would get wide range of hair care and beauty services for meeting the needs of all kinds of customers. Moreover, spa services offered by Rodolfo are really useful for relaxing and rejuvenating you from the stresses of life. "

"Rodolfo Valentin has Made a Great Mark in Salon and Spa Industry"
by Hannah james

June 01, 2012

"Rodolfo Valentin is reputed for offering the best hair care in New York city. He has won various awards as well for his meritorious contribution to hair styling. In fact, it was this guy who revolutionized the techniques of haircuts, hair coloring, skin care and body massage with the introduction of innovative and proven technologies. The credit for developing prosthesis goes to Rodolfo for bringing smile back on the faces of bald people. "

"Get Extraordinary hair care at Rodolfo"
by Kim G

May 30, 2012

"Visiting Rodolfo Valentin's Salon and Spa was really a revelation as they gave me exactly the cut I was looking for. Ambiance and feel at the salon was amazing. The salon has got trained hair stylists who can fashion your hair in wide variety of styles. Clients can stay assured that they would get the best hair and beauty care. Moreover, it has really been great experience getting my hair cut from Rodolfo as it made me fee much more confident than before. It happened because of great expertize at Rodolfo. "

"Get World-class Hair Services at Rodolfo Valentin's Hair Boutique"
by Karen Edward

May 01, 2012

"Rodolfo Valentin has made a great mark in the field of hair care and beauty treatment. There are few hair extensions salons in the city offering comparable beauty and hair services. No doubt, salon is the the talk of the town for clients wishing to have got great style and good looks and the salon provides wide range of hair services like hair infusion, hair addition, hair design or hair extension. If you are looking for complete makeover, there is definitely no better place than Rodolfo Valentin hair boutique. Even the interior of the boutique are well-done. You will definitely feel the magic of wonderful ambiance inside the hall. "

"Opt for a Beauty treatment at Rodolfo Valentin's Salon and Spa"
by Betty James

April 30, 2012

"Rodolfo Valentin salon and spa located in the New York city is famous for its superb hair and beauty care. It is preferred by all fashion conscious people who are looking to get their personality transformed by getting a complete makeover. Here, you can get wide range of beauty and spa services like facials, body massage, pedicure, manicure, hair extension, fusion hair addition, etc. It would make you realize your wish for complete transformation. The experience and expertise of hair and beauty experts of Rodolfo's spa and saloon is well-known for doing it. The growing clients of the renowned hair and beauty specialists are impressed with their superb facilities and great hospitality. "

"Rodolfo Hair Boutique Tenders Best Hair Fusion Additions for Cancer Patients"
by perry marsh

March 31, 2012

"Rodolfo has devised a wider range of hair care and skin treatment pa packages and plans for all those who suffer pain and agony during the treatment. Their hair fusion addition for cancer patients are the best tool to offer them an opportunity to get their self confidence back. Cancer patients usually loose their hair badly during the chemotherapy treatment. To make them feel comfortable and confident, Rodolfo's hair fusion addition services have every stuff. These services provide them beautiful hair and other sort of hair care as well. "

"Avail The Services of Renowned Beauty Experts of Rodolfo's Salon in Affordable Price"
by carla brit

March 30, 2012

"All the Beauty treatments at Rodolfo, carried out by a number of well-trained and experienced beauty professionals with ease and full perfection. They offer you a great way to have glowing and sparkling look after the beauty treatments, people do rely on Rodolfo, who is known for their perfectionism in the field of beauty. Rodolfo is also known for its impeccable and best of the breed services who wish to obtain suave and elegant look for them to attract people. It will certainly define the personality. The packages and plans offered by the Rodolfo are appreciated by people all over the NYC for its exceptional outcome. "

"Get Yourself Treated by the Renowned Beauty Experts of Rodolfo's Salon "
by Dany Mili

March 01, 2012

"Beauty treatments carried out by well trained and experienced beauty professionals will definitely have a better and improved effect. Thus, to have the glowing and sparkling effect of the beauty treatments, people do rely on Rodolfo, who is known for his perfectionism in the field of beauty. His magical beauty salons have helped innumerable number of people who wish to obtain suave and elegant look that well define their personality. Appreciated and applauded by people all over the NYC for its exceptional beauty services, Rodolfo is undoubtedly the prime choice of clients belonging to glamor and beauty industry. "

"Rodolfo Valentin salon offers best hair care services "
by Alisha john

February 01, 2012

"The New York based salons of Rodolfo Valentin are known for offering best hair care services in the city. There are few other providers who can match the flair and expertize of hair stylists working at Rodolfo Valentin salons. As the salon is run by the master hair specialist himself, you can stay assured of getting top-class hair jobs. Moreover, the salon is known for offering host of services like hair infusion, hair coloring, hair implantation, hair extensions, wig creations, spa, skin care, etc. Using the latest techniques, the salon is very popular amongst the hip crowd of the city. "

"Relish an unforgettable experience at Rodolfo Valentin's salon and spa"
by henryford

January 30, 2012

"The New York based Rodolfo Valentin salon and spa is among those rare destinations that are responsibility to make you a fashion icon among your peers. The renowned hair care center is also much in demand due to its extensive services regarding the refreshment of overall body that include among others, body massages, eyelashes extension, facials, trimming of beard, manicure, pedicure and more. Besides all these, the maestro hair expert has been in the news for his noteworthy efforts regarding his contributions for bringing smiles back to the innumerable cancer patients who had lost all the hope of regaining their lost hair. "

" Rodolfo Valentin is one of the best hair extension salons in NYC"
by James

December 30, 2011

"Rodolfo Valentin is one of the leading hair extensions salons in NYC offering cost-effective and quality hair care. Having got the cutting-edge technologies, it has emerged as the popular choice for anyone wishing to have quality hair extension without burning holes in your pocket. The biggest advantage of getting your hair done at best hair extension salons like Rodolfo Valentin is that hair extension would not only make you look attractive but also increase density of the hair. What is more, the hair care done at Rodolfo Valentin is long-lasting and is not expensive as well."

"Accomplish your Dream Hair Style at Rodolfo Hair Salons"
by Linda mary

December 30, 2011

"With Madison Avenue and Long Island hair salons situated at the heart of NYC, Rodolfo Valentin well caters to the hair problems of people of NYC. Rodolfo after achieving unprecedented success in hair coloring and hair designing also carved a niche in the field of hair extension and hair addition to help people fight with the hair falling and thinning hair problems. Hair extension service is definitely a gift for people with sparse hair as with the help of this technique they too can have dense hair that further prevent them from going bald. "

"Rodolfo Valentin Salon and Spa for Great Looks"
by julia robert

November 30, 2011

"Carving a niche for its highly competitive hair care solutions and beauty care solutions, Rodolfo Valentin Salon and Spa offers extensive and cost-effective services to clients in NYC. Counted as one of the best hair salons in NYC, Rodolfo Valentin salon tend to provide ultra-modern hair care solutions including of hair coloring, hair extension, fusion hair additions, and many others. For obvious reason that is, it being run by a celebrity hair dresser Rodolfo Valentin, it fetches customers from elite class society including of models, actresses, royals, etc. However, it does not mean that it is inaccessible for common men. "

"Fusion Hair Addition at Rodolfo Valentin"
by Julia fernando

November 01, 2011

"Best fusion hair addition at Rodolfo Valentin can be considered a suitable option for someone who has lost hair and yet want to give a feel of thick hair. These can be natural hair or synthetic depending upon specific requirement or budget; however, it is definitely a turn on to people when they see thick hair and fusion hair can be considered perfect solution for it. "

"Get Hair Color Shades at Rodolfo Valentin Salon and Spa"
by Maria curie

November 01, 2011

"Get the best hair coloring at Valentin Salon and Spa which is known for perfect hair coloring that is not only shiny but long lasting too. The Salon and Spa of Rodolfo Valentin is undeniably the best option for those who are in professions such as acting or modeling or in hospitality or otherwise. With wide spectrum of clients e.g. socialites and celebrities, the salon offers hair coloring shades in black, blonde, African American highlights, brown hair, etc. "

"Having a Shower at A salon is Possible These Days"
by Molly Smith

September 29, 2011

"Imagine having a shower therapeutically and you are rest assured that you can give the best of treatments to your body. To turn your imagination in to realty, a visit to the boutique of Rodolfo Valentin is hardly inevitable. The boutique boasts of expanding its spa services by offering several types of showers like Swiss showers, Valentin showers, body sprays and steam cabinet to clients as a part of hydrotherapy treatment. "

"Advanced Salon and Spa of Rodolfo Valentin is At Your Service"
by Mona Lisa

September 29, 2011

"The boutique of Rodolfo Valentin is a state-of-the-art hair care, skin care and body massaging center, which is integrated with all advanced multimedia and communication gadgets such as a satellite television attached with a headphone, telephone and Internet to entertain customers as well as to get them connected with the rest of the world. "

"Rodolfo Valentin Has Many Feathers in His Cap"
by Mona ray

August 26, 2011

"Hair care and skin care techniques developed by Rodolfo Valentin have got worldwide acclamation, which is evident after he received a few grand awards like “Winner of the Grand Design Award”, “Winner of the Hair Coloring Techniques Award”, “NYC Top Salon Award” and “Best hair Extension Salons 2011”. "

"Hair Implantation in less than 45 Minutes"
by sarah sam

August 25, 2011

"Imagine that your baldness disappears in less than an hour! Quite shocked, isn’t it? But it is all happening now after the development of prosthesis by Rodolfo Valentin. In fact, prosthesis or popularly known as hair implantation is a procedure that implants European origin human hair on the affected parts of the skull in less than 45 minutes. Ideally, the implantation is effective for both partial hair loss and total bald victims."

"Fashionable Hair Coloring Techniques Available at Rodolfo Valentin’s Salon and Spa"
by Lara Sean

August 24, 2011

"For more than three decades, Rodolfo Valentin, a master hairdresser has been offering hair coloring service at a highly competitive price. The colors he recommends are all contemporary to give customers the tastes they wanted. Rodolfo’s popularly used hair colors include blonde hair color, blonde on blonde, platinum blonde hair color, red hair color, black hair color, African American blondes and gray hair color. "

"NYC Salon and Spa for Today’s Generation "
by allex

July 26, 2011

"NYC Salon and Spa accommodates internet connectivity, telephone, satellite television, cookery devices and ergonomic seating and reclining equipment in addition to tools and devices applied while performing certain tasks to treat certain hair and skin conditions. The main purpose of the salon is to enable clients to make fun and relax while undergoing treatments on either hair or skin."

"Hair Care with a Blend of Entertainment and Relaxation"
by Sara Smith

July 26, 2011

"Soothing and melodious music following snacks, beverages and other cuisines offered during your visit to NYC Salon and Spa keep you spellbound. Yes, the salon and spa has shown its art of prettifying clients through hair care, skin care and spa services in addition to provide entertainment and relaxation to them. "

"1.Care from Head to Toes Available at Rodolfo Valentin’s Salon and Spa"
by Fraan Ray

July 25, 2011

"Recipient of Hair Authority Award, National Grand Design Award, Hair Coloring Techniques Award and more, Rodolfo Valentin has held his stature high by putting emphasis on human hair and skin, giving people a new found platform to stay stylish, gorgeous and healthy. With services like hair replacement, hair infusion additions, hair extensions, hair colors, manicure, pedicure, spa and skin care treatments, the Salon and Spa of Rodolfo Valentin can definitely add grace to one’s personality with ease. "

by Milly

June 24, 2011

"Operating twin salons in the heart of New York City for over two decades, Rodolfo Valentin has brought revolution in the fashion industry so far as hair and skin are concerned. The master hair stylist introduces all natural skin care solutions to ensure that clients would get the best remedial measures for flawless skin in addition to myriad of hair care treatments. "

by jennie frost

June 23, 2011

"Rodolfo Valentin’s Salon and Spa in New York City is the best center to augment hair longevity without diminishing the originality. The award-winning hair stylist, Rodolfo Valentin has introduced scientifically proven and effective hair extension technique to give your hair the shape and size you wanted. For your information, the NYC Salon is specialized in blonde hair extension, platinum hair extension, brown hair extension, black hair extension, highlights hair extension, Afro American hair extension and more to impress its clients."

" Rodolfo Valentin "
by Harbertsmith

May 26, 2011

"Warm hospitality, offering unbiased services with regard to social status and drop dead affordable charges against services provided are unique selling propositions that Rodolfo Valentin upheld while consolidating the position of his Salon and Spa across the USA. Moreover, his salon and spa welcomes customers without regard to gender and age, thereby extending both semi permanent and permanent solutions to hair and skin problems. "

Rated 5 stars

May 25, 2011

"Step in to 696 Madison Avenue in New York and get a fresh lease of life as far as your appearance is concerned. The address is home to Salon and Spa of iconic hairstylist, Rodolfo Valentin who introduced innovative hair care procedures to adorn facial contour of men, women and kids alike. The hair care services this Salon and Spa extended to customers are hair replacement, hair infusion additions, hair extensions and hair colors. "

Rated 3 stars
by Aliana Jones

April 26, 2011

"Just enter Rodolfo Valentin's Salon and Spa and when you exit, you find yourself a complete makeover. Get the best of hair care solutions along with your body and skin care treatment through manicure and pedicure."

" Rodolfo Valentin's Salon and Spa"
by mitra

April 25, 2011

"I was amazed to learn that Rodolfo Valentin created the world's first hair prosthesis or commonly known as hair replacement procedure. Since I was a cancer patient and the administration of combined radio-chemotherapy had resulted in total hair loss. Subsequently, one of my friends, who acted as blessing in disguise, gave me information regarding Rodolfo Valentin's Salon and Spa. I went there with utter baldness and came out with a solace of bringing my hair back."

"Best hair extension salon in the world"
by Nancy Prieto

April 13, 2011

"I've been at every hair extension salon in New York area and Rodolfo Valentin is the only one to believe again in hair extensions. I am using their extensions from the past 5 years and it is the only hair extension that didn't damage my own hair. "


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